How To Lower Insulin (and Burn Fat)?

Do you know that your hormone insulin has a lot to do with your body’s ability to burn fat and lose weight? That’s why lowering your insulin can actually help achieve great results in the gym, making you feel great and look amazing by burning fat and losing that weight. What is Insulin? What Does […]

How to Build Muscle and Burn Fat? Body Recomposition

Most of us want body recomposition. That’s because a body recomposition means the process of building muscle and burning fat simultaneously, at the same time. For most people, this is the number one goal when it comes to physique and performance enhancement. While body recomposition is such a desired goal, it is more common only […]

Calculating Your Bulking Macros

We’ve previously discussed cutting macros, but you should learn how to calculate your bulking macros too as long as you aim to get stacked. In fact, macros play an essential role in all bodybuilding goals. So, if you want to achieve awesome results in the gym, be it gaining muscle, toning up, or whatever else, […]

Bulk Vs Cut: Should I Be Bulking or Cutting?

Bulk vs cut is a very common question if you’re new in the lifting game. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about bulking vs cutting in bodybuilding circles because these are very common terms. But if you wonder whether you should bulk or cut, you’ve come to the right place. Knowing when to cut and when […]

What To Do To Recover After A Workout?

As long as you’re attempting to grow muscle and gain strength, you should recover just as correctly as you’re working out. If you have awesome gym sessions, pumping tons of iron, working out very intensively and regularly, yet you do not recover correctly, you’re still not going to yield any gains. That’s why, pumping tons […]

Exercise Non-Responder

Exercise non-responder is a common term used for those who have been pumping iron and working out hard in the gym for months now without any results. If you’re putting in the hard work and you have been consistent for a while but you just do not see any gains, it could be what is […]

Iron Foods From Iron Daddy For Bodybuilding

You already know that Iron Daddy is here to help you with all your bodybuilding goals when it comes to pumping iron, but what about iron foods? Are iron foods actually important for bodybuilding? A short and straight answer is yes – dietary iron is very important for your bodybuilding goals. It is an important […]

Can’t Go to the Gym? Try Bodyweight Workout!

Although it seems like COVID-19 doesn’t bother us anymore, we never know when it may reappear or when another pandemic or similar problem will close the gyms again so a bodyweight workout is always something to consider. As we’ve all seen, this can be a huge problem. After endless months of lockdown with little access […]

Should You Eat Protein Before Bed To Build Muscle?

Regardless if you’re bulking up or going through a cutting cycle, getting a lot of protein in your diet is crucial to support your goals. Of course, you need to workout and get plenty of sleep to build muscle. You can even speed up your muscle gaining progress with the help of anabolic steroids. But […]

Calorie Deficit For Cutting and Weight Loss

Even if you never counted calories but you still managed to lose a few pounds, you’ve been in a calorie deficit without knowing that. A calorie deficit is the explanation of how we manage to lose weight and burn fat. That’s why being in a calorie deficit is crucial when it comes to cutting fat […]


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