HGH Hormone

Human Growth Hormone or shortly HGH is a peptide hormone. It is known for stimulating the growth of our bodies on a cellular level. Is important to know HGH Hormone is a peptide hormone (a protein) and not an anabolic hormone, like steroids are. Therefore, HGH is very different from anabolic steroids.

HGH Hormone is a vital hormone for everyone as it stimulates cell regeneration and reproduction. That is very important for a healthy life and a healthy body. HGH has endocrine functions being synthesized in the cells from amino acids.

  • It is a very popular compound being used as a performance enhancing drug in the athletic and bodybuilding world. But it also has lots of non fitness purposes, being used as an anti aging product.

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All of this except for its medical purposes, obviously. It can be given to elder people for recovering health, for adults with Growth Hormone deficiency as well as children with stunted growth.

Human Growth Hormone Uses

HGH hormone is working in very different ways compared to anabolic steroids hormones. That’s why it is going to offer very different results and very different side effects.

In order to get maximum benefits in terms of physique and performance enhancement purposes – the compound is very often stacked with anabolic and androgenic steroids (HGH).

  • Human Growth Hormone is known for drastically improving body strength and increasing muscle mass. All along with decreasing body fat, being beneficial for a healthy weight. At the same time, the HGH hormone is remaining safe for most people who use it properly.


Obviously – this hormone can be dangerous if not used properly. However, people who are suffering from lower levels of HGH hormone would definitely notice huge improvements in their quality of life.

The Human Growth Hormone is only dangerous for people who are using it in too high dosages and/ or for too long a time. As long as the HGH hormone is not abused – there’s a lot you can benefit from it.

Anabolic Steroids Hormone vs HGH Hormone

As mentioned, there’s a huge difference between steroids hormones and HGH hormones. The major thing that makes them different is the fact that GH is able to use mitogen in order to help you grow.

Mitogen is a chemical compound that is helping cells to grow and to divide. With this being said, HGH helps one cell to divide into 2 cells and so on and so forth. That’s something that anabolic steroids can’t do – they are mostly working on the basis of increasing testosterone levels and decreasing cortisol levels.

If you want an example – just check the bodybuilders from 30-40 years ago and check the nowadays bodybuilders. You may notice that professional bodybuilders nowadays weigh around 80-100 pounds more compared to those years ago. Yeah, knowledge of workouts and nutrition has helped them. But still, that won’t help add so much weight. The main answer is Human Growth Hormone.

Natural HGH Hormone

Is quite obvious that Growth Hormone is being produced by our bodies naturally. However, the levels of HGH hormone start to be reduced as we age. The levels of HGH, similarly to that of testosterone, are dependent on your lifestyle, genetics, and environment.


There’s no difference between the naturally produced HGH and the one produced in laboratories as long as you get high quality HGH of 191 Amino Acids (191aa HGH hormone).

There is 192aa quality, which is not identical to that produced naturally so is less effective with more side effects. There are also others of even less quality. The synthetic made HGH hormone is also sometimes called Recombinant HGH (RHGH); Somatropin or Somatotropin.


HGH Hormone is a very expensive compound to produce and since it is very popular (being very effective and well tolerated by most) it is quite obvious that the market was flooded with counterfeit HGH.Icetropin hgh

  • Is very important to make sure to get actually high quality and real Human Growth Hormone otherwise you risk your health, your gains, time, and money!

A kit of HGH can be over 500 USD, and bodybuilders may need multiple kits per month. Now imagine that you’re getting scammed.

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