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Testosterone Enanthate Powder

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the many esterified versions of testosterone that are used for various different needs but in the end, any version of testosterone is known to work in the exact same way – boost the testosterone levels.

This version – Testosterone Enanthate is considered the most popular and widely used one, especially for bodybuilding and other fitness purposes because is considered “perfect” at maintaining stable blood levels without too often administration frequency. In the same time, is not having a long detection time but is still reaching peak blood levels fast enough.

Testosterone Enanthate, as much as you all know the compound is coming in form of oil solution, and the solution should be injected intramuscularly. However, there is Testosterone Enanthate powder. Nonetheless, the Testosterone Enanthate powder is not having any advantages over Testosterone Enanthate oil solution and that’s because the powder should be reconstituted in form of solution that should be then injected intramuscularly.

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So, you either get Testosterone Enanthate powder or Testosterone Enanthate oil solution, they are both used in the same way. There are no differences, taken in consideration that both are offering same hormone – Testosterone, and both offer same Enanthate ester.

The Enanthate is the attached ester to Testosterone (or it can be attached to multiple other anabolic agents, for example – Drostanolone Enanthate), and the ester is delaying the release of the main compound in the body after it was administered.

  • This means that whilst raw Testosterone offers a half life of about 4 hours, Testosterone Enanthate offers a half life of about 7-10 days. As much as we can see, the difference is colossal.

In the same time, Testosterone is the same testosterone we know that is naturally produced. It responds in the same way as natural testosterone making your body boost and inhibit various processes. These processes would help individuals for physique and performance enhancement purposes.


Testosterone Enanthate Powder Vs Injection

Both versions are offering Testosterone Enanthate. The injections and powders are offering testosterone enanthate, a derivative of the main endogenous androgen testosterone and they are both meant for intramuscular injection, as said.

The difference is that the powder should be reconstituted, usually, with bacteriostatic water. There are other solutions that the powder is reconstituted with too. Nonetheless, individual needs to have enough knowledge on how to reconstitute the compound well. What amount of powder to be reconstituted with a specific amount of bacteriostatic water (or other specific solutions).

After the reconstitution, the individual is receiving the exact same oil solution that you would receive when purchasing normal Testosterone Enanthate in form of oily solution that is meant for injection intramuscularly.


In whatever the case, you receive same compound that is working the same way, as long as you’re doing everything alright.

  • In the end, we recommend our customers to by Testosterone Enanthate solution instead of Testosterone Enanthate powder because it can be problematic. The solution is much easier to operate with and it has instructions how to properly use.

Another thing to mention is the fact that buying Testosterone Enanthate powder form is not as easy. There are not too many sources offering powders and many of those sources are scammers, not selling actual compound but cheap products (like chalk) for profit.

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All compounds (including testosterone enanthate solution) are of the best quality possible and we are a source of anabolic steroids that cares about our customers which is why we’re offering the cheapest prices for those anabolic compounds that you can freely buy.

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