Anavar Steroids

Anavar steroids containing the active substance Oxandrolone is definitely among the most popular anabolic steroids that you can find on the market for physique and performance enhancement purposes. It may be the most famous orally active steroid in fitness world because of its huge versatility and universal purposes of administration.

Anavar steroids are referred to all products that are containing Oxandrolone. Anavar is the first and most famous brand name for this anabolic steroid, yet it might be found as other trade names too.

There are a few rumors suggesting that Anavar steroids are actually “weak” and because of its weakness, you may even find someone saying they are a waste of money and that’s definitely wrong – that’s a huge mistake and these rumors are appearing from people who either not using real Anavar steroids or they simply don’t know how to properly run Oxandrolone.

  • By having a real and high quality anabolic steroid and you’re going to learn how to use it properly, there are very high chances that you would love the compound and may become you favorite one.

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History of Anavar Steroids

Anavar is the most famous brand for steroid Oxandrolone, as earlier mentioned. The compound was made in 1960s when scientists tried to create something with low androgenic activity and moderate anabolic activity. The compound was and is still used in medical settings for various health purposes such as treating muscle wasting diseases, being helpful for bone problems and was given to HIV and AIDS patients too.

The compound started to become popular in 1980s for bodybuilding purposes as that’s because it was pretty easy to notice how immensely helpful Anavar steroids are for fitness purposes. Anavar (Oxandrolone) is considered a pricey steroid because in the past, there was a huge demand for the compound but there was a lack of it. The price increased and remained high since then.

Anavar Steroids Structure

As mentioned, the active substance is Oxandrolone and this is a dihydrotestosterone derived compound that is not capable to convert into estrogen and in the same time, it has an amazing anabolic to androgenic ratio of 420 : 20 which is way more anabolic and way less androgenic than testosterone.

Anavar is a steroid with amazing structure that is greatly helping users to receive an overall great harder and drier physical appearance because the compound burns body fat and increases muscle mass.

The anabolic steroid does so by adding lean muscle mass since it prevents the cortisol from eating the muscles and in the same time, its properties allows for a great boost of nitrogen retention and this is leading to your body maintaining even more muscles.

One more thing to mention is that there methyl group added which is allowing for oral administration of Anavar steroids, but makes those pills liver toxic.

Anavar Steroids Results

There are many advantages and benefits from using Anavar (Oxandrolone) but there are 2 main ones:

Fat Burning

Anavar steroids are super popular mainly because they are capable to burn body fat way faster and efficiently, both when working out and even when resting. The compound helps to offer you a clean and dry muscle gain.

Lean Muscle Mass Gains

Although AnavarOxandrolone is not going to help you to add as much and as fast muscles as bulking steroids, you will still experience some muscles and strength gains even when you’re cutting down. anavar-steroids-big-muscles

Other Advantages

The compound is DHT derived hence is not capable to convert into estrogen. Therefore, you won’t be getting estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia, heart issues, bloating, water retention and various others. Because Anavar steroids bind so well to SHBG – this results in other steroids stacked with Anavar to work even better.

In the, Anavar is a safe compound in terms of side effects (safer than others) and is remaining very efficient.anavar-25-oxandrolone-odin-pharmaNonetheless, do not assume that is absolutely safe. Side effects of Anavar are possible and they are pretty much same as other orally active steroids minus estrogen related side effects, yet the compound is milder.

Buy Anavar steroids for all its amazing properties that were earlier mentioned and you would absolutely love the way this anabolic compound would work for you as long as you purchase real and high quality product and learn how to use it properly. We, at, can guide you into Anavar administration and we sell Anavar for sale of best price and quality you can find online.

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