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Blast and Cruise

Blast and cruise is a new method of administering anabolic and androgenic steroids. Back in the days, nobody was blasting and cruising. That’s one of the biggest reasons why old school bodybuilders can’t even compare to today’s mass monsters. During the blast and cruise cycle protocol, people never stop using anabolic steroids.

They are blasting by using multiple anabolic steroids stacked together in a higher dosage for a period of about 8-16 weeks most commonly. Then they are cruising at a similar length of time with testosterone-only in a lower dosage. Then you’re blasting again. There are those who repeat this protocol for years.

The point is – you never stop administering anabolic and androgenic steroids. You always inject testosterone in order to keep high testosterone levels. Because you manage to constantly maintain testosterone levels high, you do not need a PCT plan. This also helps you avoid the physical and psychological withdrawal effects, as you don’t have as many fluctuations in hormone levels. This helps avoid muscle and strength loss, low sex drive, low mood, depression, and other symptoms specific to those coming off steroids.

Nonetheless, the blast and cruise cycle protocol increases the risks of harm. You continuously use steroids so the body might not be able to fully recover. The risk of permanent damage to the natural production of testosterone is high.

Therefore, blasting and cruising is more effective, but going back natural is safer.

Post Cycle Therapy


People who are running anabolic steroid cycles are very likely to experience withdrawal symptoms by not implementing a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan. The PCT plan is there to help you reduce the excess levels of estrogens and restart the natural production of testosterone that gets inhibited due to the use of exogenous testosterone and other AAS.

  • They help increase levels of testosterone and boost recovery. They recover your natural hormonal balance and this helps avoid low T symptoms after the cycle. That’s why the PCT plan is very important.

However, when you’re cruising – you do not stop using steroids. You continue running testosterone after the cycle. It replenishes the natural testosterone production that your body needs to properly function.


Instead of a PCT plan, after a cycle, you continue using testosterone but in a lower dosage. Some people use Testosterone in higher dosages (such as 500 mg/week), but this applies even more pressure to your body and might cause more damage to your organs.

Usually, a cruising protocol is – Testosterone alone at 100-200 mg/week. Most commonly, cruising lasts at least as long as you were blasting before you can start another blast. For example, 14 weeks blast = 14 weeks cruise before blasting again. However, the absolute minimum time for cruising before jumping on a blast again is 8 weeks. Nonetheless, that might not be enough time for your body to recover if you were blasting for longer than 8 weeks.

  • Cruising is meant to help you recover from a blast. But it doesn’t put you on the same hormonal rollercoaster as you would with Post Cycle Therapy.



  • The blasting period is basically the same cycle you would run for reaching your physique and performance enhancement goals. You use different anabolic steroids stacked together in higher dosages to gain muscle mass and strength.

Blasting usually lasts at least 8 weeks and up to 16 weeks. It’s commonly used in higher testosterone dosage and at least one other anabolic steroid. Professionals stack up to 4-5 steroids together. The exact dosage of each steroid and testosterone, the exact cycle length, and the number of steroids stacked depend on your experience, goals, weight and height, age, and other factors.

Blast and Cruise Cycle Protocol Example

Start your blast with Testosterone around 600-800 mg/week. Stack it with other steroids of your wish such as Deca Durabolin or Equipoise around 400-600 mg/week. Both used for a period of 12-14 weeks. Might add an oral steroid to kick start your blast/cycle. Such as Dianabol for the first 4-6 weeks at a dosage of 50 mg/day.

After the 12-14 weeks blast period, you go cruising for another 12-14 weeks period with testosterone alone, usually, in a dosage of around 100-200 mg/week. You’re then ready to start your next blast.


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Blast and Cruise Conclusion

Blasting and cruising is great for those who are competing and are serious about gains. It’s also great for those who do not plan to come off steroids or those who do not love Post Cycle Therapy. The blast and cruise cycle is great as it offers steady gains without losing muscles and strength, you won’t get hormonal imbalance from PCT and hence, no decline in physical and psychological health. Would help you reach more results and faster.

On the other hand – you’re committed to injections. You always need to inject on a weekly basis for very long periods. Moreover, it has a negative impact on your health. It might be riskier. Also, not everyone can come off blast and cruise cycle. Some permanently shut down natural testosterone production and they need to use testosterone injections for their entire life.

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