Sibutramine is the active ingredient in the brand name Meridia among many others such as Sibuzone and numerous others. Sibutramine’s only medical use is appetite suppression. Obviously, bodybuilders and athletes found Sibutramine highly effective for their weight loss and cutting cycles. With the help of this drug, they could curb their appetite, allowing them to consume fewer calories while burning more through the correct diet and workout program. This compound only comes in the form of pills. Sibuzone / Meridia – Sibutramine pills are highly effective in reducing your appetite and cravings for junk food. It works great when it comes to weight loss and cutting needs.

Below you can find all the products containing Sibutramine and you can also find a lot of information about this product.

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What Is Sibutramine?

Sibutramine (Meridia) is a diet drug, categorized as an appetite suppressant. It was the first product approved for the treatment of obesity. It was marketed and prescribed to patients for treating obesity as an adjunct along with a proper nutrition plan and exercise plan.

Therefore, users can consume considerably fewer calories than they burn. It’s definitely of great help for weight loss and body fat loss. Both among bodybuilders and obese people.

Buy Sibutramine Pills

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But before you actually get to buy Sibutramine pills, you should know that except studies proving it is highly effective at burning body fat and weight, they also prove it increases cardiovascular events.

Sibutramine (Meridia) Side Effects

In 2010 Sibutramine was withdrawn from the market because it was associated with increased cardiovascular events and strokes. That’s why the worst Sibutramine side effects are related to heart issues and cardiovascular diseases.

That’s why I wouldn’t recommend Sibutramine to people with a history of cardiovascular diseases at all. It’s especially important to avoid Sibutramine if you are currently having high blood pressure, increased heart rate, or other heart issues. It may make these conditions worse.

As with any other compounds – the dosage of the drug that you administer has a direct relationship with the intensity, severity, and frequency of side effects. If you notice some issues, either stop or at least reduce the dosage.

Moreover, if you use this compound for a long time, it can become habit forming as it has some dependence liability.

Anyway, the most frequent side effects are similar to those of stimulants such as dry mouth, nausea, trouble sleeping, drowsiness, stomach upset, menstrual pain and/or cramps, headaches, flushing, jittery, dizziness, constipation, strange taste in the mouth, joint and/or muscle pain including others. Mood changes and heart issues are also possible.

Paradoxically, some people report increased appetite in rare cases.

How to Use Sibutramine?

Sibutramine dosage is the same both for men and women. I strongly recommend using it first thing in the morning (with or without food). No need to use it more often than once a week as it has a half life of about 12-14 hours. This way, you may avoid insomnia issues at night.

Use Sibutramine for no longer than 12 weeks. Common cycles are 8 weeks. While doctors used to prescribe it for up to two years, I wouldn’t recommend such a long administration to avoid the side effects and dependence.

It goes without saying that while you use Sibutramine pills, you should be working out and dieting correctly.

Starting dosage is 10 mg/day. Can be up to about 20 mg/day. But I do not recommend increasing the dosage more often than once every 4 weeks and no more than 5 mg/day per increase. Also, only increase if you need more results and you tolerate it well at the lower dosage.

Where Can I Buy Sibutramine?

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This is a compound that is fairly hard to find, but now you have the opportunity to buy it absolutely effortlessly.