Oral Steroids

Oral steroids are actually the same steroids as injectable steroids but the only difference is the route of administration as oral steroids are mainly available in tablet/pill form. Most often, those pills/ tablets are swallowed completely with enough liquid, but it is not unheard of people cutting them. There are a lot of oral steroids that are existing and while we might not offer all of them, we definitely can get you the most popular oral steroids that are available on the market.

Below you are going to find all the oral steroids available on our website. You can find them categorized either. You would find a lot of steroids, including the most known oral steroids.

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Showing 1–30 of 306 results

What Are Oral Steroids?

Oral steroids are actually no different from injectable steroids (which are considered more famous) because in the end – you receive the same substances in your system. There are more than 30 AAS that are currently available. Some of them are more famous than others. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for some ideal beginners’ steroid cycles or for any other type of steroid cycle, you might find some of the better known steroid names. In the end, the best known oral steroids that you would most likely find when researching about this product would include:

Anadrol, Anavar, Dianabol, Winstrol, Clenbuterol, Halotestin and others as well.

Very often, people decide to start their steroid cycle with some oral steroids instead of the injectable steroids because they are thinking about the steroids as being “safer” to swallow tablets than to stick a needle in their bodies. While this may scare someone, it is actually thought that injectable steroids are safer, unless you might fade out when sticking a needle.

Anyway, in the end – oral steroids are extremely popular due to its route of administration. Obviously is much more easier to swallow a pill or a tablet than to pin a needle. That’s why a lot of females choose the orals and that’s why a lot of beginners choose the oral steroids. In the end, is only the fact that taking a tablet sounds to be much more easier and a lot of much less shady than to inject yourself.

However, because of the oral steroid’s chemical structure, they are generally having very short half lives. As a matter of factor – much shorter compared to injectable steroids. This might be a big plus, but it might be a big minus as well. As said – females prefer oral steroids. That’s not only because they do not like to get pinned with a needle, but because oral steroids have shorter half lives. All steroids are offering virilization in women. If they use oral steroids with short half lives and they start getting virilization – stopping the oral steroids use would ensure the steroid is flushed out of the system much faster, compared to injectable steroids with long half lives.

How Long Do Oral Steroids Stay in Your System?

For example, there are some oral steroids lasting as little as only 3 to 5 hours. This means they would get flushed out of the system quick, but it also means it requires frequent dosing. It is important to understand that while the most side effect are the same with injectable and oral steroids since you receive the same steroid, there are some side effects that are unique and different from injectable. This happens because the oral steroids are not absorbed or broken down in the same way as injectables.

Side Effects of Oral Steroids | Oral Steroids Side Effects

It is important to understand that steroids, regardless if they are oral or injectable – they are all dangerous, especially if you start using them without any knowledge. Abusing steroids is never a good idea.

Steroids can be super helpful and beneficial, but they also can be super detrimental offering a lot of side effects. As it was mentioned earlier, there are not actually a lot of differences when it comes to oral vs injectable steroid in terms of side effects, even though there’s one main difference between them: that’s liver toxicity. This side effect is extremely important to take in consideration when you are thinking about using oral steroids.

As for now, the common side effects of both injectable and oral steroids are: increased LDL cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol, insomnia, acne, water retention, natural testosterone production suppression, gynecomastia, sweating, hair loss, digestive issues, stomach cramps, bloating, mood swings and others.

But except for all of these – there is one main side effect that is specific to oral steroids – liver toxicity. While injectable steroids might have a very little and unnoticeable effect on the liver (usually on extremely big doses only), this side effect is huge on oral steroids. That’s the main reason why the oral steroids are seen safer and less extreme compared to injectable steroids only to the untrained eye.

Keep in mind that oral steroids are very toxic to the liver unlike injectable steroids. The reason behind that is that oral steroids are C17 alpha alkylated steroids. To understand it better – this means that at the 17th atom, their structure has been chemically changed and this is the change which allows them to pass through the liver without being removed and removed out from the body.

Without this change – using the steroid won’t make it effective, however this is also the change which is the culprit for your liver’s health and by using high doses or using it for prolonged time – it can offer very serious liver damage.

It is very important to have some supplements for liver health during the administration with oral steroids and even after you end the cycle. Implementing a post cycle therapy is important too. Do not use anything else which might damage your liver such as: alcohol, OTC medications or anything in this matter.

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