How to Inject Testosterone By Yourself

If you’re wondering how to self-inject testosterone as you think to start your first steroid cycle – you’ve found the perfect place. However, before you start injecting, you should learn various things first.

For example, you need to identify the testosterone ester in order to determine how frequently you need to use it. While you can get along using Testosterone Cypionate 1 to 2 times a week, with Testosterone Propionate you need to inject it daily or every other day.

Testosterone-Enanthate-Genetic-Pharma-e1581428451892Also, you need to determine the testosterone dosage for you and your needs. Usually, professional bodybuilders use very large dosages for their needs. Much higher compared to beginners. Or those who want to administer testosterone for their Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) needs. While beginners usually run 200-300 mg/week, professionals can go for doses of 1,000 mg/week or higher.

Moreover, identify the concentration of testosterone. For example, there are some testosterone versions that offer 100 mg per each mL (cc) you inject. At the same time, there are others that offer as much as 400-500 mg per each mL (cc) you inject. So, you need to understand how much you need to inject. If your testosterone is 200 mg/mL and you only need 100 mg per shot? Obviously, inject 0.5 mL (cc).

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In whatever case, if you’re having any questions regarding dosage for you and your needs, the frequency of administration, or the amount, please fill up the information on our free cycle advice page. You’ll get a professional answer based on your needs.

What Do I Need To Perform An Injection Of Testosterone?

Have everything you need ready. It would be a problem if you realize there’s something missing mid-performance.

  • You don’t need too much, just some needles, syringes, your testosterone, and alcohol pads. Might have handy some cotton balls and band-aids as they can be helpful.

It’s important to know that you need to use sterile and sealed syringes and needles only. Exactly as with any injections, it’s vital to use never-before-used accessories. If you attempt otherwise, you have high risks of infections, contaminations, or even diseases. Especially if sharing needles. Please don’t.

When it comes to needles – you need 2 of them to perform one injection. You need an injection needle (this one is a thinner needle) of a 22 or most commonly 23 gauge. For injecting the medication. Also, you’re going to need a drawing needle (this one is a thicker needle) of 18 up to 21 gauge. For drawing the medication out of the bottle. That’s highly recommended to make it easier to draw the medication and to avoid pains. Testosterone (and many other anabolic steroids) are viscous oily solutions. It’s sometimes hard to draw them up.

In terms of needle size – it mostly depends on your weight. Commonly, 1-1.5 inches long is enough. You need to perform an intramuscular injection. Therefore, you need to make sure it reaches the muscles.

1 inch is good if you’re less than 130 lbs (60 kg) and up to 200 lbs (90 kg). 1.5 inches is good if you’re 155 lbs (70 kg) and up to 260 lbs (120 kg).

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About syringes – usually, 1-2-3 mL are enough. Depending on how much you need to use, obviously. Rarely does someone use more than 2 mL per shot. To be honest, I wouldn’t even recommend it.

Best Testosterone Injection Site?

Testosterone is a solution that you need to administer as an intramuscular injection. This means that you need to give it directly into a muscle.

NOTE! Testosterone doesn’t work only on the muscle you inject into. Testosterone (and all other anabolic steroids) works on your hormones and it affects your entire body. It won’t help grow only the specific muscle you inject into, but all muscles!

There are 3 most popular injection spots for testosterone (or whatever other intramuscular injection).

  1. Deltoids (upper arm muscles)
  2. Quadriceps (thighs muscles)
  3. Glutes (butt cheeks muscles)

These are not the only places that you can use to inject testosterone (or whatever other anabolic steroids or intramuscular medication). However, these are far from the most common ones.

Where exactly?

  • Deltoids – go for the thickest portion of the deltoid muscles in the center. Approximately 2 inches below the acromion and 2 inches above the armpit. Deltoids are easy to access but not as big muscles.
  • Thighs – go somewhere in between your groin and knee joint, in the outer portion of your thighs, either vastus lateralis or rectus femoris. Thighs are very easy to access and are big muscles.
  • Glutes – imagine your butt cheeks in 4 equal sections. Pick the outer top corner. The top left corner of the left glute or the top right corner of the right glute. Glutes are large muscles unlikely to hit a nerve or blood vessel, but not as easy to reach.


I don’t recommend administering testosterone that has expired. Make sure to keep your testosterone at the recommended temperature and storage conditions. Don’t share needles with anyone else. Keep the medication out of reach of children or animals. If you have dosage questions – we’re ready to help.

Washing and Cleaning

It’s essential to keep everything as sterile as possible. Except for using only sealed and never-before-used needles and syringes, make sure you wash and clean absolutely everything. The more sterile it is – the better for you.

Obviously, all of this is for reducing the risk of infection and contamination. For example, right before drawing the medication – wipe the lid (cap) of the bottle with an alcohol pad. You need to do the same before injecting – clean the injection site with the alcohol pad. Clean the surface you’re about to use too.

Also, before you start doing anything – wash your hands conscientiously with enough antibacterial soap and water. Kill bacteria on your hands, your bottle, and your skin. As for everything else – make sure it’s sealed and sterile.

After you make sure everything is sterile and you have enough knowledge about testosterone, spots, etc. you can keep going and prepare for an injection.

Preparing Testosterone Syringe

Draw The Dosage

As earlier explained, you need to determine the dosage first. For example, if your solution comes as 250 mg/mL and you need 250 mg of testosterone, you’re going to need one full mL. Do the math based on the concentration and your dosage.

Before you draw the solution, wipe the lid (cap) of the bottle with an alcohol wipe. Let it dry (so there won’t be any alcohol residue on your needle). In the meantime, draw air into the syringe equal to the volume of the dosage you want to use. Following the example of 1 mL = draw air up to 1 mL mark. Use the drawing needle (18-21 gauge).

Insert the needle through the now-dry lid of the testosterone bottle into the solution. Push the plunger and insert the air from the syringe into the bottle. This is important for increasing the air pressure inside the bottle. This way, it would be much easier to draw up the medication. That’s important especially with anabolic steroids like testosterone because the oily solution is thick. Often, it is hard to draw.

Turn the bottle (with the needle inside) and while keeping the syringe pointing up, draw the exact dosage that you need. Again, from our example above – to the 1 mL mark (that’s just an example – go for the dosage you need!). Obviously, the needle tip should be under solution levels at all times.


Detach the drawing needle and switch it to the injection needle (22-23 gauge). While keeping the syringe pointing up, tap the barrel of the syringe to cause all the air bubbles to rise to the top. Look for air bubbles in the solution. If there is none left, (all are on the top), slowly depress the plunger. Continue pressing it until all the air gets out and a tiny drop of medication comes out at the needle tip. This means there’s no more air inside your medication.

PS: Don’t press it too hard, you may squirt too much dosage out.

Aspiration is an extremely important process because you could inject air bubbles into your body. Doing so could lead to embolism. That’s a blocked artery caused by an air bubble – an extremely serious health condition.

Injection Site

So, you’re ready to inject. Choose your injection spot. Beginners usually go for glutes or thighs. Kill the bacteria on your skin by using a sterile alcohol pad and wiping the area where you plan to inject. Again, that’s very important to prevent infection and further issues. It’s a process you have to repeat every time you inject, regardless of injection spot, dosage, or frequency.

Injecting Testosterone

Hold the syringe with your dominant hand like a dart. Keep your fingers/thumbs off the plunger. Hold it at a 90 degree above the wiped and dried-out injection site. With your other hand, spread (stretch) the skin at your injection spot to let the needle go in easier causing fewer pains. You’ll use your finger and thumb.

With a single quick move, fully plunge the needle into the flesh. Make sure you do it fast, but gently, nothing too aggressive. Yet, make sure the needle fully gets in to make sure it enters the muscle. That’s why you also need to make sure you insert it at 90 degree angle only.

Now, instead of pressing the plunger – draw back on it a little. You need to make sure you haven’t hit a vein. If you did, you’ll be drawing blood into the syringe. You need to draw out the needle and go for a different spot. If you are not drawing blood – slow and steady, at a controlled pace, press the plunger. You need to do it slowly. About 30 seconds for one mL. Pull the needle out when you fully inject the solution.

Post Injection Care

Each time you’re pulling out the needle (either to go for a different spot because you’re drawing blood or because you fully depress the plunger) – get it out at the exact same angle you inserted it. Also, when you pull it out, press the injection site around the skin with a sterile cotton swab or alcohol pad. This is going to help you avoid extra pain from the needle that’s likely to pull the skin while emerging.

In case the injection site is bleeding – apply the cotton swab and/or clean band-aid. Dispose of all accessories you used. Make sure to throw away the needles in an appropriate sharps container.

A little bit of redness, discomfort, and soreness at the injection site is normal. Especially for beginners with “virgin” muscles. Might try applying ice or creams such as lidocaine to the injection site. Massaging the area might help too.

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How to Reduce Post Injection Pains (PIPs) Advice:

  • Heat up the solution. Warm it by keeping it under your armpit or under hot water for a while. Don’t use solutions that are under room temperature.
  • Relax the muscles. Do not pin in muscles that are sore (from training and/or previous injections). Best to inject after a hot shower when muscles are relaxed.
  • Always rotate the injection sites. There are at least six different spots where you can inject intramuscularly. Constantly switch between them. Don’t use the same spot regularly.
  • Don’t inject too much. The more you inject, the more likely you are to experience PIP. Usually, I don’t recommend more than 2 mL per shot. But anything of 1 mL and less is better.

  • Don’t go for high concentrations. The more concentration of your solution, the more likely you are to experience PIP. Therefore, switch to less concentration. Best is 200-300 mg/mL concentration.
  • Switch the testosterone ester. The shorter the ester, the more likely you are to experience PIP. That’s why I recommend you to switch to a longer ester such as Testosterone Cypionate.
  • Massage the area before and after injection.
  • Apply ice or creams like lidocaine after injection.
  • Inject slowly – approximately 30 seconds for 1 mL (cc).
  • Spread the skin when injecting, and apply pressure when pulling out at the same angle you injected.

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