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Testosterone Propionate

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Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare
1 x 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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What is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone Propionate is by far one of the most used and popular/ famous steroids in the sports industry, and especially in bodybuilding. Testosterone is the naturally produced hormone in the body, mainly is being secreted by the testicles and this is the main hormone in the male body responsible for a normal growth as well as maintenance of primary and secondary sexual male characteristics. Also, is the main hormone responsible for growing muscles and generally for a good performance.

Testosterone Propionate is offering synthetic Testosterone hormone which is absolutely no different from the naturally occurring hormone – the body cannot see a difference. Testosterone Propionate is therefore considered an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is used by athletes for improving performance and getting huge increases in muscle and strength gains.

Testosterone Propionate is just one of the many esterified variants of Testosterone and is the shortest ester out of them all. The ester is only responding for the time release in the system of the compound following the administration. There’s no other difference between Testosterone Propionate and any other esterified Testosterone (such as Enanthate and Cypionate with much longer half lives).

Keep in mind that synthetic testosterone obtained from Testosterone Propionate is the same synthetic testosterone obtained from any other esterified form of testosterone and they are all working the exact same way as natural testosterone. They are responsible for muscle growth, body fat lose, bone density, sperm production, sex drive, red blood cell production and many others.

How Long Does Testosterone Propionate Stay in Your System? | Testosterone Propionate Half Life

As mentioned earlier, Testosterone Propionate is just one of the many esterified variants of testosterone. However, this is one of the most famous variants of Testosterone (alongside with Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Enanthate) and is also the shortest acting variant of testosterone.

With this being said, testosterone propionate is remaining in our bodies the shortest time compared to other testosterones and it has the shortest half life. According to some sources it has a half life less than a day (20 hours) while according to others the half life is up to 4.5 days. I assume the truth is somewhere in the middle and I would say 2 days. The detection time is 2 weeks.

Shortest half life comes with a series of advantages and disadvantages so everyone decide for themselves what they need.

What is Testosterone Propionate Used For? | What Does Testosterone Do?

Medically, testosterone propionate is mainly used for the treatment of low testosterone levels in men. However, it has other uses such as treatment of breast cancer in women and others such as low sexual desire for men, delayed puberty in boys and menopausal symptoms in elder women.

However, Testosterone Propionate is extremely widely used in sports field as a physique and performance enhancer. Testosterone can be used for both cutting cycles when the individual needs to maintain muscle mass while losing body fat or for bulking cycles when the individual needs to put on as much muscle mass as possible. In bodybuilding it also can be used as a Testosterone Replacement Therapy during the administration with other steroids which can inhibit or suppress the endogenous production of Testosterone without replacing it with synthetic.

Testosterone is working simply by offering the body more testosterone than it naturally produces. It works by being an agonist of the androgen receptor such as testosterone as well as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Testosterone can greatly help a man feel much better, look much better and increase their performance. Rapid muscle gains alongside with increases in strength and decreases in body fat are all expected with Testosterone Propionate uses.

Testosterone Propionate Dosage / Administration

Testosterone Propionate dosage greatly depends on what you are searching for. The administration of Testosterone Propionate is done intramuscularly as it comes in oil soluble vial and is used only by injection. Also, taking in consideration that Testosterone Propionate is having a half life of about 2 days, the product should be used on a daily basis or at least on every other day basis for maintaining stable blood levels.

The dosages of Testosterone esters are anywhere in the range of 200 to 1500 mg a week. The esters are all the same without any difference except for the half life and maybe for the active dosage. Coming in an oil solution, 100 mg of testosterone doesn’t offer 100 mg of pure testosterone unless we talk about testosterone suspension. The shorter the ester – the more active dosage is found. Testosterone Propionate (shortest) – 80% while Undecanoate ester (longest half life) 61%.

That’s why, if you want to receive 80 mg of Testosterone, use 100 mg of Testosterone Propionate. Doses between 500-600 mg a week are the sweet spot for most people. Doses over 800 mg should be used only by professionals while doses under 300 mg a week are only given for maintaining normal testosterone levels.

Testosterone is an extremely universal product which can be stacked very well with nearly any given steroids out there and can be used for any given purpose. The dosage depends on your steroid stack, ultimate goal, personal tolerance and other factors.

Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

Side effects of testosterone propionate are exactly the same as with any other testosterone forms out there because the ester doesn’t respond for the side effects.

Testosterone compounds are generally very well tolerated by most men when used in normal doses. Generally, side effects are dose dependent. Plus, side effects are absolutely no different from any other steroids.

Testosterone can offer such side effects that are associated with too high testosterone levels in the body which can be: androgenic side effects such as oily skin, acne, aggression, hair loss and others, estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention etc., natural testosterone suppression, cholesterol and cardiovascular issues are possible too.

Running supplements, healthy diet and lifestyle alongside with a good PCT plan at the end of each cycle would make sure the side effects are well tolerated.

Where to Buy Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone Propionate is the oldest esterified testosterone and is one of the most powerful and most used, famous and popular steroid out there. Hilma Biocare offers it for an extremely low price and can offer the product with huge discounts.

Testosterone Propionate is having the shortest half life and this means frequent injection, but also many advantages too allowing you to get huge increases in your physique and performance enhancement.

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