Primobolan – everything you need to know from side effects to how it works

What is Primobolan?

The first thing to do is to understand what Primobolan is. As soon as you can understand it, you can evaluate the effectiveness and if you really need this steroid.

Primobolan is an anabolic androgenic steroid, which was derived from DHT – dihydrotestosterone. Some of you could find this anabolic and androgenic steroid under the shorter name Primo. Or Methenolone which is the same thing. Methenolone is the active substance in Primobolan.

What is really advantageous about this steroid is that it comes in injectable as well as in oral form; making it long lasting or easy to use depending on what you need. That’s an important thing when it comes to customer needs since you can choose which form is better for your needs.

Primobolan is a fairly old steroid that was introduced in 1960, and initially was used for medical purposes, some studies showed the effectiveness of this steroidal medicine for breast cancer treatment.

As time went on, pretty much like many other steroids, this one demonstrated its effectiveness in other cases, for physique and performance enhancement. Later, Methenolone utilization for something specific was discarded when talking about medical uses.

Nowadays, it started to be used by bodybuilders in order to increase physical performance as well as muscle growth.

Before proceeding to other specifications about Primobolan, let’s talk about its two forms: the injectable and the oral version of Methenolone.

Methenolone Enanthate

HB-Methenolone-En.-newMethenolone Enanthate is one of the versions, and we are talking about the injectable one. This is overall a really appreciated steroid due to the availability of the administration form.

This version, the injectable one is a long lasting one if compared to the oral version. As every steroid with Enanthate ester, it has a half-life that is considered pretty long about 10 days. Methenolone itself has a much shorter half life, that’s why the injectable version comes with the addition of Enanthate.


Regardless of the administration form, keep in mind that Methenolone was derived from Dihydrotestosterone, this will make sure that it will not aromatize. In case you didn’t know this can make you stay away from some side effects such as for example gynecomastia, water retention, and others.

Methenolone Acetate

primabolan methenolone acetate hilmaThe injectable Methenolone comes in an oil solution meant to be administered intramuscularly, but there’s the oral version, known as Methenolone Acetate.

In comparison to the injectable version, this one has a shorter half-life. Much shorter half life. From 4 to 6 hours. Important to mention, that this doesn’t mean that this is not effective. The effect is the same, we are talking about the time this AAS would be active in your body after the administration.


What is different in this oral steroid, why do different people use either oral or injectable form? Because they come with different advantages and disadvantages. The injection is not comfortable to use, but has a long half life, while the oral version is easy to administer, but short timed.

Actually, the oral form of Methenolone offers its own advantages. Methenolone Acetate is one of the very few oral steroids that is not 17-alpha-alkylated. That’s very important taking into consideration that liver issues are often a problem with steroid use. In other words, it is much less toxic than other oral steroids and therefore much safer.

Primobolan Effects

Primobolan is usually used during cutting cycles or pre-contest. A great source for your muscle solidification but not that good for your mass building due to the low anabolic to androgenic ratio.

If you consider building muscles, to gain in size, it will be better to use such compounds as Deca Durabolin or Anadrol.

There are different opinions about Primobolan, some people consider that this one is not that effective due to low numbers on paper, but that’s very wrong. You can compare the effectiveness of Primobolan to those of Masteron.

Of course, we have to admit the fact that this one is not as effective as Trenbolone when it comes to building muscles and strength, but clearly, you don’t have to underestimate the power of Primobolan to make you appear fuller. When this one is bundled with other AAS, Primobolan becomes something really powerful and super effective.

If the effect of appearing fuller isn’t enough for you, you have to consider that there are also other positive effects that you can observe as soon as you start to use Primobolan. You can count on an increase in vascularity, general strength, and augmented fat loss.

Another very important thing during muscle building is the recovery process and that’s another extremely helpful point when talking about Primo. You would definitely love Primobolan for speeding up this process.


Cycles of Primobolan and Dosages

We are going to talk about the dosages but not before mentioning some facts that we have gathered from other bodybuilders that already used Primobolan and shared their experience and knowledge. Based on my own experience and their reports, it could greatly help you to decide which dosage suits your needs the best.

  • Most bodybuilders seemed to like the dosage of approximately 400mg of injectable Primo per week. While the cycle is between 8 to 12 weeks in length.

What about oral Primobolan? Well, the usual dosage recommended is about 200 mg per day. This is the dosage I would recommend to beginners. But there’s a high chance you heard about Primobolan being taken in higher doses than that mentioned by some bodybuilders. Such as 600-1,000 mg a week. You have to understand that such doses can be harmful to your health. Albeit more effective. Attempting higher doses is only recommended to professionals, while newbies might start at 50 mg a day.

Generally, Primobolan is used together with Sustanon or Testosterone Enanthate. It’s up to you. But it can be stacked with other steroids. However, never use it alone.

What about Women and Primobolan?


We already mentioned that Primo is a really smooth and gentle steroid compared to others, which makes it a good compound for women. Many female bodybuilders use it despite the fact that they might find other alternatives. Of course, the dosage is different compared to men.

The normal dosage for a healthy woman is between 25 to 50mg per week, for about 4 to 6 weeks. They should only use the oral version of Primobolan.

If you are a woman at the beginning of the journey then you would need to know which anabolic steroid can be combined with Primobolan. Most often, women bodybuilders like to use it together with Anavar.

As always, we would like to understand that you have to carry about the side effects as much as the positive effects of the combination of these two, as well as for each of them in particular. Women must know that they can have virilization symptoms, one of the key side effects when a woman uses steroids of any type.

Primobolan Side effects What are they? What should I know?

A lot of people make mistakes, and one of the mistakes is thinking that Primobolan is generally a gentile steroid, so mild that it can’t cause side effects. THAT’S WRONG. While Primobolan side effects are milder, they can occur.

You have to carefully think about starting with steroids. And the first thing to do is to appreciate your health, your performance, and your needs.

The most usual side effects that can be seen from Primobolan administration are:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Acne
  3. Testosterone suppression

As soon as you notice experiencing any of these side effects, you have to change the dosage or to stop taking Primobolan. Especially if this comes to Testosterone suppression. That’s one reason why I recommend adding testosterone to your Primo cycle. To be sure that Primobolan or any other type of steroids is not going to affect your health, you have to first learn about Post Cycle Therapy.

The Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan is extremely important as it helps to lower the side effects.


How to reduce the side effects?

Before using steroids, you need to think wisely. But Primobolan is among the safest steroids (although it does have side effects) so is a good start. In addition, don’t forget that you can always find a lot of supplements on the market that can make you reduce the side effects and make the cycle safer.

In case you decide to start with steroids, then you have to make a good plan. You have to consider your health first, your performance, and your body size. As well as what is your ultimate goal. The most important thing is to use a healthy dosage, that is going to bring you benefits and lower the health damage.


Primobolan is among the most popular steroids in the world. Although is not the most effective for growing muscles, is definitely a steroid with huge advantages and benefits. Especially when considering it for cutting cycles. This used to be the steroid of choice of Arnold Schwarzenegger and various other legendary bodybuilders.

Using Primo alone is not as helpful due to its low anabolic to androgenic numbers. But it brings a lot of benefits that other steroids will not. And that’s without paying too much in terms of side effects.primobolan-depot

Despite the fact that it doesn’t have as many side effects and they are not as bad – still use it properly to avoid them. Before starting your journey with Primobolan, consider introducing PCT at the end of your cycle. PCT is an extremely important part of your muscle growth and maintenance. Once you combine the Primobolan cycle with a good PCT plan, you would reduce the side effects of testosterone suppression.

Is up to you to decide how to combine, and what can be better for you, but think wisely.

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