Dianabol Review

Dianabol (shortly known as Dbol commonly) is a historical anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS). Is among the most widely used (if not the most) orally active steroids of all time. It was among the first steroids to enter the bodybuilding stages and it remains nowadays an extremely popular compound.

All of that is because Dianabol (Dbol) is extremely effective at helping users to pack on muscle mass. Do you want to gain some weight? Then Dianabol is a steroid for you.

What is Dianabol?


Dianabol is the most popular brand for the active substance Methandienone also known as Methandrostenolone. Nobody calls it by its active substance though. Also, you might find Dbol being sold as numerous other brand names.

This is a testosterone derived steroid. It has 2 main differences:

  1. Is C17 alpha alkylated allowing oral administration.
  2. It has an extra double carbon bond at 1-2 positions.

These differences make Dianabol (Dbol) or whatever other brand containing Methandrostenolone (Metandienone) an extremely helpful steroid for those searching for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

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This AAS has a short half-life of 3-6 hours only (which means that should be used 2-4 times throughout the day). Has a slightly higher anabolic activity than testosterone and is less androgenic. But it aromatizes into estrogen more.

Dianabol Benefits

Dianabol is a historical anabolic steroid because it offers amazing benefits. Millions of people are still using Dbol for their bulking cycles nowadays and that’s for good reasons. Some examples of Dianabol benefits and advantages are:

  • Packs on muscle mass. This steroid is known to help users gain 15-30 lbs of lean muscle mass.
  • Strength boost. Users report getting much stronger as their maximum lifts are increased.
  • Super fast results. Those using Dbol get the amazing benefits in a short 6-8 weeks cycle length.
  • Relatively safe. Although Dianabol does offer side effects – most of them are well tolerated by most people and can be controlled.
  • Helps the body with various things such as nitrogen retention; protein synthesis; increase in testosterone; increase in RBC count; faster recovery and many more.

These are by far not all the benefits a person may receive from properly using Dianabol. There are way more, but these are only some of the most popular ones.


Dianabol Side Effects

As you can guess, Dianabol does offer side effects. Pretty much as any other anabolic steroid. As with any other steroid – the side effects are highly individual. It depends on the dosage, cycle length, personal experience, users’ lifestyle, and many other factors.

Here are some examples of Dianabol side effects:

  • Estrogenic related issues. Dianabol is known to aromatize into estrogen even more than testosterone. Water retention, gynecomastia, and others are likely to occur.
  • Testosterone suppression. The compound is powerful so the natural testosterone production is likely to be inhibited.
  • Androgenic issues. As with any other steroid, androgen related problems can be noticed. But they are unlikely to be too bad with Dbol.
  • Liver toxicity. This is an orally active steroid with C17 alpha alkylation. Of course, liver enzymes may spike.

The good thing is: estrogen related issues can be controlled with anti estrogens. Testosterone suppression is managed with the help of a PCT plan. Androgen issues are unlikely to be too bad (if you get them at all). Liver toxicity isn’t that bad plus you should use liver protection supplements to help your liver.

Dianabol Dosage and Administration

Generally, Dianabol is used multiple times a day (as mentioned) because of its short half life. Have at least 2 administrations daily. Or even more often. Split total daily dosage into “mini” doses per day.

Dianabol dosage is:Dianabol-dbol-great-muscles-man

  • 30 mg a day for beginners
  • 50 mg a day for advanced users
  • 80 mg a day for professionals
  • Some attempt doses of 100 mg a day – absolute maximum we can recommend, and only to absolute professionals

As mentioned, Dbol only comes as oral tablets. Is highly recommended to use Dianabol with a base testosterone to get the maximum benefits out of it. As mentioned, have anti estrogens because you are likely to need them. Plus run liver protection supplements with it.

Beginner Dianabol cycle example:

  • Testosterone 400 mg weekly for 12 weeks
  • First 6 weeks Dianabol 30 mg a day

Serious bulking Dianabol cycle example:

In both cycles – anti estrogens, liver protection, PCT plan at the end, workout, diet properly, get enough rest, etc.

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