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Mesterolone is an oral anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that is popular among those bodybuilders who know how to use this steroid properly and why they want to use it in the first place. You can find Mesterolone as numerous different brand names but the most popular one is Proviron.

This steroid was developed many years ago in order to help men suffering from hypogonadism (low testosterone) and male infertility. But athletes and bodybuilders found how to utilize this steroid for their physique and performance purposes and put it to good use, despite its low anabolic activity.

Proviron Bodybuilding

This steroid, unlike most others, especially in bodybuilding settings, is mainly androgenic. Mesterolone has very little anabolic activity, therefore, weak anabolic benefits.

ultima proviron mesterolone This is the main reason Proviron is not the go to steroid when it comes to building muscle mass and strength. It’s definitely not a bulking steroid. At the same time, it’s not really effective for burning fat too. Nonetheless, with proper use, you could still yield some benefits from Mesterolone both in bulking and in cutting cycles.

This is an oral steroid that is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with some changes. It has very low anabolic activity because of the way it is broken down. Nonetheless, because it’s a DHT derivative – it also cannot turn into estrogen. As with any other DHT derivative steroid – it’s immune to aromatization.

So, Proviron (Mesterolone) is mostly an androgen rather than an anabolic steroid. So attempting to use it for mass gaining is a big mistake – you will end up disappointed. That’s why many people can’t fully understand this steroid. Especially because using it alone is a huge mistake too. There’s just no point in using a standalone Proviron cycle.

So, it’s essential for you to fully understand the purpose of Proviron for bodybuilders and how to correctly use it in your cycles for your goals if you want to yield the maximum results while controlling its possible side effects.


Proviron Benefits

When you’re going to fully understand Proviron in terms of its benefits, you are going to easily understand the main uses of this steroid. You could also easily understand why this is such a unique steroid that can be potentially very powerful in the right hands, or completely worthless in the wrong hands.


Aromatase Inhibiting Properties

One of the first things to mention: Mesterolone is binding to aromatase enzymes stronger than testosterone. Because of this, Mesterolone has the ability to lower aromatization, thus estrogenic activity. It strongly binds to the aromatase enzyme and lowers estrogens.

However, this is not to say that Proviron can fully replace an actual Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) such as Aromasin (Exemestane) or Arimidex (Anastrozole). You still need to have an AI handy in case estrogen spikes. Nonetheless, Mesterolone can contribute to reducing the estrogenic side effects during the anabolic steroid cycles. It can be enough only in case you’re using low doses of aromatizing steroids and you have the genetics that allows it.

Hard and Dry Muscles

Because of this and because of the fact that Mesterolone enhances the efficacy of other steroids (will talk about it below), it can contribute to gaining a hard and dry appearance. It can mitigate water retention. So, people either use it during bulking cycles to get a leaner bulk or during cutting and contest preparation where they are searching for as many physique hardening effects as possible.

SHBG Binding

But another reason why Proviron alone is worthless is that it doesn’t really help you grow muscles, but it strongly binds to SHBG. This, in turn, results in more free testosterone – the type of testosterone that you need to gain muscle and strength. Because Mesterolone binds to SHBG, it frees up more testosterone that your body can use, so you get better results.

In short, SHBG binds to other steroids and testosterone in the body rendering them useless. Mesterolone binds to SHBG reducing its activity. That’s how testosterone and other steroids are going to get “unchained” and offer their maximum potential.

Improves Mood and Libido

One last thing to mention is that Proviron (Mesterolone) improves your mood and increases your sex drive. A lot of people suggest that there’s a point during the cycle when they suffer either from mood swings, low mood, depression, and/or anxiety. Mesterolone is just perfect for dealing with that. According to them, this steroid has an awesome effect in terms of dealing with mood issues.

Moreover, lots of guys suffer from erection issues and/or low sex drive (low libido). Proviron works as a male enhancement pill in such cases. People say that it alone will improve sex drive like nothing else but by adding an actual male enhancement pill like Cialis or Viagra, they turn from zero erection and libido to a full sex marathon machine.

Mesterolone – Proviron Side Effects

Mesterolone is not an aromatizing anabolic steroid, that’s why you shouldn’t worry about estrogenic side effects. In fact, as earlier stated, it has some aromatase inhibiting properties so you could expect even lower estrogenic side effects whenever you add Proviron to your already existing steroid cycle. But you still should know that it’s not anywhere near as powerful as an actual aromatase inhibitor that is actually going to lower estrogen levels to an extent that Proviron can’t!

An interesting fact is that Mesterolone comes as an oral steroid (tablet). However, it’s not C17AA. This is part of the reason why Proviron dosage is usually slightly higher than the dosage of other steroids – its bioavailability is lower. However, because it lacks C17AA, it’s not hepatotoxic. For this reason, you could use the Proviron cycle for longer than other steroids and you still won’t increase liver enzymes. While some studies indicate that liver enzymes can still somewhat increase when a person uses a huge dosage of Proviron for a very long time – that’s nothing to be worried about. There are people who use Proviron year round without liver issues proving that even if it increases liver enzymes, it does so to a very limited extent.

These were the good news about Proviron (alongside the fact that it doesn’t require injections, risking any infections or PIP). Another good news is that although it does offer side effects (as any other steroid) they are milder in comparison to other powerful steroids. mesterolone-proviron-side-effects-bodybuilding

Actual Side Effects

For example, absolutely all steroids are causing androgenic side effects and testosterone suppression in men, virilization in women as well as cholesterol/cardiovascular negative effects in both genders. Mesterolone is not an exception. But as said – its effects should be milder.

For example, women obviously should expect virilization issues by using this steroid. The compound is a derivative of DHT and it’s the purest version of androgen. For this reason, I do not recommend Proviron to women. It won’t help grow muscles and it won’t help burn fat, but it has powerful androgenic activity.

Males who are genetically predisposed to aggression, hair loss, and acne will likely notice that Mesterolone enhances these effects, pretty much as any other steroid out there.

Cholesterol is another thing that you should pay attention to. It can decrease HDL (good cholesterol) and increase LDL (bad cholesterol) which can lead to hypertension. I strongly recommend a cholesterol friendly diet alongside cardiovascular exercises to deal with such issues.

How to Use Proviron – Mesterolone?

As said – Proviron (Mesterolone) comes only in the form of pills. You need to swallow them as you swallow any other tablet with enough water. I recommend spreading the total daily dosage into at least two halves throughout the day.

Since Mesterolone half life is only about 9-10 hours, once-a-day administration is not going to be enough to maintain stable blood levels.

Usually, the Proviron cycle lasts as long as your steroid cycle lasts. As said, there’s no point in using it alone so you always need to stack it. That’s why people usually add it either at the beginning of their steroid cycle or in the middle up until the cycle ends.

You could stack this steroid with virtually any given steroid. Even with other orals because it lacks C17AA so it’s not liver toxic. Common stacks for beginners go with Testosterone and Proviron and from this moment you can work it up by adding whatever other steroids you want.

Proviron dosage commonly ranges between 50 mg and 100 mg a day. With more experience people up it to 150 mg a day. Some professionals use as much as 250 mg a day but that’s a huge dosage I wouldn’t recommend to everyone. Anything over this dosage is greatly increasing the chances of side effects with no further benefits. I recommend starting it slowly, at a lower dosage, then slowly increasing it.

Mesterolone Online

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