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Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) or Tbol shortly, is a popular compound in the bodybuilding and athletic world. It is especially popular among sportsmen in different sports fields. For example, it’s popular among fighters, sprinters, swimmers, gymnasts, weightlifters, baseball, and many others.

More and more people choose to run a Turinabol cycle due to its effects. And those who use it correctly experience great results when it comes to boosting their overall performance and awesome body recomposition.

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What is Turinabol?

Turaxel 10 Turanabol Euro-Pharmacies First things first – what is it?

Turinabol is the most popular brand name for this anabolic steroid. The chemical name is a real tongue twister and it’s no wonder you may not be familiar with it – 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Hard to pronounce right? So, people call Turinabol or oral Turinabol. Sometimes, simply Tbol. There are other brand names too, such as Turanabol among others.


Tbol is an orally active steroid and scientists created it as a derivative from Dianabol (Methandienone). Tbol is like a “little brother” to Dbol because it has much lower anabolic and androgenic ratings. That’s why most people run Dianabol to grow as much as possible. However, what people fail to realize more often than not – Turinabol has awesome Dianabol characteristics.

Tbol is much safer than Dianabol because of a much lower androgenic rating, is less liver toxic, causes less cardiovascular strain and it cannot aromatize into estrogen either.

Turinabol is a better option for fat loss and cutting, it’s better for those who want to keep side effects at bay and is better for lean muscles. It’s a performance enhancer without too much increase in weight. That’s why it has so many benefits from an athletic perspective. You’re going to get a lot of enhancing benefits, without too much weight gain.

  • So, Tbol is often an overlooked steroid, but it’s amazing. It’s orally active, anabolic rating of 54, an androgenic rating of 6, cannot aromatize into estrogen, and does an awesome job at binding to SHBG.

Turinabol Cycle Benefits

Turinabol is an awesome steroid with lots of benefits. Unfortunately, not all people understand it, but those who do can get awesome benefits. Mostly, when you stack it with other steroids and when used in cutting cycles. That’s because it preserves muscles and burns fat, also binds to SHBG – allowing other steroids to become more beneficial.

Turinabol-physique-shredded-ripped Lean Muscle Preserver and Gainer

Turinabol isn’t going to be as effective as Dianabol for growing as much muscle mass as possible. Nonetheless, it’s still an awesome steroid for maintaining lean muscle mass growth during low calorie diets. It can even help you build some lean muscle tissues with a proper diet and workout plan.

It won’t help you gain an impressive 25 pounds of weight as Dbol can, but the 5-10 lbs gained would be lean and quality gains.

Awesome For Performance

You won’t grow too much, but you’re going to perform differently. That’s why it’s such a popular steroid for sportsmen. Turinabol is awesome for an overall increase in performance. For example, you’re going to notice increased strength, boosted endurance and energy as well as more stamina.

Great For Cutting Cycles

While some people run Turinabol in their bulking cycles with high success, this steroid really shines when you stack it with other steroids and when you use it in cutting cycles. That’s why, the most common Turinabol cycles are pre-contest, fat loss, and cutting cycles.

This steroid is not going to aromatize and would enhance other steroids’ efficacy through binding to SHBG. This makes it great for cutting without water retention and bloating. It’s going to boost your metabolism and speed up your fat loss. At the same time, it would preserve lean muscle mass tissues. Soon enough, you’re going to look harder and drier with overall better vascularity.

Maintains Aesthetics

With the Turinabol cycle, you can yield great results without looking too freaky. For example, you’re not going to pack on muscles as Big Ramy in terms of size with Tbol. However, this steroid can help you get a very shredded and ripped look, similar physiques to Severe Cook, Ulisses Jr, or Jeff Seid.

Bodybuilders still benefit from its pre-contest to display muscle hardness, but they surely need other steroids prior to getting to the size needed for competing in IFBB Pro.

No Need To Inject

All anabolic steroid cycles, preferably, should go with testosterone, which is an injectable steroid. However, there is no need to use more injections if you add Turinabol to it. Tbol comes as oral pills. That’s why it is often called Oral Tbol or Oral Turinabol. You only need to swallow tablets. Once a day administration is enough due to its unusually long half-life of 16 hours for an oral steroid.

Turinabol Side Effects

Turinabol is an awesome steroid that is much safer compared to many others. Nonetheless, it’s not completely safe. In order to stay away from side effects – never abuse it. Also, pay attention if you are not allergic or hypersensitive to it. Have a PCT plan ready after the Turinabol cycle and use liver protection with it. Start with low dosages and gradually increase. Never exceed cycle lengths than those recommended.


Women use Tbol because of its very low androgenic activity, therefore lower risks of side effects in regards to masculinization. However, such side effects still can occur. Never go over 10 mg/day and 6 weeks to keep it safe. Stop if you notice masculinization (virilization) symptoms. Avoid stacking it with other steroidal compounds as well.

Turinabol-physique-ripped-shredded Natural Testosterone Inhibition

All anabolic steroids inhibit the natural production of testosterone. Turinabol does it too. Although it does it at a lower rate, it’s still possible. Please, have a PCT plan at the end of the cycle. Unless you’re cruising or in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Androgenic Side Effects

Men may experience androgenic side effects just like they could with any anabolic steroid. However, Tbol has a very low androgenic activity, therefore, the chances of these side effects appearing are much lower. Usually, only men prone to such issues experience them. And if they use Turinabol in high dosages and/or for longer periods.

Cardiovascular Strain

Turinabol is not too powerful so it won’t cause too powerful cardiovascular strain. It is not going to cause hypertension at the rate that other steroids can, but still – it’s possible. That’s mainly because this AAS is decreasing the levels of good cholesterol type (HDL). Supplementing with fish oil and other supplements would greatly help you during the cycle.

Liver Toxicity

This C17 AA (oral steroid) is liver toxic. Not as hepatotoxic as other oral steroids that are more powerful (like Anadrol or Winstrol) but liver enzymes would still increase. Avoid Turinabol if you have liver issues. Avoid the use of other orals during the Turinabol cycle. Add liver protecting/cleansing supplements during the cycle such as Milk Thistle, Liv 52, and others. Keep dosages low and cycle lengths short.

How to Use Turinabol?

Use Turinabol once a day in the form of tablets (same time of the day). Or maximum twice a day (like every 12 hours). It has a long half-life, and more often administration is useless.

Always stack it with testosterone to benefit from SHBG binding affinity. Always prepare a PCT plan unless you’re in TRT or cruising. Moreover, always use it with liver protection. Many people choose to stack it with other steroids. Commonly, cutting injectable steroids such as Primobolan or Trenbolone, depending on the level of experience.


Turinabol Dosage

Turinabol dosage depends on different factors such as your age, gender, level of experience, and goals. For example, Tbol dosage ranges between 5-10 mg a day for women. Higher doses are likely to cause virilization issues.

Tbol dosage for men, however, mostly ranges between 30 mg and 80 mg a day. Beginners may start at 15-20 mg per day. The absolute maximum range is up to 100 mg/day. However, most people keep it around 50 mg/day.

Turinabol Cycle

The Turinabol cycle for women is 4-6 weeks. Longer cycles are risky. Men may use it for up to 8 weeks. Again, longer cycles are risky.

Example of Tbol cycle for women: 5 mg a day for 4 weeks for beginners. 10 mg a day for 6 weeks for more advanced users.

Example of Tbol cycle for men: 30 mg/day Tbol with 300 mg/week of Testosterone. First 8 weeks Tbol out of total 12 weeks Testosterone. Professionals choose to increase Tbol dosage to 50-80 mg/day and they add Primobolan 500 mg/week (12 weeks) and/or Trenbolone 500 mg/week (8-12 weeks).

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