Arimidex Side Effects

Arimidex side effects are possible, but it’s safer to use Arimidex when you need it, rather than avoid using it.

Arimidex is the popular brand name for Anastrozole among many others. This is an anti estrogen drug. It’s classified as Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) among Femara (Letrozole) and Aromasin (Exemestane). These are all AIs with similar mechanisms of action but they are still different.

Arimidex is the most popular among the 3 because it’s the cheapest and with lesser side effects. In some instances, however, bodybuilders still go for Aromasin or Femara. Anyway, Arimidex is doing a great job in protecting, controlling, avoiding, reducing, and lowering overall high estrogen symptoms. That’s because it does a great job of lowering this hormone’s levels.

Explaining Aromatization and Estrogen

There’s an enzyme in the body called aromatase that is responsible for producing estrogen. Arimidex (Anastrozole) binds to that aromatase enzyme and inhibits it. Therefore, the serum estrogen levels in the body decrease. Therefore, Arimidex is a powerful estrogen reducer.



That’s very important for bodybuilders because they use anabolic steroids that convert into estrogen through the aromatase enzymes. And the more steroids they use and the higher the dosages, the higher the levels of estrogen too. By increasing estrogen levels too much, the individual is very likely to experience some serious side effects.

Too high estrogen levels lead to various symptoms, some of the most common ones are

  • gynecomastia (male breast enlargement)
  • water retention (excess fluid)
  • as well as erectile dysfunction (inability to get and/or maintain an erection)

But high levels of estrogen have a myriad of other negative symptoms in the body (for example, your body can’t produce normal levels of testosterone and others).

That’s why Arimidex is so important.

Nonetheless, as with any other compound out there, Arimidex does offer side effects too. An individual is likely to develop side effects, especially when using Arimidex in too high doses and/or for too long periods.

Arimidex Side Effects Explanation

As said, any other drug out there is likely to cause side effects. Arimidex (Anastrozole) is likely to cause side effects too. But remember that Arimidex is FDA approved. This alone indicates that you can safely use it as long as you do it carefully.

Good news is that Arimidex side effects among bodybuilders is an even rarer phenomenon. That’s because they generally use Arimidex for short periods (during their steroid cycles) and only as needed (usually, in much lower doses than women need for treatment).

Nonetheless, in case you use too much Anastrozole, you would inhibit too much estrogen. Too low estrogen levels are a bad idea because it would hurt your strength and muscle gains, it can hurt your cholesterol values and it can hurt your bone health. All because estrogen is an extremely important hormone for these things. Estrogen is actually an extremely important hormone for men. Despite the common myth that it’s a “female hormone” only.

So, it’s important to keep Arimidex dosage in the normal range to avoid low estrogen symptoms. Therefore, Arimidex side effects.

In the end, the Arimidex side effects are usually on the mild side. It means that you should lower the dosage and the estrogen tends to increase back again in a few days, therefore, the side effects disappear.

Make sure you do use Arimidex (Anastrozole) when you have high estrogen symptoms. On the other hand, make sure you avoid its use when you don’t have high estrogen symptoms (or especially low E2 symptoms).

So, use Arimidex as needed. It’s important to take into consideration the type of steroids you use, their dosages, the number of steroids you use, and your personal response. Some people have a very high aromatization liability but for others, it’s very low.

Examples of Arimidex Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects of Arimidex are fatigue, low sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, weakness, tiredness, reduced strength, reduced motivation, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and insomnia.

Nonetheless, most people don’t experience them. Even if you do, usually they are very mild in nature and they are going away on their own by running proper doses. Often, if you experience once or especially multiple symptoms it’s a sign that you have low levels of estrogen. You need to lower the dosage and administration schedule.

Some people experience allergic reactions too. They include the common allergic symptoms, which can be mild or severe depending on the reaction.ultima-arimidex-1

In the end, remember that Arimidex side effects can be very different from one person to another. People are different and cycles are different. Having that said, a person using 500 mg/week of Testosterone Cypionate may not need Arimidex at all during the entire 12 weeks cycle. Another person may need to use 0.5 mg every other day. While the third may need to use only 0.5 mg once a week or every other week. While all three are running the exact same cycle.

It’s important to get a feeling of the exact Arimidex dosage you need to use depending on your own cycle and aromatization liability. This way you make sure to avoid Arimidex side effects.


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