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When talking about Clomid dosage, unfortunately, there is no exact Clomid guideline that we could share. That’s because Clomid dosage highly depends on various factors. First off, this is a medication medically used by women to induce ovulation and treat fertility.

However, there are also men who use Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) and it can be used for its anti estrogenic properties during a cycle with anabolic steroids but taken in consideration that is rarely used for such needs since is a weak anti estrogen medication, Clomid is mostly used for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plans.

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That’s why we would mostly talk about PCT Clomid dosage here as that’s the reason most men use it and the reason you’re here, as much as we can guess.

But even if you need Clomid for PCT protocol, is still hard to share an exact dosage instruction that you should run it.

That’s because the “gold standard” of running Clomid dosage for PCT plan is highly depending on the steroid types used during the cycle, amount of steroids used during the cycle, the dosages of those steroids used as well as the cycle length. This would determine the testosterone suppression rate and based on how badly you suppressed your testosterone you can decide how much Clomiphene you would need.

Clomid dosage can be as low as 25 mg a day to as high as 250 mg a day.

Some people may use even higher dosages, but that’s something we definitely recommend against. In fact, anything over 200 mg a day is way too much so that’s the max you should use. But even 200 mg a day is a dosage that rarely someone needs.

  • PS: When talking about Clomid dosage for fertility treatment for women, is highly recommended to discuss with your doctor. Your physician would determine if you need Clomiphene in the first place and would determine the dosage if you need it.

Yet, when talking about Clomid PCT dosage – remember that you use it for POST cycle therapy, that’s why you need start Clomiphene administration only after all suppressing compounds are flushed out of the body.

You need to consider the half lives of your steroids because whilst some have a short half life of hours (Dianabol half life = 3-6 hours), others have half life of weeks (Testosterone Cypionate half life – 12-14 days).

That’s why if you run long acting anabolic steroids, you start Clomid after about 2 weeks after the last injection.

Is hard to mention what’s the Clomid dosage you would need as soon as PCT is started because it depends, as mentioned, on your cycle type.

  • Yet, for low to moderate dosed cycles, short to moderate lengthy cycles and mild to moderate powerful steroid cycles, then we would usually recommend to start at only 50 mg a day Clomid for a period of 2-3 weeks. Then, the dosage is reduced in half for another 2-3 weeks (total period 4 weeks most commonly, but it can be up to 6 weeks).

Very rarely, in the mildest cycles, you can start at lower dosages. But if you had a harsher cycle you may need to start at higher dosages of Clomid (Clomiphene) such as 100 mg or even 150 mg. As said, some people go for 200 mg daily or even higher dosages, but you should have lots of experience with this compound and be wary of side effects.

In the end, most people find that 50 mg a day Clomid dosage is fairly good. The dosage is usually taken for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, most people start feeling better and that’s why the dosage is reduced to 25 mg for 2 more weeks and then completely discontinue.

But then again, more aggressive steroids would require higher dosages. Some people go for Clomid PCT dosage like: first week 150 mg; second week 100 mg; third week 50 mg; fourth week 25 mg.

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Most commonly that’s 4 weeks PCT, but it can be increased to 5-6 weeks depending on how you feel.

  • NOTE! Clomid PCT is very commonly stacked with Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate). A lot of users suggest that the combination of 2 compounds would work best. Same PCT protocol length and same method of reducing dosage in half is common but Nolvadex is started at 40 mg a day (100-80 mg a day for harshest cycles).

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