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How To Build Bigger Legs?

I guess there’s some kind of an unwritten law so every gym must have at least one dude that always skips leg day. It’s very easy to spot the guy who’s skipping leg day, and they are everywhere. Usually, that’s because knowing how to get bigger legs doesn’t always come easy. Unfortunately, it seems like many dudes simply do not feel as if we’re built to bulk up on our lower half. Needless to mention – that’s a huge mistake. And looking at other guys, it’s very easy to see that building leg muscle is not impossible. While it could be harder, it’s worth it.

Look at those guys with huge upper body muscles and skinny legs. I doubt anyone loves the way they look. Yet, look at those bodybuilders with huge leg muscles – aren’t they looking amazing? Even Ross Dickerson, for example, who doesn’t have the best leg muscles, still looks great. The point is – working out legs is a must for bodybuilders.

In fact, the goal of building bigger legs is often one of the main reasons why lifters go through the bulking period. As they increase the calorie intake, they can increase the lifting volume, and frequency and speed up recovery time. This results in lots of muscle gains.

So, if you want to build bigger muscle legs, usually bodybuilders recommend sticking to compound movements. Such as squats, hinges, and movements that allow for a high amount of muscle stimulus. In other words, the more you can work out and recover properly, the more you can repeat the process of training to beef up those legs.

In the end, if you’re stuck on how to build leg muscles – you’re going to find this article amazing. We’ll talk about calves, hamstring, and quadriceps.

The Ultimate Muscle Building Leg Workout

If you’re searching for the best leg workouts for mass building to have legs similar to Tom Platz, you’ve come to the right place. These are the 10 absolute must-go exercises to add to your muscle building leg workout:

  1. Leg press
  2. Barbell Goodmornings
  3. Hack squats
  4. Back squats
  5. Hamstring curls (machine)
  6. Walking lunges
  7. Leg extensions (machine)
  8. Bulgarian split squats
  9. Front squats
  10. Stiff leg deadlifts

These are the workouts that are going to work your legs in a way to makes them way bigger and stronger. If you’re stuck in progressing the leg muscle building process, I recommend you implement all of these exercises.

Besides, I also recommend you pay attention to anabolic steroids that will help beef up those muscle legs. As we all know, anabolic steroids are proven effective compounds when it comes to building muscle and burning fat. They will make you way stronger, increase your recovery, and boost stamina and endurance – all extremely important to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

You may think that anabolic steroids are dangerous. While they do come with side effects, what medications don’t? The best thing is that as long as you use high quality anabolic steroids (which is extremely important), you can stay away from those negative side effects. Just make sure you use them correctly and you’re sure to love their effects.

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What To Do To Grow Bigger Legs?

Using anabolic steroids or not, you need a proper diet and workout plan. And if you want to maximize those leg muscle gains, you should implement all of those exercises. While you may be performing leg presses as it is an extremely popular and common exercise, you may not implement others, but they are very important.

Moreover, it’s important to understand that a key move for building quad size and strength is to perform exercises in the fullest range of motion, maxing out the pain free flexion angles. Do not forget about timing, and performing exercises slowly and correctly.

Additionally, you may be performing leg presses continuously, but they won’t help build as big and strong glutes, erectors, and hamstrings, and barbell good mornings, for example. In short, there’s a wide variety of exercises for leg muscles, both isolated and compound. Each and every one of them works in different ways and targets different muscles. Calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even lower back and hip muscles – you’ll get them all.

Top Training Techniques To Build Bigger Legs Muscle

Below I’m going to share various training techniques that’ll both maximize your leg gains and minimize your injury risks.

Elevate Your Heels

When you’re performing quads focused exercises, for example, elevating your heels will allow for deeper degrees of knee flexion to take place. That’s exactly what you aim for if you want to build thick thighs. Also, as you do it, you will minimize the need for hamstring and calf flexibility. You will also allow for a more vertical squatting or lunging position. So, you’ll shift more load onto your quads.

  • Tip: You can use small weight plates under your heels or wear shoes with an elevated heel. You don’t need it if you’re focusing on hamstring exercises.

Go For A Full Range of Motion

Training in the fullest range of motion you can (while having muscle control with a flat back) will maximize muscular stress and tension. This minimizes the need for excessive loading (contributing to joint pain or nervous system fatigue) while maximizing muscle growth.

Pause At Full Range of Motion

This is easily one of the biggest mistakes I see in the gym. And not only when training legs, but all muscles. Using pauses throughout the range of motion will place extra loading demands and tension on the muscle fibers. Having a flat back and proper position when pausing, you’ll again maximize muscle growth and minimize the need for excessive loading, demanding more muscle fibers to work.

Minimize Momentum

Minimizing momentum when lifting is likely to contribute to breaking your plateau by itself alone. Avoid catching the bounce of squats or slamming the bar on the ground during stiff leg deadlifts, for example. Doing so may sacrifice leg gains and increase the risk of injury.

  • Tip: In fact, all these recommendations will work great with any other body part exercises.


You should make sure you do all the exercises with proper form. Make sure you place proper weights too. I recommend focusing on the following:

Each exercise (for quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, or whatever other muscle) should go as:

  • From 3 to 5 sets
  • From 4 up to 20 reps (usually 4-8, 8-12, 12-15, 15-20 depending on the exercise and weight)
  • Aim for 2-3 second eccentric
  • 1 second pause

Go For Bigger Legs Gains

If you’re going to follow the advice in this article, you’re sure to gain a lot of muscles. With the help of Iron Daddy, you are going to be well on your way to gaining a huge amount of leg muscle.

It’s important to understand that building muscle mass doesn’t occur overnight. Nonetheless, with the help of a proper diet and workout and the correct use of high quality anabolic steroids for sale (that you can buy from you’re on the right path, greatly speeding up your progress. These products will support your workouts build lean muscle fast and reduce muscle soreness. Using them correctly (with the help of our advice), you can stay away from side effects as they are of the best quality on the market.



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