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Durabolin (Nandrolone) NPP

NPP is short for Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, with the brand name Durabolin. The active substance is Nandrolone with Phenylpropionate attached ester. You could find it as other brand names except for Durabolin, but this is the first and most popular brand you’ll find for this steroid. Anyway, most people still call it NPP steroid shortly.

Pheno-NPP-Beligas Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) is in the 19-nor steroid family because of a modification of one atom. When compared to base testosterone NPP (Nandrolone) possesses a much lower androgenic activity but has a higher anabolic activity. Additionally, Nandrolone converts into estrogen at only 20% of the conversion rate of testosterone.

All of this makes it a very favorable compound among bodybuilders and athletes. It has reduced estrogenic and androgenic side effects while doing an amazing job of increasing strength levels and packing on muscle mass.

Exactly as with most other steroids, scientists developed NPP steroids for treating various medical conditions. For example, it was found effective at treating osteoporosis and breast cancer in women. As well as helping HIV and AIDS patients deal with muscle wasting conditions. Nandrolone is still approved by the FDA.

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But Nandrolone is also among the most popular steroids for fitness purposes. Again, because of its ability to enhance performance and improve physical body image without too harsh side effects.

Nandrolone – NPP vs Deca

Deca Durabolin is a better known brand of Nandrolone, but it comes with the ester Decanoate. Both Deca and NPP contain the same Nandrolone, they have different esters, thus, different release times.

NPP = Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (popular brand Durabolin) half-life 2-3 days.

Deca = Nandrolone Decanoate (popular brand Deca Durabolin) half-life 12-15 days.

The active substance works the same as soon as it reaches your system. But the attached ester to the Nandrolone controls the way this hormone releases in the system after injection.

  • PS: Nandrolone (both Deca and NPP) only comes as an injection. No oral version of Nandrolone is available. They come as an oil substance that you need to inject intramuscularly.


With both these steroids, you’re going to get the exact same benefits (and side effects) as Nandrolone. They usually are:

  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Increase in strength levels
  • Awesome joint/ligaments pain relief
  • Greatly aids recovery post-workout
  • Overall increases anabolism
  • Has various different therapeutic benefits too

Because of different half lives, however, you’re going to need different injection frequencies. While you can only use Deca once a week, I would recommend using NPP at least every 3 days. But it’s better to use it every other day. Some bodybuilders use Deca twice a week and NPP daily for making sure to maintain optimal levels of Nandrolone in blood.

That’s a disadvantage of NPP. But if injecting isn’t a problem for you, you can get the following advantages over Deca:

No need to add oral-kickstarter
Can run shorter cycles of 6-8 weeks
Much faster results
Easier adjustment of dosage
Flushes out of the system quicker
Shorter detection time
Some users suggest NPP offers less bloating than Deca

NPP Side Effects

Durabolin is going to offer the exact same side effects as Deca Durabolin. However, as said, some users say that they experience reduced bloating with NPP compared to Deca. Part of the reason could be that NPP enters and flushes out of your body faster and your body “deals” with it faster. This reduces bloating.

Other than that, the side effects are all the same. Due to the same hormone administration – Nandrolone. Most users report that Nandrolone is a much safer steroid compared to most others. Again, it’s because of reduced androgenic and estrogenic activity.

That’s why, while androgenic side effects (aggression, hair loss, acne, etc.) are possible – they won’t be as bad compared to other steroids. The same applies to estrogenic side effects (bloating, water retention, gynecomastia, etc.).

At the same time, remember that Nandrolone is 19-nor. This means that it could increase prolactin. High prolactin symptoms are gynecomastia, low sex drive, and others.

Moreover, Nandrolone won’t replenish your testosterone levels as many steroids would. At the same time, it is highly suppressive to natural testosterone production. Because of these factors I highly recommend the following 2 for reducing side effects:

  • Always run Nandrolone alongside Testosterone. Usually testosterone in a higher dosage.
  • Always have a PCT plan after the Nandrolone cycle. After cycles with any steroid is important to have a PCT plan, but especially after one with Nandrolone. Unless you’re cruising/ TRT.

How To Use NPP Steroid?

Nandrolone, as said, is an anabolic steroid that is only available in the form of injection. Usually, NPP comes in a much lower concentration compared to Deca.

NPP = 100-150 mg/ml (100 mg/ml most common)
Deca = 200-500 mg/ml (200-300 mg/ml most common)

Moreover, I already mentioned that you need to use NPP intramuscularly. You need to use it at least every 3 days or as frequently as daily. Every other day seems like the most popular administration schedule.


Usually, dosage of NPP ranges between 200 mg/week (50 mg/EOD) up to 700 mg/week (100 mg/ED). Rarely are dosages higher or lower. Most people use 100 mg/EOD. The final dosage depends on your goals, weight, experience, and so on and so forth.

I also recommend keeping a testosterone dosage about x1.5 higher than that of nandrolone.

Based on everything mentioned, a very common NPP cycle for bulking up fast is:

  • 75 mg/day of Test Prop with 100 mg/every other day of NPP both for 8 weeks. You don’t need an oral kick starter. However, if you have enough experience – you can add one. Such a cycle is going to help you bulk up fast and efficiently. The downside is that you need to have a lot of injections – daily.

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You can get NPP for sale including numerous other products that you may need during a cycle with NPP. As said, you’ll need Testosterone and a PCT plan. You might also need ancillaries such as Cabergoline in case of high prolactin and Arimidex in case of high estrogen levels.

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