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Liothyronine is a laboratory man made form of the thyroid hormone known as triiodothyronine or shortly T3. The full name of the compound is Liothyronine Sodium – the chemical name, however is sold as multiple brand names with Cytomel T3 being among the most popular brands of Liothyronine in USA.

Liothyronine Sodium (Cytomel) is the synthetic version of hormone made in laboratory mostly for treating hypothyroidism, but it was proven helpful for other health conditions such as myxedema coma. Is believed that such conditions might be a result of the thyroid cancer, Graves’ disease and sometimes, even the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. In rare instances, Liothyronine is used alongside with other compounds for treating major depressive disorders.

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Liothyronine Sodium Half Life and Forms

Liothyronine most common administration form is in pills taken by mouth. Liothyronine pills are very effective and very easy to administer. Nonetheless, it also can be administered by injection into a vein.

Regardless how you use Liothyronine (Cytomel)this compound is having a half life of approximately 2 days (anywhere between 36 – 60 hours from a person to another). This is why a lot of people suggest that once a day administration is going to be enough to maintain stable blood levels.

How Liothyronine Works?

To explain it easier – when you administer the synthetic T3 compound called Liothyronine Sodium, you are actually taking thyroid hormones, that’s going to lead to an overall increase of your thyroid hormone levels. As a result – it makes your metabolism increase. It makes you go more into the direction of hyperthyroidism.

That’s why the compound is given to Hypothyroidism condition.

Hypothyroidism is the exact opposite of hyperthyroidism. “Hypo” – “not enough” and “Hyper” – “too much”. Then there’s “thyroidism” meaning “thyroid hormones”. Depending on the condition you have “too much or not enough” thyroid hormones.


When you don’t have enough of them, you are given synthetically T3 ones – Liothyronine. Is not recommended to try increasing too much of thyroid hormones because that may lead to negative side effects. But people run Liothyronine Sodium (Cytomel T3) in an attempt to increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR). With increased metabolism, the body is demanding more fuel and therefore is losing body fat. That’s why this compound is of interest to bodybuilders and athletes.

Liothyronine is increasing metabolism of the user, therefore is doing a great job in helping to lose body fat mass.

Liothyronine in Bodybuilding and Fitness

As mentioned earlier, this compound is used specifically by those who are suffering from hypothyroidism to increase their thyroid hormone levels and “live a normal life”. Nonetheless, the compound is used by people in fitness industry in order to increase metabolic activity and ATP for burning fat. This way, the compound is helping them to lose the stubborn body fat that is impossible to get rid of simply by dieting and working out.

However, is important to know – Liothyronine is used as a part of steroid stack. That’s because Liothyronine Sodium might demand too much “fuel” and it would take it from muscles. Steroids combined with Liothyronine make sure you shred fat and keep your muscles intact. Liothyronine-body-abs

Liothyronine Side Effects

Check the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and you are going to get the liothyronine side effects. Do not abuse T3 – it can be dangerous.

But except for hyperthyroidism related side effects, you need to know that it works in a similar way to when using anabolic steroids and they are suppressing the natural production of testosterone. Well, liothyronine is suppressing the natural production of thyroid hormones.

This is why is important to stop slowly and/ or to implement liothyronine PCT. There are products specifically for such purposes called T3-PCT.

Liothyronine Dosage

If you never used Liothyronine Sodium T3, make sure to start slowly. Liothyronine is used in 2 methods mostly:

  • 12-25 mcg a day for 4-6 weeks. Few side effects, mild suppression, mild benefits.
  • 50-75 mcg a day for 8-12 weeks. More side effects, more suppression, more benefits.

Harsh method is only recommended to those who already went through the mild method and need more. When using doses higher than 25 mcg a day, split up the dosage into 2 halves a day. Is especially recommended to run Liothyronine with anabolic steroids as long as you run the harsh method to make sure you won’t lose your hard earned muscles.

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