The Right Age To Bulk Up

What’s the right age to bulk up? At one point or another, most of us thought about it. Regardless of age, it is extremely important for our health to stay physically active and have a proper and clean diet. Nonetheless, a physically active lifestyle in combination with a clean diet doesn’t mean that we bulk up. A bulk up still involves you being physically active and eating clean, but there are other factors that you should be taking into consideration. So, what is the best age to start bulking up and building muscle mass?

It’s important to understand that starting at a peak age is likely to have some advantages. Children and seniors can benefit from strength training too, nevertheless. In this article, we’re going to pay closer attention to your age in correlation with the bulk up phase.

Strength Training vs Bodybuilding

The New Mexico State University has defined strength training as a form of exercise that uses resistance in order to improve muscular fitness. Although that’s very similar to bodybuilding, it is still different. Strength training, in the long term, will be highly efficient at increasing strength and bone mass, preserving muscle mass, and helping weight loss.

Studies indicate that muscle loss associated with aging is mostly associated with the fact that the muscles are not used more than aging itself. This means that as long as you want to see your muscles grow, or at least maintain your muscles, you should involve some form of strength training in your regimen. In fact, not only strength training is going to make all of those everyday activities way easier and boost your endurance and energy levels, but it will also help reduce stress and boost brain activity. This proves that it’s highly efficient for a healthy life.

When strength training goes in combination with a healthy lifestyle, a correct diet, and a good sleep schedule, they all make up the foundation of bodybuilding. Yet, bodybuilding and strength training are not the same thing.


According to the World National Bodybuilding Federation Canada, bodybuilding is a structured approach to strength training and diet. It is a lifestyle that involves a lot of strength training, and a stricter nutrition regime and also includes the use of supplements, alongside the sleep schedule. Following this method allows you to build lean muscle mass, maintain low body fat, and get an aesthetic physique. Bodybuilding is all about physique.

On the other hand, strength training is not all about the physique. It does not require any supplements or a particular diet (although a clean diet is always welcome). Strength training simply means that you go to the gym and lift weights to improve your overall fitness, make you feel good, and stay healthy.

Should Children Be Lifting Weights?

Children and teenagers should be active. A sedentary lifestyle, especially in combination with unhealthy food choices can make them obese, pretty much as it can make an adult. The US Health Service recommends that children and teenagers get at least one hour of moderate-vigorous activity intensity every day. The muscle and bone strengthening exercises are actually important. That’s why it is best to include this type of exercise at least three times per week in their activity. Remember that using free weights or machines at the gym is seen as moderate exercise. However, jogging, running, cycling, or even HIIT (high intensity interval training) are all classified as vigorous exercises.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), strength training, or any form of exercise that is helpful in strengthening muscles and bones will actually help improve sports performance. What this means is that it could be beneficial to children, even in those children who have not yet been through their puberty period. Therefore, strength training will greatly help improve sports performance and will also help them maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy.

However, what’s important here is to mention that the goal here, among children, is not to bulk up and build tons of muscles. Instead, children rather need to focus on getting their proper form by using only light weights.

Is weight lifting going to stunt a child’s growth?

There’s a common belief that weight lifting is going to stunt a child’s growth, however, it will not. St Louis Children’s Hospital suggests that children as young as seven years old can start to do strength training sessions and it will not affect their growth. In fact, the hospital actually recommends children doing it. It’s important for the children to have a balanced schedule though. The strength training sessions must go in combination with some other activities for balance and motivation.

NOTE: It’s always helpful to get professional advice such as from a personal trainer or physical therapist. It’s an especially good idea when talking about children.

Teenagers and Bodybuilding

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), working out and strength training during puberty is very likely to lead to muscle gain. However, because of a lack of hormones, that is very unlikely to occur in young children. The main reason is that they need hormones in order to build their muscle mass. Children do not have those essential hormones for gaining weight and packing on muscle.

Fact – Arnold Schwarzenneger, including most other iconic bodybuilders, started to work out when he was a teenager. At the age of 15, he started pumping iron. 5 years later, at the age of 20, he won his first major bodybuilding event.

It’s important to understand that the primary male sex hormone, testosterone, is going to reach its peak at around the age of 19 in boys. Now, I’m not trying to say that you should start training the way Arnold did during his Mr. Olympia days, but adolescence is actually a very awesome phase to start building muscle in case this is your goal. As you may already know – the testosterone levels are playing an extremely important role in a lot of things that affect our physical health. Some of the most important and most famous ones are:

  • Muscle mass (growth)
  • Muscle strength
  • Bone health
  • Sexual behavior

According to research, teenagers who are working out are going to help them build strength, muscle, and endurance. That’s why they actually recommend teenagers do it. They should use a weight that will help them maintain a proper form through the entire move. It’s important to do it correctly and aim for 10-15 reps including three or more sets of each exercise.

Best Age to Build Muscle?

Bulking up basically means building muscle. You need to have a proper diet and proper exercise plan. So, when should you focus on building that muscle and bulk up? Unfortunately, there is not a perfect age for bulking up.

Based on everything that I have mentioned above, it indicates that people of all ages and fitness levels are able to sign up for the gym and enjoy the benefits of working out. It’s very important to remember that when involved in strength training, you should be doing it carefully and properly. That’s why seeking professional advice from a personal trainer is always going to be helpful.

Another thing to remember is that lifting weights and becoming a bodybuilder are two different things. While the fundamental element of bodybuilding is lifting weights, they are still different. Nonetheless, generally speaking, the best age for bodybuilding is between 20 and 30 years old, when we are fully grown.

Hormones and Muscle Building

Working out when we’re children doesn’t really help us gain muscle, because, as said, we lack essential hormones to achieve it. As said, our testosterone levels peak when we’re around 19 years old. Then, after the age of 30, our testosterone levels will gradually start to decline approximately by 1% a year.

According to studies, we estimate that there is about 40% of men over the age of 45 suffer from low testosterone levels. Because of this pretty drastic decrease, it’s going to lead to a pretty drastic change in their physical performance as well. But it’s not only about performance, unfortunately. That’s because low testosterone levels have a very strong connection with muscle loss, increase in fat mass, poor sexual performance as well and mental issues such as lack of motivation, confidence, mood, and others.

  • This is the reason why men who have lower testosterone levels find it way higher to bulk up. This is the reason why I also recommend they use exogenous testosterone to achieve their goals easier (if we talk about low T conditions). 

Age and Testosterone

But based on all this information, it therefore means that men will find it easier to build that muscle mass and strength in their 20s. That’s because this is the age when your testosterone is still high naturally, without the need to use exogenous testosterone. But it’s important to remember that this definitely does not mean that you have no chance of becoming a bodybuilder at an older age! Not all men over 40 years old suffer from low testosterone. But that’s even more likely, especially if you are into using Testosterone.


But strength training is not only about bulking up. Exercising to increase strength and preserve lean muscle mass will likely reduce all cause mortality rates in older adults. According to Penn State, it can reduce it by as much as 46%!

Therefore, if you want to start your bodybuilding path in your 50s, it is still possible! It could be a little bit harder and may require a bit more effort than it would have been in your 20s, but you should also consider the other benefits as well. Moreover, again, there’s exogenous testosterone that can greatly help with your goals, especially at an age when testosterone is naturally lower. But when talking about benefits – lifting weights is going to help reduce age-related muscle loss, decrease injury risk, and help keep joints, bones, and ligaments strong. It greatly helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risks of heart disease and other health issues.

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