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How To Take Cytomel?

You may have learned that Cytomel (Liothyronine Sodium) is increasing the levels of thyroid hormone T3 and that may be leading to various different benefits such as increased metabolism and therefore, increased fat and weight loss. However, you may also heard that administration of Cytomel may lead to negative side effects too.

CYTOMED 25 Liothyronine-Sodium T3 DEUS MEDICAL In the end, it all depends on your personal response to the compound but mostly on how you would run Liothyronine Sodium. This is the reason why after you learned what is Cytomel, what type of results it can offer (both in terms of side effects and effects, benefits) then you need to learn “how to take Cytomel” too.

If you are willing to administer Liothyronine T3 but you’re asking “How to take Cytomel?” then you may find this article helpful.

There are various things that should be taken in consideration when talking about this. Some of them include Cytomel Dosage, Cytomel Cycle, overall Administration, Timing etc. To determine them, it depends on your size, personal response, goals and so on and so forth.

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Cytomel Dosage For Medical Purposes

Taken in consideration that you’re here, we can assume you need Liothyronine for weight loss purposes. If you actually need Cytomel for medical needs (usually hypothyroidism) then we highly recommend to administer the exact same way and dosage that was recommended to you by the doctor who diagnosed you with hypothyroidism.

Usually, the standard dosage is 25 mcg a day. But it could be different.

Cytomel Dosage For Weight Loss

Except for its medical purposes, Cytomel’s only reason to be administered by people is for its weight and fat loss purposes. That’s why is mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders who need to lose the last little bit of the body fat percentage.

When you plan to use Liothyronine for such purposes, is recommended to gradually increase and then decrease the dosage, but you may also run a steady Cytomel dosage throughout the entire cycle.

In both cases, is recommended to start at a low dosage and then increase only if needed and can tolerate more.

The starting dosage is usually 25 mcg a day or even lower for some people.

  • But most people running this product suggest that the dosage of 50-75 mcg a day is going to be more effective for their needs.


There are some situations when bodybuilders increase the dosage as high as 100 mcg or even 125 mcg a day. Nonetheless, such high dosages greatly increase the risk of negative side effects. In fact, doses over 100 mcg a day are considered non necessary and not recommended at all.

How To Take Cytomel (Timing and Administration)

When talking about the Cytomel cycle, then we can say that most people find it to be effective when is used in cycle length between 6 and 10 weeks. Some people run it for 12 weeks or even higher, but that’s definitely not recommended because it increases the risk of side effects and the risk of your thyroid becoming dependent on the external source of hormone.

So, keep Cytomel cycle in 6-10 weeks. Most people suggest that cycles of 6-8 weeks are enough to offer great results.

Is recommended to lower the dosage at the time when you are planning to stop administration. This way you allow your thyroid gland to start producing hormones on its own again.

Cytomel is taken very carefully and slowly. Do not abuse it because acute overuse (abuse) is life threatening.

Total daily dosage is taken in one dosage (usually in the morning) when dosage is no higher than 25-50 mcg a day. Higher dosages may be split up in 2 administrations per day. For example 25 mcg in the morning and 25 mcg in the evening.

  • Cytomel is taken in form of pills. There is the intravenous injection administration form too, but is heavily unpopular compared to Liothyronine pills.

Lots of people go for gradual increase and gradual decrease method. Usually this method is run in shorter cycle lengths. Start at 25 mcg a day, slowly reach 100 mcg a day and slowly decrease again to 25 mcg a day and stop.


You increase the dosage per day by 25 mcg every few days. The amount of days you stay on the same dosage would determine the cycle length (but is not recommended to exceed 6 weeks). If you run it for 3 weeks then run the dosage for 3 days then increase/ decrease, if you go for 4 days and then increase/ decrease, then cycle length is 4 weeks and so on and so forth until maximum 6 days/ weeks.

Here’s an example of a cycle schedule with Cytomel with 3 days/ weeks.

25/25/25/50/50/50/75/75/75/100/100/100/75/75/75/50/50/50/25/25/25 mcg/day.

This way, you have 21 days of gradual increase and gradual decrease. By adding another day of gradual increase and gradual decrease of same dosage administration, you would get a total of 28 days.

liothzone liothyronine alphazone pharmaceuticals Is also important to mention – Cytomel is often taken alongside anabolic steroids to offset the possible muscle loss during the cutting phrase.

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