Want Bigger Traps?

You are working out a lot in the gym and now you have huge arms with popping veins all over them. You might be very proud of those “guns” and you well deserve it as you’ve been working your biceps and triceps to the max. Nonetheless, there is a problem – the traps muscles do not seem to pop. Regardless of how you try to work them out, they simply do not grow. And I guess we all agree – if those huge arms are not supported by some protruding trap muscles, you ain’t got anything.

  • The trapezius muscles are extremely important, not only for the looks but for maintaining a great posture with your heavy lifts. So, they have great importance in your overall physique and performance. By increasing the muscle mass and strength in your trap muscles, you’re going to achieve that signature bodybuilder physique.

The problem is that trap muscles are harder to work out. Except for that, not everyone does it right. So, either you’re not working out your traps (because not everyone does), or you’re not doing it correctly, but those muscles don’t seem to show. Yet, exercises that are training your trap muscles are an essential addition to your upper body workout routines! It’s not only harder to work out those muscles, but it’s harder to work out them correctly!

But today is your lucky day! That’s because we are going to show here the best trap exercises that you need to incorporate into your workout routine in order to get the biggest trap gains. Make sure you do them correctly to achieve those gains.

Gain Bigger Traps

There are multiple reasons why gaining muscle traps is harder. First of all, some people do not train them at all (will share the exercises below). Secondly, some people do train them but don’t do the correct (again, check the best exercises) or simply don’t have the correct form (talk with a personal trainer regarding this). Third, trap muscles are the types of muscles that are growing harder than others for whatever reason.

Therefore, there are three different reasons why you may not have those trap muscles you’re dreaming of. The good news is that now you can read on and go for the best exercises (doing them correctly) for those trapezius muscles.

Steroids and Bigger Traps Muscle

Nonetheless, if you really want to see them grow fast – anabolic steroids will be the right and sure way to help you with that. Mainly because anabolic steroids will mostly help grow specifically trap muscles!

Yes, anabolic steroids help you gain a lot of muscle and they help you gain muscles all over the body, mainly in a symmetrical way. But they will mostly boost trap muscle gains nonetheless.

The reason behind this is that trap muscles have more androgen receptors than any other muscle groups in your body. Anabolic steroids, as you may know, work on those androgen receptors. They are anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS)! Since there’s an abundance of androgen receptors in your traps, these muscles tend to grow more and faster than other groups while you’re on androgenic and anabolic steroids.

Usually, the more the androgenic part of the steroids – the more the traps would grow. But remember that the more the androgenic part – the more “androgenic” side effects can occur. So do not venture to the most androgenic steroids right away when you don’t have enough experience with steroids to avoid their side effects. For beginners, even moderately androgenic steroids will be enough to help gain a lot of trap muscles!

Huge and over bulging trap muscles are actually one of the first signs that a person is on anabolic steroids. It’s the trap muscles that are a common giveaway of people who are on steroids and claiming they are not.

Yet, in order to have overly huge traps, you need to use higher doses of most androgenic steroids for longer periods. That’s why this is not something that you should be worried about. Such powerful steroids at such doses for such long periods are only for professionals.



Ready For Huge Traps?

In the end, imagine what kind of traps you may grow with the help of anabolic steroids in combination with the proper exercises I’m going to share here!

At Iron-Daddy.to you will get the best quality anabolic steroids and you’ll save money as we offer them for the best prices. If you’re unsure how to use them – use the free cycle advice form and we’ll help you out!

With the right steroids, of the right quality, while using them right and working out your traps right – you’re going to get those trap muscles huge in no time. And we got you covered with everything. Regardless if you use anabolic steroids or not (but if you want the best boost – implement them in your cycle – we’ll help you do it correctly) – go for the following exercises in order to gain muscle traps and get that awesome look you’ve been searching for:

Face Pulls

When talking about upper body exercises, face pulls, unfortunately, are heavily underestimated. Nonetheless, in case your goals are to correct your posture, improve your overall health, and build muscle, including trap muscles, then you should start adding them into your workout routine.

Face pulls are actually very similar to upright rows and are a shoulder exercise that also engages the trap muscles. That’s why they would help you build bigger traps alongside bigger shoulders for a better 3D look.

In order to do them properly, you need to make sure you’re performing them in a controlled motion making sure your muscles are loaded, to avoid injury. If you find that face pulls are great for you, you could add them at the end of your workout as a finisher. They are going to ensure you’ll “destroy” your muscles for bigger gains.

Upright Rows

In case you haven’t already added these to your workout routine so far, then it is just about time. When you would show some love to upright rows, they would show some gains in your traps. Besides them being extremely helpful at building muscle mass and strength in your traps, they would also be awesome at engaging your rear and anterior deltoids for bigger gains!

But then again, the upright row is the type of exercise that you need to do in the correct form to avoid injury. In case you’re not performing them correctly, it is very common to experience shoulder pain and shoulder impingement. So I would recommend executing the movements in the best way.

In case you’re a beginner to this exercise, I would recommend starting off with lighter weights. Even if you feel you can do more, it’s important that you learn to do the movement correctly first. So, you will gain confidence in correct movement with lighter weights. This way you can focus on muscle contractions and performing more reps.

The upright row is actually a vital part of the clean and press, executing this movement may allow you to throw more weight above your head. Needless to mention this is going to be a great benefit. Especially if you’re a veteran lifter searching for “new muscles”.

Nonetheless, this specific exercise may be worth leaving out in case you’re suffering from shoulder pain.

Rack Pulls

In case you’re unsure what exactly rack pulls are, then I’m pretty confident you’re sure what a deadlift is. Well, rack pulls are basically the top part of a deadlift. This means that instead of lifting the bar from the floor, you are going to pull it from the rack at about knee height.

I do understand that many may think: why not just do deadlifts then?

Well, that’s because you’re pulling from a higher starting point. This means that it will concentrate on the upper part of the deadlift movement, involving different muscles. Therefore, rack pulls are going to demand more from your upper body, back, and the all important trap muscles. It’s obvious that a deadlift will also include the trap muscles (deadlift is the type of exercise that includes more muscles than any other exercise), but not so trap muscle demanding as rack pulls.

That’s why, in case it is not yet your leg day, then it is going to be the perfect opportunity for you to work on your trap muscles with rack pulls. They do not involve your leg muscles as much and they are not going to offer you the same full-body strength gains as the common deadlift would. Nonetheless, they are just great ways to build your traps, involving other parts of your upper body and back muscles.

Barbell Deadlift

If we’re about to talk about the best ways to build a specific muscle group, then one of the very first things that comes up is deadlifts. Without any doubt, deadlift is an extremely effective way to grow muscles. In case you’re going to execute deadlifts in a proper way, it is definitely going to be one of the best compound exercises out there. That’s because it demands so many different parts of your body. As previously said, more than any other exercise. Deadlifts will require engaging your entire back and core which means that your traps will get involved as well.

Deadlifts include trap muscles, but they are not the main muscles that they focus on during these lifts nonetheless. They are still a great way of building your traps. The beauty of it is that all three parts of your trapezius muscles are working on it.

During your next leg day, you can include a barbell deadlift for a full body workout alongside your leg muscles. If they are not already a part of your workout routine, you really should add them. There are good reasons why deadlifts are considered one of the “major” exercise types.

If you are going to start your workouts with deadlifts and then you will end your workouts with shrugs that we’re going to talk about below (read on), your trap muscles will “scream”!


Without shrugs, we just can’t say that this is a complete list of trap exercises.

In fact, shrugs should be one of the very first exercises on your list when you’re attempting to train your traps. That’s because shrugs are among the best exercises for this muscle group. Which is actually pretty obvious. The problem is that not everyone does them in the correct form, that’s why a professional trainer can be very helpful here.

The downside of shrugs is that they are working pretty much only your traps muscle. The positive side of drugs is that they are an absolutely awesome way of activating your upper and middle traps. They will be an awesome way to build muscle, strength, and muscular endurance in your traps.

This is actually a very adaptable exercise. Shrugs are just great, regardless of your ability. Moreover, you can do them with almost anything. From dumbbells to cables or maybe even a trap bar. This is another great advantage of the shrugs. It’s a perfect exercise because you don’t need to wait around in the gym for equipment.

Considering that shrugs are a great isolation exercise of trap muscles, they are making an awesome finisher. You should aim for 3 sets. Go for the weight that is doable for you. Do not go too light, but don’t go too heavy either. You need to have about 15 to 20 reps with the last 3-5 really burning your traps.

The Takeaway

In the end, we promised that we would share the best way for you to grow bigger traps and we did it. These are 5 great exercises that you can smash in the gym in order to get those plumped trap muscles. They help carry your arms, offering an iconic bodybuilding physique and enhancing your overall performance. Big arms are great, but they will always be greater with bigger traps.

You could plan your own workout by adding the exercises above, or you could add a couple to your current routine. Regardless, you’re going to notice a huge difference in your trapezius muscles for sure.

But if you really want to speed up those gains, or maybe you’re already having big traps but experiencing a plateau then you could add anabolic steroids. A combination of anabolic steroids with these exercises will surely offer you that 3D bodybuilding physique muscle look!

Get Huge Traps With Iron Daddy!

There’s no doubt that with the exercises I shared above, you are going to have some very serious strength and muscle gains in your traps. Nonetheless, you are going to get a huge boost with the help of Iron Daddy. We’re here for that extra support that you may need in order to help you get huge and shredded.


As said, anabolic steroids have an androgenic part. However, most androgen receptors are in trapezius muscles. This is the reason why they are most susceptible to growing when you use anabolic steroids correctly.

Iron Daddy is here to help you purchase the best quality anabolic steroids for the best prices. It’ll help you save money and pack on serious muscles. We can also teach you how to use those steroids in the best and safest ways specifically for you and your needs. In short, we have everything you need to support your workouts and finally achieve your goals as soon as possible.

Doing everything alright, we guarantee that you’re going to set those traps on fire!

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