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Testosterone Injections Before And After Photos

Whoever is searching for testosterone injections before and after photos should read this article. Not only will you find real before and after photos of real men who used testosterone injections and changed their lives, but also helpful information about testosterone injections too. What to expect from using them and how fast.

It’s important to understand that testosterone injections are doing nothing more or less than just increasing your overall testosterone levels.

These injections basically contain testosterone. How fast the levels of testosterone will increase depends on the testosterone ester that you will use. How much the levels of testosterone will increase depends on the dosage that you will use. And how the increased levels of this hormone will affect you depends on your lifestyle.

How to do it all correctly depends on numerous factors. For example, there are men suffering from low testosterone levels. I guess everyone knows that this is an extremely important hormone for men. Not only to gain muscle and get stronger but also to feel good and be healthy. In short, if you’re having low testosterone levels, a man can and will suffer from negative symptoms. It’s obvious that men with testosterone deficiency will get awesome results by introducing testosterone injections. There are lots of stories of men and lots of before and after photos of those men after introducing the testosterone injections proving that.

Nonetheless, there are also bodybuilders and athletes that have naturally normal levels of testosterone, and yet, they still use these injections. That’s because these injections are still going to help them achieve great results.

Testosterone In Men…

Testosterone is a hormone that affects you both physically and mentally. So, it’s going to help out most those people who have low levels of this hormone, but it’s still highly helpful even for those who have normal levels of this hormone.



Men With Low Testosterone Using These Injections

Low levels of this hormone in your blood are the reason why a doctor would start the replacement therapy. This way you can avoid unwanted negative effects on your health.

Considering that this hormone is important for so many different processes in the body, not enough testosterone would cause you to suffer from various things. For example:

  • Gaining fat easier and faster
  • Decrease in sexual drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Muscle and strength loss
  • Endurance and energy loss
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Worse memory
  • Decreasing cognitive functions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Weak bones
  • Weak immune system
  • Decrease in sperm count and sperm quality
  • Including much more other symptoms

The normal levels of testosterone in an adult man is varying from 300 to 1,000 ng/dL. The levels of natural testosterone greatly depend on a lot of factors. It decreases with unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, negative environmental conditions as well as aging and/or trauma, and/or accidents.

Of course, it increases with a proper lifestyle and healthy lifestyle. Exercising, having a proper diet and an overall healthy lifestyle contributes to higher testosterone levels.

Using Testosterone…

If a man suffers from low testosterone levels, he’s very likely to gain fat, lose muscle and strength, feel low, depressed, and so on and so forth. By adding testosterone injections, he’s not only going to fight off these symptoms easier and faster, but he is also going to get more motivation to fight off them. Motivation to work both in the kitchen and in the gym.

Therefore testosterone injections before and after photos among men suffering from low testosterone levels prior to starting with these injections can be mind blowing. However, it’s important to understand that how impressive those before and after photo results are will depend on how hard you’re going to work for it. Adding injections is going to change your quality of life, but you still need to train hard, have a diet on point, give up on harmful habits, and so on and so forth. This is the way to experience even more impressive results.


Men With Normal Testosterone Using These Injections

Now, what about those men that do not suffer from low testosterone levels, yet start using these injections? Will they achieve awesome “testosterone injections before and after photos results”?

Short answer – yes, they will. First, it’s important to understand that while adult men with testosterone levels over 300 ng/dL are not considered to suffer from hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency – low testosterone levels), it’s very common that men who are in the normal but lower end are still suffering from low T symptoms. So while technically they are not having low T levels, they still suffer from low T symptoms. That’s because people are all different. It’s obvious that adding injections they will change the quality of life.

Nonetheless, what about those who are actually feeling fine and are actually having normal levels of testosterone? Even those whose levels are in the upper range. Well, usually, athletes and bodybuilders who are already having a healthy lifestyle are those whose levels of testosterone are in the upper range.

Since they are working out hard enough, are having a clean and balanced diet, and are not having any bad habits – their testosterone levels are high. Therefore, they usually feel good, strong, energetic and are already displaying an awesome body look with lower amounts of fat and higher amounts of lean muscles.

Despite this, if they add testosterone injections they are still going to benefit a lot. For example, usually, these people notice a plateau in their muscle growth and/or fat loss. Despite a great diet and great workout plan, it seems as if they can’t grow any more muscles. Or those who just started their “healthy lifestyle” with a great diet and workout plan, yet they want to boost their progress, despite having normal testosterone levels.

Increasing Testosterone Over The Limit…

In short, the point is that testosterone is the steroid that “introduces” you to the world of steroids. That’s why whoever is still having normal testosterone levels but would love to get their physique and performance to the next level is still going to benefit a lot from adding testosterone injections.

The point is that doing so, it will obviously increase your testosterone levels over the normal limit. You can’t keep them too high for too long periods because any hormone in too high levels for long periods will cause side effects and negative symptoms. Testosterone is not an exception. However, if you keep it high for a short while, during that period you can achieve “new heights”.

  • Higher than normal testosterone levels will help you grow muscle and get stronger over your genetic potential. It will also help you achieve your physique and performance enhancement goals much easier and much safer.

It’s pretty much due to this hormone that someone with the greatest diet and workout plan doesn’t grow muscles as fast as someone with a “normal diet and workout plan” but with higher testosterone levels.


What About Side Effects and Negative Symptoms?

It’s important to understand that by increasing the levels of this hormone, it comes with a lot of different benefits and advantages. However, there are negative side effects that can occur too. For this exact reason, I strongly recommend people who first start using testosterone injections start with lower dosages to see how their body reacts to increased levels of this hormone.

For example, testosterone is a hormone that converts into other hormones such as dihydrotestosterone and estrogen. Therefore, with increased levels of testosterone, you will also increase levels of these hormones. As a domino effect, it can lead to various side effects and negative symptoms.

For example, you can notice acne and/or oily skin if you have genetic predispositions to it. Men with genetic predispositions to hair loss also can notice that testosterone speeds up baldness. Moreover, testosterone increases red blood cell count. This may lead to hypertension. Additionally, high estrogen can make you suffer from the vice versa of what you were searching for – erectile dysfunction, low mood, water retention, and/or especially gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissues).

This is why people who use testosterone try to keep the estrogen under control during their cycles with the help of anti-estrogens.

More To Say…

Moreover, as said, too high testosterone levels are beneficial to grow muscle and gaining strength, but they can lead to side effects. That’s why people keep higher testosterone levels with the help of testosterone injections only for a while until they get the desired results. That’s why they use it in cycles, then they stop to allow their bodies time to recover back.

Additionally, it’s important to understand that while you’re getting higher testosterone levels exogenously (from testosterone injections) the body stops producing testosterone on its own. This is not a problem for those who already have low testosterone levels and are on TRT. But it’s a problem for those who have normal levels of T prior to starting the testosterone cycle and do not want to remain on testosterone injections for the rest of their lives.

That’s why you should keep testosterone levels high only for a while, then give time to your body to recover. People with normal T levels before the cycle with Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan but those who are on TRT to reduce the dosage back to normal.


In the end, you may wonder how fast these testosterone injection results will appear. As said, it depends on numerous factors, but it generally takes about three months for you to notice really big results in your physique. But then again, it depends on your lifestyle too.

supra testosterone 500mg ml high potency beligas Except for that, you need to make sure that you use testosterone injections correctly and that you use high quality products. Unfortunately, there are sources selling people low quality testosterone. It’s pretty obvious that with lower quality compounds you won’t experience the same results and you may even experience more side effects too.

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