What Causes Bubble Gut?

You may not have heard the word Palumboism before. However, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it. That is an enormously huge bodybuilder dude who is walking with massive arms, huge pecs, low body fat, and… a big pot belly AKA bubble gut.

In the beginning, it just makes no sense. How can someone be so jacked up, with so much lean muscle, and low body fat, and yet, have such a large belly? That’s what we would medically call Palumboism.

But it is known under numerous other names such as HGH gut, roid gut, bubble gut, and numerous others. The “Palumboism” is a word named after Dave “Jumbo” Palumbo. That’s a bodybuilder who competed in the 90s – the first popular bodybuilder with a stomach that seemed extremely and unnaturally bloated in proportion to the rest of his body.

What Causes Bubble Gut?

When a bodybuilder trains hard, they are usually pushing their bodies to the limit, and the muscles on their torso (the obliques) grow thicker. That makes it harder for bodybuilders to hold in their stomachs. But that’s not the only factor that causes bubble gut. One of the biggest causes: is a high calorie diet. Bodybuilders tend to grow as much muscle as possible, this involves eating as much as possible, because, of course, muscles form up as a result of… eating and training. But when they reach a certain point, they need to eat abnormally many calories in order to continue growing. So this causes protrusions of their stomachs.

Other than that, the use of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) has been associated with bubble gut too. That’s why it’s named HGH gut. While this is true that it may cause it, usually, it only causes this issue if you use abnormally high doses of HGH, in abnormally long cycles. Or if stacking with insulin. Insulin is another thing that causes a bubble gut.

Also, bubble gut is called “roid gut” so many may think that anabolic steroids can cause it. In reality, lots of anabolic steroids induce “lipolysis” – the process of burning that fat that causes a bubble gut. So it’s not only the fact that steroids will not cause a bubble gut AKA roid gut, some of them may actually help treat it. Anabolic steroids causing it is a myth!

HGH can cause it indeed, but then again, it causes it when use is stacked with insulin, most commonly. Or alone, but you need to use it for very long periods in very large doses. Normal doses won’t cause HGH gut.


How To Treat Palumboism?

Basically, stop doing what I’ve earlier mentioned – stop your high calorie diet, stop taking insulin, and stop/reduce HGh dosage. These are the best things you can do to avoid this problem. Additionally, you can take a rest. Training hard in the gym every day pushes your muscles into hypertrophy. They also become super tight and tense.

If you reduce the calories you eat, somewhat relax (don’t need to stop working out completely, just somewhat reduce the intensity), and especially stop using insulin and reduce HGH dosage – that’ll all help reduce HGH gut AKA bubble gut if you notice it appearing.

Is It Possible To Prevent Palumboism?

Yes, you can prevent it from occurring. In fact, most athletes, gym goers, bodybuilders, and steroid users won’t face it. It’s a rare condition and is usually only found in those who are using insulin and large doses of HGH.

One of the reasons why bodybuilders use insulin is because HGH causes insulin resistance, likely to make you develop diabetes or make your diabetes worse if you already suffer from it. But usually, that’s only a problem when doses of HGH become too large. Bodybuilders tend to continue increasing HGH in an attempt to grow bigger and larger. That’s when insulin comes in. Insulin will further help them grow muscles and prevent diabetes. The problem is – it causes HGH gut.

The solution? Avoid abnormally high doses of HGH for long periods, avoid insulin, and avoid high calorie diets for extended periods. These will surely help you avoid Palumboism.

In Summary: What Is Bubble Gut?

There is little to no lab evidence when it comes to this condition. But based on anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders from the 1990s to today, Palumboism is a rare condition. It is the condition when a bodybuilder’s stomach takes on an unnaturally rounded, bloated shape. Despite low body fat and visible abs, the stomach seems bloated.

It is usually due to a combination of factors that were maintained for long periods: extreme bodybuilding training, a very high calorie diet alongside the use of abnormally high HGH dosages with insulin.

  • In order to avoid this condition, have a healthy training and nutrition plan with adequate HGH doses while avoiding the use of insulin.

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