Primobolan Acetate

Primobolan Acetate is an orally active steroid that is containing the active substance Methenolone with the attached ester Acetate. Methenolone is also coming with the ester Enanthate and is important to understand that Methenolone Acetate and Methenolone Enanthate are 2 different products. The brand name is Primobolan, although you can find is as other brand names, most famous brand of Methenolone remains Primobolan, often shortly called Primo.

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Oral Primobolan Acetate is coming as oral steroid and is having unique characteristics when is being compared to the other types of oral steroid products. Primobolan Enanthate is coming as injection with a larger ester.

There is no difference between the 2 compounds except for attached ester which is making them different only in the half life and method of administration.

Ultimately, both products offer Methenolone which, as soon as it reaches your blood system it works the same way.

Oral Primobolan Acetate or Methenolone Acetate is a more popular version of Primo among users and is quite obvious why: you can swallow tablets very easily instead of injecting yourself.

Advantages of Primobolan Acetate

This is a unique oral anabolic steroid because all other oral steroids are C17 alpha alkylated but Primobolan is not.

  • This means that other orals out there are liver toxic, but Primobolan is not. Primobolan can be easily administered in form of oral pills without damaging your liver.

The only problem here is that it has a lower bioavailability after is gets broken down by the liver. This means that the compound is much less effective compared to Primobolan Depot. You are going to need to use higher doses in order to get enough Methenolone to your system to make it effective.

  • Another huge advantage is the fact that Primobolan Acetate is also one of the best steroid to consider when talking about the safeness of the compound, except for liver toxicity.

The compound has such a high safe profile that it was used in medical settings to help children that were very underweight to make gains, and that’s in the time that the babies didn’t had nasty side effects.

Primobolan Acetate is amazing at burning body fat whilst is boosting your metabolism and plus to that, is great at improving immune system too. In the time that you’re getting less susceptible to get ill or sick, you’re feeling overall better and with boosted metabolism.

The compound is offering amazing benefits when talking about physique and performance enhancement.

Primobolan Acetate is a common prescription for those who try to control osteoporosis as well as for muscle wasting diseases, like for example HIV and AIDS induced ones including many others.

Here is a list of key benefits of Primobolan:

  • Boosts fat loss processes
  • Improved immune system
  • Enhanced metabolic rate
  • Offers a strong binding to androgen receptors
  • Increased red blood cells
  • Better nitrogen retention
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Enhanced lean muscle mass growth and prevention from being lost.

Primobolan Acetate Side Effects

Despite the fact that Primobolan is a very safe anabolic steroid, it doesn’t mean that is absolutely safe and there are possible side effects. Is important to understand that the higher the dosage of the compound gets and the longer the cycle length of use, the chances of side effects increase, and their intensity.

The risks are much lower compared to other steroids, but you still need to be prepared in case any of the Primobolan side effects would occur.

  • Androgenic side effects. Such side effects have very low chances to occur, yet they may appear. Mostly they appear to people who have genetic predispositions to them. Acne, deepening of voice, hair loss, risk of virilization etc. are all possible.
  • Cardiovascular and cholesterol issues. Although Primobolan is not going to offer any harsh effects on cholesterol and blood pressure, some issues are possible to occur, especially if you have some pre existent issues. It could switch cholesterol balance in a negative way with a prolonged use.
  • Testosterone Suppression. Exactly as with all other steroids, Primobolan Acetate can suppress the natural testosterone production. The suppression rate is not going to be too bad, not as bad as with other steroids, you’re still going to need to go through a PCT plan and you’re still recommended to add a testosterone base steroid to your Primobolan cycle.
  • Hepatotoxicity and Estrogenic side effects won’t occur. This compound is not capable to convert into estrogen and the compound is not going to cause damage or stress to your liver.

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