• Winstrol known as Winny is a highly effective anabolic and androgenic steroid for athletes and bodybuilders during their cutting phases.


You can find it as Stanozolol (main ingredient) which is available to customers in both injectable and oral pills form. Winstrol as injection half-life is 24 hours and as oral pills half-life is 9 hours.

Also, injection is considered slightly more powerful than pills. Despite this, oral Winstrol pills are way more popular than injections. That’s because injections are still hepatotoxic as oral pills, are painful, and still need to be injected intramuscularly daily.


Stanozolol is DHT derived and is C17AA, which means it passes through the liver and hence, hepatotoxic. It cannot aromatize so it doesn’t convert into estrogen.

Also, has a high anabolic activity rated 320 and androgenic activity rated 30. This is a unique steroid with amazing abilities to grow lean muscle mass, enhance strength and help burn body fat as well as get rid of water retention.

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Winstrol Effects

When running Winstrol, it is very important to consider the effects of this steroid. Both positive and negative ones. Being a powerful steroid, it can result in high efficacy and great results, or in harsh and nasty side effects.

Due to its negative effects on the liver, the duration of your cycle and the dosages should be seriously considered. A proper administration would end up in maximum results and the least negative adverse effects.

Abusive administration (too long cycle length or/and higher doses) would result in harsh side effects.


Except for liver toxicity, you should also consider the negative impact it has on your cardiovascular and cholesterol health. Another reason why cycle length and dosages shouldn’t be exceeded. Androgen related issues are possible such as acne, hair loss, and aggression as with any other steroid, but far not as bad as with stronger compounds such as Trenbolone.

In addition to that, Winstrol is going to suppress your natural testosterone production. In order to deal with this issue, you need to prepare a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after each cycle.

Women are at risk of developing masculine traits (virilizing) issues. That’s why they shouldn’t use the AAS in high doses or long cycles as men do.

But if you learn how to properly deal with all these issues here are the benefits of a Winstrol cycle you can expect:

  • Removes fluid retention from the body
  • Burns body fat even when you’re resting
  • Strength is drastically increased
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Improves your state of mind
  • Doesn’t allow you to enter the catabolic state
  • Does help you to remain anabolic
  • All the gains made would be dry and hard muscles
  • Won’t convert into estrogen
  • Increases endurance and stamina

Winstrol Cycle and Winstrol Dosage


As mentioned, Stanozolol is mostly used in the form of tablets both by men and women. Simply because injections are rather painful. Winstrol daily dosage is split into 2 even halves to maintain stable blood levels.

When used for fitness purposes, Winstrol is used in doses between 25-50 mg a day. Doses of 75-100 mg a day are mostly attempted by professionals. Higher doses are abusive. 50 mg/day is the sweetest spot for most. The sweet balance between benefits and side effects.


The Winstrol cycle length is between 4 and 6 weeks most commonly. 8 weeks is the maximum recommended but only for professional bodybuilders. Beginners shouldn’t run it for more than 4 weeks. Advanced men and the maximum for a woman is 6 weeks.

Women aren’t really recommended to stack Winstrol with other steroids to reduce the virilizing chances. Men are recommended to stack Winstrol with a testosterone base. As with any other steroid cycle. Avoid adding other oral steroids to avoid extra stress on your liver.

Here’s an example of a common Winstrol cycle for cutting purposes:

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