Study Proves Testosterone Makes Democrats More Conservative

Is the use of testosterone connected to voting preferences? It does seem so according to a study. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, whether you’re a testosterone user or not, that study indicates that testosterone may increase affinity for conservatism. We’re not only talking about people with no political views, we’re talking about actual Democratic voters. According to a 2021 study, an increase in the male hormone testosterone can turn Democratic voters more conservative.

Therefore, the study suggests that Testosterone administration is likely to induce a red shift in Democrats. That means that testosterone does seem to have some connection to voting preferences.

The Study Itself

In short, an increase in testosterone levels causes Democrats to become somewhat more conservative in their political affiliation. This is what the study published on November 14th, 2012 by Professor Paul Zak proves. His experiment analyzed voters in the U.S. throughout the 2011 election season. Zak’s findings suggest there’s a link between testosterone levels and political preferences. After analyzing and comparing the 136 voting-age males in the 2011 U.S. presidential election season.

The study is called “Testosterone Administration Induces A Red Shift in Democrats”. It was conducted by Professor Paul Zak, the Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University.

  • His results suggest that QUOTE “[testosterone induces a “red shift” in the weakly-affiliated Democrats]”.
  • Nonetheless, according to the same research QUOTE “[no effects were found of testosterone administration for strongly affiliated Democrats or strong or wreck Republicans]”.

Based on this, the findings offer evidence that the neuroactive hormones (male hormone testosterone) do have the ability to affect political preferences. This research made a huge impact when it comes to the explanation of variation in human social behaviors.

The research involved the administration of synthetic testosterone injections or placebo to those 136 adult male participants who previously indicated their political affiliations openly. This way, the researchers could easily track how the hormones are affecting the subject’s political views.

The study suggests that before the testosterone treatment, they found the weakly-affiliated Democrats had 19% higher basal testosterone than those who identified strongly with their political view and the Democratic party. Then, when the weakly-affiliated Democrats got the extra testosterone via injections, the strength of their party fell by a total of 12%. Moreover, they reported a total of 45% warmer feelings towards Republican candidates for president.

Testosterone and Political Party

This study indicates that there’s a connection between the individuals with lower testosterone having their left-wing political beliefs. Still, more studies and research must indicate whether individuals with higher testosterone have a higher right-wing political view or not. Anyway, this research suggests that this male hormone does have effects on the political preferences of individuals who are weakly-affiliated Democrats. But it does also prove that testosterone had almost no effects at all on loyal Democrats or weak Republicans, however.

It is also worth noting that this specific study performed by Professor Zak Paul appeared in the middle of the ongoing discussion about declining testosterone levels in the U.S. It is very likely there’s a strong connection between the two. Moreover, it comes amidst popular media outlets like The New York Times attacking Fox News host Tucker Carlson for addressing this problem in a recent documentary. Based on this, we have huge doubts that this is just a coincidence.

Moreover, the connection between hormones and political views (which was recently discovered) also follows scientists floating the “morality pills” as an effective method to enforce the popular COVID-19 mandate compliance.


So, it seems that testosterone injections do have the ability to make weakly-affiliated Democrats into having more conservative views. If you’re a Republican it seems it won’t affect your political views, even if you’re not a very loyal Republican. Moreover, if you’re a loyal Democrat, it does seem that testosterone will not have any effect on the way you feel toward your political beliefs.

In conclusion, share with us your ideas and experiences. Are you a Republican or a Democrat voter? Do you consider yourself devoted to your political party, or not really? Do you use testosterone injections or not? Share it all in the commands – your political view, your faithfulness in the political party, and whether or not you use testosterone.

Are there any weakly affiliated Democrats who started using testosterone injections? Share with us your experiences. Generally, tell us whether you have noticed any differences in terms of your political views before starting the use of testosterone (or whichever steroids) and after it. Has it changed in any way?

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  1. danman34gear

    6 months in to TRT. Very strongly a democrat. Nothing has changed in that regard yet.

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