Anavar Bodybuilding

Anabolic steroids were widely used in the past in the bodybuilding settings and since they were super effective, more and more bodybuilders and athletes were abusing them in an attempt to receive more and more results. They ended up receiving more and more side effects and shortly, anabolic steroids were deemed dangerous and now they seem to be a “taboo” topic, both in bodybuilding settings and elsewhere.

Nonetheless, that’s what it seems like. Despite being a “taboo”, they are still widely used in bodybuilding, and if someone doubts about it: ask about Anavar almost anyone in professional fitness and bodybuilding – you would see that most people are familiar with this compound.

Anavar and bodybuilding is something with lots of things in common. For example, most professionals in bodybuilding used Anavar.

In fact, this is the most widely used steroid for women and perhaps in bodybuilding too.

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Anavar Bodybuilding History

Anavar, pretty much as most other anabolic steroids created, wasn’t made for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement (an exception is TurianbolTbol), instead it was originally made to help patients with different health conditions.

Anavar is just the brand name, the active substance is Oxandrolone, and it was firstly made by the Dr. Raphael Pappo under the brand Oxandrin, working for a company called Searle Laboratories. Anavar has been created back in 1964 and it was made for the treatment of various diseases, with muscle wasting being one of them too.

During that time, anabolic steroids weren’t as popular, therefore, this steroid is considered to be among the first orally active steroids that ever entered the bodybuilding world. Then later, Searle Laboratories were purchased by the company we today know as Pfizer.

Then, back in early 1980s, the HIV and AIDS epidemic started and people suffering from the condition were given Anavar (Oxandrolone) and another steroid known as Anadrol (Oxymetholone). These were the prescriptions of choice for patients who were suffering from muscle wasting issues.

That’s because AnavarOxandrolone is an amazing steroid for offering lean muscle gains without water retention, in the time that it would also going to increase the strength levels.

Is quite obvious that doctors giving the compound to muscle wasting suffering patients noticed that they were getting big help.

Is also quite obvious that the compound got bodybuilders’ attention taken in consideration that the product is capable to help you grow muscles and make you stronger – exactly what athletes need.


Then later, Anavar “shining moment” when got a “boom” in popularity among bodybuilder, athletes and recreational steroid users was at the moment when a publication called “Muscle Media 2000” offered AnavarOxandrolone the best rating in terms of benefits versus risk ratio compared to other steroids (this was the first national magazine that was openly talking about steroids).

This magazine has pointed out that Anavar is offering crazy benefits taken in consideration its very low risks of negative side effects and therefore, this anabolic steroid quickly became super popular.

Anavar Bodybuilding Doses

In order to use this anabolic steroid and receive benefits, you’ve got to learn how to use it properly.

  1. First off, your workout regimen and diet should be on point.
  2. Second, we recommend to have cycle supporting supplements on hand, something to protect your liver, Post Cycle Therapy plan and we recommend to add Testosterone base steroid.

That’s PCT and testosterone because AnavarOxandrolone suppresses testosterone production and without T levels, you would receive the exact opposite of what you were searching for in bodybuilding.

An Anavar cycle shouldn’t last longer than 8 weeks for bodybuilding purposes.

The Anavar dosage for women is anywhere between 5 and 20 mg a day (best effective dose) whilst for men is anywhere between 30 and 50 mg a day in most cases. Yet, some men go up to 100 mg a day, but that’s already increasing the chances of negative side effects.


Anavar Bodybuilding Conclusion

Anavar in bodybuilding is a legendary steroid. Despite being banned for use in bodybuilding, the compound is very widely used even nowadays for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

The compound is not used in bodybuilding only. Is given as a prescription to a wide variety of different medical purposes to different patients nowadays, but is also widely used in bodybuilding and sport fields.

Oxandrolon 10mg Balkan RebrandingAnavarOxandrolone is used

  • Both by females and males.
  • Both by professionals and beginners.
  • Both in bulking and in cutting cycles.
  • Both to burn fat and grow muscles.

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