Methyltrienolone is the most powerful anabolic/ androgenic steroid that is considered to be anywhere between 120 to 300 times more powerful than methyltestosterone. This product is used orally. In fact, this product is so powerful that most bodybuilders and athletes decide to go for some less powerful products. That’s because except for offering huge results – it might be dangerous if not used properly.

Below you are going to find all the products on our website containing Methyltrienolone and you’re also going to find a lot of information about this substance.

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What is Methyltrienolone? | Oral Trenbolone

Methyltrienolone is currently one of the most powerful oral anabolic steroids that have ever been produced. This agent is a derivative of trenbolone (metribolone) that has been added the C17 alpha alkylation in order to make it possible to use it orally. This is a change which has created a steroid that is quite a lot much stronger than its nonmethylated “little brother”. This product is so powerful that its potency has been measured to be anywhere between 120 to 300 times greater (and that’s no joke) compared to that of methyltestosterone and it has a much bigger dissociation between anabolic and androgenic effects.

Since this product is so powerful, it requires extremely low doses and the user is still going to able extremely big anabolic effects. However, except being extremely powerful in terms of anabolic effects – it is also extremely powerful in term of toxicity! Methyltrienolone is a steroid that is far much more potent compared to any other commercially available agents out there.

How Methyltrienolone (Oral Trenbolone) Works?

Before understanding how Methyltrienolone is working – it is important to know that Methyltrienolone is a modified form of Nandrolone. The 2 are different by the addition of the methyl group at the carbon 17 alpha for allowing oral administration and the second – the introduction of double bonds at carbons 9 and 11, this is increasing binding affinity.

In the same time, Methyltrienolone is different from Trenbolone only by the addition of a methyl group at C17. This is the reason why this product is called Oral Trenbolone. This product is an anabolic product. When this stuff is entering the cell nucleus – is stimulating the genetic apparatus of the cell and therefore this is causing the synthesis of DNA, RNA as well as structural proteins to activate the enzymes of tissue respiration chain and this is leading to a number of positive factors. Like for example – that’s increasing anabolic activity and is inhibiting the catabolic activity that are caused by glucocorticoids.

With this being said – this product is great when it comes to boosting muscle mass, to reduce the fat deposits, to improve trophic tissues as well as to promote calcium deposits in the bones. It is going to greatly help to retain phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, potassium as well as sodium and water in the body. The product is enhancing hematopoietic erythropoietin synthesis.

Ultimately, Oral Trenbolone – Methyltrienolone can be used with great success for increasing anabolic activity and therefore to increase muscle growth, reduce fat and all other processes that are needed for an athlete and bodybuilder.

Methyltrienolone Dosage / Administration | How to Take Methyltrienolone?

Due to the fact that this product is having an extremely high level of hepatotoxicity – it is not being used in clinical medicine. In fact, this product is not recommended for any give purposes (including physique or performance enhancing reasons) because of the same reasons.

Nonetheless, there are still people considering this product because it can be super helpful and those who do it and absolutely want to use it – they should take the liver toxicity extremely seriously and cautiously.

While administering Oral Tren, make sure that you do not drink any alcohol, no other OTC medications and generally stay away from absolutely anything which may damage or stress the liver. Plus, it is very recommended to have routine blood tests in order to make sure that this product Is not going to damage your liver. The cycle of Oral Trenbolone should not be more than 4 weeks, maybe even less. Adding something supplements that are considered liver detoxifiers are going to greatly help too.

As said – the potency of methyltrienolone is extremely high and this is the reason why this product should not be taken for doses that are higher than 2 mg a day – but this dosage should be taken only by people who have experience with it. Newbie should start with doses that are 0.5 mg a day. To stay within the effective and tolerable range is going to be anywhere between 0.5 to 2 mg a day.

Taking doses that are considered Dianabol type which are in the range of 20 to 30 mg per day shouldn’t even be thought about – an attempt is going to lead to extreme health issues. It is better to avoid getting any dose that is higher than 2 mg a day – for some this dosage might be too much.

Methyltrienolone Side Effects

As it was previously mentioned – Methyltrienolone is a C17 alpha alkylated product and this is an alteration that is protecting the drug from being deactivated by the liver and therefore – this allows a high amount of the drug to enter the bloodstream after you use it orally. All the C17 alpha alkylated anabolic/ androgenic steroids are hepatotoxic and this means that high doses or prolonged use would result in liver stress and ultimately damage it. However, Methyltrienolone is the most toxic steroid especially for the liver.

Liver issues are ensured it taking this product for too long or too high doses. Users of this product should be very cautious about liver issues and should try to make everything to keep a healthy liver.

Except for the possible hepatotoxicity, there are numerous of other possible side effects such as: androgenic side effects including: hair loss, excessive body/ facial hair growth, acne, oily skin and others. This product is considered anabolic – but it is still very powerful in terms of androgenicity.

Good news is that this product is not aromatized by the body so this means that estrogenic side effects are not possible. Instead, you would get your natural testosterone suppressed and cholesterol related side effects are possible too.

Where to Buy Methyltrienolone?

If you want to purchase the absolutely most powerful steroid out there – check for Methyltrienolone that is also referred as Oral Trenbolone. You can purchase it from our website and you are going to get a high quality product for absolutely lowest possible price.

But it is important to mention once again that products containing methyltrienolone should be used with big care and in most cases but professionals only.