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How Does Food Impact Strength Training?

There’s no doubt that food plays a crucial role in our lives. It is extremely important, way more than just being delicious. It has a strong influence on strength training too. For example, working out in the gym means that your body uses and demands a lot of energy. Well, that energy or “fuel” should […]

Bodybuilding Tips For Faster Results Iron Daddy

Bodybuilding Tips For Faster Results

To get to your bodybuilding goals, you need to know how to do it right. So, here we are going to share some of the top bodybuilding tips that will help get you results and get them fast. Top Bodybuilding Tips Regardless if you’re a beginner or a seasoned bodybuilder, these are some of the […]

TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy

You may have heard about TRT before, but you may be unsure about what it means. TRT stands for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This is basically a therapy that replaces natural testosterone with exogenous testosterone that you get from injecting testosterone. Whereas you could inject testosterone for physique and performance enhancement, a TRT is different from […]

How To Build Bigger Legs Iron Daddy

How To Build Bigger Legs?

I guess there’s some kind of an unwritten law so every gym must have at least one dude that always skips leg day. It’s very easy to spot the guy who’s skipping leg day, and they are everywhere. Usually, that’s because knowing how to get bigger legs doesn’t always come easy. Unfortunately, it seems like […]

What Causes Bubble Gut?

You may not have heard the word Palumboism before. However, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it. That is an enormously huge bodybuilder dude who is walking with massive arms, huge pecs, low body fat, and… a big pot belly AKA bubble gut. In the beginning, it just makes no sense. How can someone be so […]

Are Steroids Legal In The USA?

As we all know, anabolic steroids greatly help us bulk up (and cut down) long term. They are extremely helpful when it comes to physique and performance enhancement. They can make you both huge, with muscle definition, and strong! In short, they are the best thing this world can offer when it comes to achieving […]

Should You Drink Protein Shakes During A Cut?

When people are trying to get as lean as possible, you may find that lots of them are considering protein shakes. By now, you should be aware that upping your protein intake is extremely important when trying to get lean. That’s because protein is essential for the human body. It will help recover faster after […]

Calculating Your Cutting Macros

When it comes to cutting, calculating your cutting macros is extremely important. Learning how to find the perfect balance of macros in your diet will not only help you lose body fat but will assist muscle preservation and even gains, allowing you to get as lean as possible. And if you want to do it […]

Strength Training While Cutting

It can be pretty hard to start cutting calories down after bulking. That’s because a lot of people eat as much as possible during bulking, eating everything they see, in order to gain more muscle and strength. Then, when you want to get that muscle definition, you need to start cutting down on calories. And […]

Chest and Shoulders Workouts

Having a huge chest and shoulders will make you look awesome with your shirt off even if you do not have those abs. Many sacrifice their visible abs just to bulk up and have bigger chest and shoulders. They can make you look awesome, which will enhance your confidence leading to a myriad of positive […]


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