Food Swaps To Cut Calories

Anyone aiming to lose weight will love these food swaps that help them save some calories. If you aim to lose weight and burn fat, you can spend endless hours in the gym, but if your diet is not on point, you’re still going to struggle to see the results you dream about. On the other hand, if you have a very good and balanced diet, you will see massive results in a reasonably short amount of time. It all comes down to the food choices you have. That’s why, I decided to help teach you how to cut calories by some simple food swaps.

Keep in mind that the details make the difference. Choose to go for the foods that have fewer calories or for the ways that can save you a few calories. During a cutting cycle, it can make a huge difference. This simply means that you need to find alternative healthy foods for weight loss to your typical snacks and meals. This way, you’ll still enjoy your diet, but you can cut some calories and sugar. Do it every day and for most foods, you’ll cut calories a lot, making a huge difference!

Food Swaps For Weight Loss

Remember that approximately 3,500 calories are equivalent to one pound of fat. If you reduce the number of calories you consume each day by smart food swamps, you’ll see the fat go, but you can still enjoy your diet.

Assuming that you cut your weekly calories down by 3,500, you’ll lose about one pound of fat per week. That’s not an exact science because everyone’s body is different, but it’s a rough approximation.

What’s for sure – if you do it with a bit more diligence in your diet and swap foods right, you will see large rewards. Enjoy the flavors of foods while continuing to trim the waistline!

Sandwiches = open sandwiches

While eating a sandwich is not very recommended during a cutting, you can save up to 120 calories if you still eat your sandwich, but avoid the top piece of bread. Usually, it’s a form of snack. Eat it slowly and drink lots of water to help keep you fuller for longer!

Cheese = seasoning on eggs

Scrambled eggs with added cheese are super tasty! But you can still enjoy your scrambled eggs and save about 100 calories by avoiding cheese. Substitute it with some seasoning such as hot sauce, chives, or chili for extra taste.

Sour cream = Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a staple of almost any diet for good reasons. It is tasty, it is nutritious and it can help save about 30 calories per sitting if you switch to it from sour cream. May not sound like a lot, but in the long run, it adds up!

Mayo = mustard

While not everyone is a mustard fan, you can save 90 calories per serving by swapping classic mayonnaise for mustard. If you don’t love mustard, better not add anything at all. The swap from mayo to mustard is to keep the taste. If you don’t love it – ditch it. Overall, you can be amazed by the amount of calories you can save by changing the condiments you can use on a daily basis! This will definitely help see that fat melt off in no time!

Ice cream = healthier ice cream

For those days when you crave sweets, most of us go straight for the ice cream. And usually, when we go for ice creams, we go for brands we already know. But they are usually not the healthiest options. Better switch to low fat or low sugar ice cream. It could help cut up to 200 calories from your diet and still enjoy your ice cream. Needless to mention – control your portion.

Olive oil = olive oil spray

Olive oil is healthy and tasty, but it adds calories. Instead of pouring the olive oil into the pan every time you cook (likely, daily), try an olive oil spray. It will spread the oil more evenly and will help save up to about 120 calories per cooking! Not bad, huh?

Flour tortillas = corn tortillas

While again you shouldn’t get tortillas and tacos every day if you want to burn fat and have a successful cutting cycle, you may still enjoy your tacos and save on calories. If you eat two corn tortillas rather than two flour tortillas (with the same ingredients inside), you’ll save yourself almost 200 calories!

Brie = goat’s cheese

I know that “brie” sounds glamorous. Hell, it is tasty too. However, brie has about 30 more calories than goat’s cheese per ounce. Swap brie to goat’s cheese and you’re still going to enjoy the taste of cheese saving on calories.

Fried eggs = poached eggs

I know, I know. It is very easy to prepare fried eggs by cracking them into the pan. However, the extra effort of preparing poached eggs will save you calories because of the olive oil or butter that you need to fry the eggs. You’ll save on average 50 calories per egg if you choose poached eggs instead of fried or scrambled eggs. Eating 3 eggs in the morning? You’ve saved 150 calories a day! Roughly 1,000 calories a week!

Latte = black coffee

I know it may be hard to give up on milk in your coffee. Especially because black coffee is usually significantly more bitter than coffee with milk. Especially because you drink it without sugar since you’re cutting (or at least, you definitely should give up on sugar in your coffee or tea!). The good news is that you can save up to 100 calories per drink! Moreover, it is cheaper too! You will get used to the taste of black coffee sooner or later, trust me. I used to be a cappuccino lover with 2 scoops of sugar. Now I drink black coffee without sugar and I really enjoy it! Can’t imagine drinking coffee with sugar or milk anymore!

Noodles (pasta / spaghetti)= veggie noodles

Invest in a spiralizer and you’ll save a lot of calories! Almost anything can be spaghetti with a spiralizer. Zucchini and squash are the most popular ones. A single cup of zucchini noodles, for example, will contain 180 fewer calories than the exact same amount of actual spaghetti. A bit of seasoning and you’ll enjoy your noodles like you did before!

Burger buns = lettuce

Sometimes, it is hard to resist a burger, we get that. However, when you’re cutting, you need to cut those calories. Unfortunately, burgers are full of calories. However, if you think about it, most calories come from the burger buns. After all, you enjoy a burger not because of the bread, but because of its sauces and beef patty in combination with the fresh dished tomato. Just swap the bread bun with a lettuce leaf. You’ll enjoy your mouth-watering burger and save 130 calories!

Potato chips = veggies

Regardless if you’re watching football or just want a snack, those oily, unhealthy chips can add a lot of calories without you even paying attention to them. I recommend you stay away from them or switch to carrot sticks and sliced bell peppers. You can get the crunch without the calories. Better said, about 110 calories down each time. May not be as tasty, but still get the crunch, saving calories and staying away from unhealthy foods.

Cream sauce = red sauce

I understand that it doesn’t seem too much. But as said, the details make the difference. So, if you use half a cup of tomato based sauce instead of a creamy one, you could save about 20 calories every time. Over the course of months, by saving here and there, it will equal pounds of fat! Moreover, red sauces are really tasty! Why wouldn’t you save up those calories?

Thick crust = thin crust

The reason why pizzas are a bad idea from the beginning during the cutting cycles is because they are generally fatty and caloric in the first place. Nonetheless, similar to a burger, it is sometimes hard to resist, especially after weeks and months of continuous cutting. If you still want to go for a pizza, at least go for the thin-crusted pizza. Avoid loaded (outer) crusts entirely. After all, they have no toppings. Overall, you can save up to 330 calories per pizza which is a lot, if you ask me!


  • Avoid eating burgers and pizzas (even if talking about lettuce burgers or thin crust pizzas) too often anyway.
  • While it may sound (or look) strange, you could save a lot of calories by taking a napkin (paper one) and “wiping” the pizza away from extra oils. Pizzas are generally very oily, adding lots of calories. I’m always doing – always saving lots of calories and still enjoying my pizza, once in a while.

Cut Calories The Smart Way With These Food Swaps

Needless to mention – it is important to eat healthy and clean both during cutting and bulking cycles. Especially when you try to cut calories. Following these food swaps will help you save a lot of calories while still enjoying your favorite foods. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you still need to count those calories and macros because even with these food swaps, you’re likely to get carried away and indulge in too many calories.

  • Of course, you need to add some cardio to your workouts that will cut calories. But with a proper exercise regimen, these food swaps for weight loss can greatly help you out. Moreover, if you want to speed up your results, you can add anabolic steroids of the highest quality after learning how to use them both safely and effectively. They will help boost your body’s ability to cut and burn calories faster. It will allow you to enjoy more calories and instead of turning them into fat, anabolic steroids help turn them into muscles! is here to help you with all of these needs. How to cut, how to use steroids, which ones, how to bulk, how to get the best quality steroids among numerous other important factors – we’ve got them all covered for you. With the help of our site, you will make sure you will smash your bodybuilding goals in no time. Regardless if that’s bulking, cutting, or whatever other goal for physique and performance enhancement.


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