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Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol)


Substance: Stanozolol
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 20 tabs (50mg/tab)

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Stanoxyl 50 (with active substance Stanozolol) is considered to be overall a very effective, and therefore one of the most used and most popular anabolic steroid. This product is a great steroid when is being taken as a part of a cutting cycle and is also one of the greatest anabolic steroids for promoting athletic enhancement. These are the main reasons why this product is so widely used and so popular. The product is better known as Winstrol as trade name but they both have the same active ingredient.

Even though it does have some negative side effects that are mainly around the cholesterol and liver health, those factors can be controlled, therefore this steroid can be very beneficial with side effects that are controlled and do not get dangerous. By using this steroid for the right purpose and by understanding it well, you are going to find out that Stanozolol is an amazing steroid which can be super helpful.

There’s the injectable form and the oral form of this product which comes in form of tablets. The active substance remains with the same name: Stanozolol and chemical names: 17beta-Hydroxy-17-methyl-5alphaandrostano[3,2-c]pyrazole. Unlike many other steroids out there, this one can be taken by athletic females as well, although dose protocols for female and male athletes are different. The active life of the product is 8 hours but the detection time is 3 weeks. The contents in a pack of Stanoxyl 50 from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals should include Stanozolol 20 x 50 mg tablets.

What is Stanozolol? | About Stanozolol (Stanoxyl 50)

Stanozolol is by far one of the most popular anabolic steroids out there. In fact, is one of the most popular steroids of all time and is also one of the oldest steroids that we have in existence. Thanks to its great effectiveness, the product is a favorite steroid among the athletes and bodybuilders, and plus to that – is being successfully used in the medical community as well.

A lot of steroids used by bodybuilders and athletes are not approved by the US FDA, some of them never were approved. However, unlike them all, Stanozolol has never lost its FDA approval in the USA which means that is one of the safest steroids to use. This is an anabolic steroid that has been and it still continues to be in almost every sport in nearly all countries all over the world.

What is Stanozolol Used For? | Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol) Effects

Stanozolol is not what we would call a bulking steroid, and for this reason, you will very rarely find Stanozolol in an off season cycle for gaining muscles purposes. Although, you might still find it in such cycles as it still has its own benefits during such training phases. Most often, in such training phases, Stanoxyl 50 – Stanozolol is being used in an effort to enhance the activity of some other steroids that are being used.

However, we could still make more of an exception when it comes to Stanozolol use among female users by talking about off season bulking purposes. Females, generally, are a lot much more sensitive to steroids. This is the main reason why most powerful steroids are not recommended by females. But Stanozolol is considered a milder steroid so it can be used by females.

However, they are more sensitive and therefore Stanozolol is still a powerful product for them, that’s why it can be used for off season bulking purposes. That’s why, some short burst plans can be pretty beneficial for females during those phases. But still, it is considered that some better off season options are available for most women.

Anyway, in the end, the effects of Stanoxyl 50 – Stanozolol are without any doubts the most beneficial when it comes to direct performance enhancement. By saying this, we should focus more on the functional competitive athletes, not on bodybuilders or physique athletes here. That’s because this steroid won’t make you gain a lot of raw muscle mass, however it has the ability to increase a lot both the speed and the power.

So that’s a great advantage of the product, it is going to accomplish this effect while the user is not going to add a lot of additional weight. In addition to this, there were some rumors regarding Stanozolol saying that this steroid  is not very good or helpful for competitive athletes and that’s because of the fact that it has the potential to weaken the tendons of the user.

Nonetheless, it has been proven that this is a myth and in fact, this statement is far from being truth. In fact, there are a lot of studies out there which have proven that Stanozolol is having a positive impact on the strengthening of the tendons and bones, so there’s just no way that the product could weak the tendons. In fact, as said, Stanozolol is approved by US FDA and in the medical world, the product is actually used to treat osteoporosis. So it actually strengths the bones and tendons.

Anyway, Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol) is one of the best choices out there for a cutting cycle and that’s why you are most often going to find this product be used for the cutting phases and that’s because this steroid is going to offer a harder and more defined look. Make sure that you know that this look is not going to appear in case you are not already lean. But the steroid is extremely helpful because it is going to make a lean physique look even better.

But in addition to this, the stuff is also amazing for preserving strength which is very often being lost during the time the user is hard dieting. In order to explain this – when an individual is looking to burn body fat, he should go through calorie insufficiency. This would ensure he loses body fat. However, this also very often is being accompanied by losing muscles as well. so, for losing body fat you need to have low caloric intake (you should burn more) but this puts the muscle mass at risk of losing it.

Here comes the role of Stanozolol which is very helpful in reducing the muscle loss. Besides the fact that this steroid can greatly protect the muscle mass from being lost, it also greatly protects the strength meaning that your strength won’t be lost either.

What Does Stanozolol Do? | How Winstrol – Stanoxyl Works?

It was noticed that Stanozolol is a steroid which can offer joint pain as well, and it was noticed that the joint pain that is sometimes being associated with the use of Stanozolol, is most often going to show up at the end of the cutting cycle, during the time when the individual is already lean and is dryer than normal. This means that ultimately, the person isn’t getting joint pain directly by using Stanozolol, but because he’s lean.

When the person is extremely lean and dry, is not uncommon for the joints to ache. This means that if you’re going to be lean without the use of anything – your joints will still ache. With all of this being said, there are some bodybuilders out there and some athletes that are going to use a low dose of Nandrolone in order to fight off with the achy joints effect that can become bothersome.

In the end, both men and women can greatly benefit from using Stanoxyl 50 – Stanozolol during the cutting phases and that’s because of a number of reasons: losing weight more efficiently, enhanced metabolism, lean tissue protector and strength protector, low side effects profile, appetite cutter etc. In the end, this product is not considered to be the best lean tissue preserver which is true, however still lots of people report that they are maintaining much more of their strength that is nearly always lost when the individual is hard dieting.

How To Take Stanozolol? Stanozolo Dosage | Stanoxyl 50 – Stanozolol Administration | How To Take Stanozolol?

The common dosage protocol for the physique or performance enhancing purposes is anywhere between 15 to 25 mg a day, taken for no longer than 6 to 8 weeks in length.

For the performance enhancing athlete, a dosage protocol of 25 to 50 mg doses taken on a daily basis are the most common dosage protocol among the male athletes as this dosage is considered effective and low enough to avoid side effects. However, there are bodybuilders who are most likely going to administer a dosage of 50 mg. But is not being uncommon for the doses to reach 100 mg a day at the end of a cutting cycle, however it is not recommended to keep taking such high doses, that’s why usually they are only lasting 1 or maybe 2 weeks before the competition. Some of the high end doses that are going to surpass that time frame are more than likely to cause some huge amounts of liver strain which can lead to different liver malfunctions.

This is one of the very few anabolic steroids that can be taken by female athletes. For example, 5 mg of Stanoxyl it is by far the most common female dose. The dosage shouldn’t be increased too much and the product shouldn’t be taken for a period longer than 6 weeks because the virilization side effects would appear nearly for sure, despite the fact it is being considered a mild anabolic steroid. The 5 mg dosage it is all that most women are going to need, however some of them are going to increase it to 10 mg a day in case the virilization is being controllable. Discontinue the use immediately in case the virilization symptoms start to show.

Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol) Side Effects | Side Effects of Winstrol

Stanoxyl 50 – Stanozolol is not an estrogenic steroid and this is greatly valued by lots of individuals. This means that the steroid cannot cause such side effects that are associated with high estrogen levels – gynecomastia or excess water retention – this is the main cause of the steroid related high blood pressure. That’s why, chances of getting some high blood pressure issues are greatly diminished either.

Stanozolol is not having a lot of androgenic activity which means that although androgenic side effects are possible, they are much less compared to other steroids which are much more androgenic. In the androgenic related side effects we can include: acne, oily skin, excessive body hair growth as well as accelerated hair loss in those people who are predisposed to male pattern baldness as they are all possible side effects.

However, you should know that in case you are not being predisposed to male pattern baldness, then you are not going to lose any hair as this side effect is largely genetic dependent. Pretty similar goes for acne or any other side effect which means that it would appear on those who are genetically sensitive, for example, to acne as they are going to be the first to have this side effect.

The androgenic side effects of this product Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol) also can include the virilization in women who are using this steroid. Because of the fact that the product is not largely androgenic, the virilization symptoms have less chances to appear compared to other steroids that are not recommended for women’s use at all. But still, these symptoms are possible. The virilization symptoms most often are associated with: hair body growth, clitoral enlargement, menstrual irregularities, a deepening of the vocal chords and others.

But thanks to the steroid’s mild androgenic activity, there are a lot of women who might supplement with Stanozolol without getting such effects at all, however they would need to keep their dose rather pretty low because high doses would nearly guarantee getting such symptoms. It is very important to remember that in case these virilization symptoms start to show (for whatever the reason), then the use of this steroid should be discontinued immediately because this way they would disappear rapidly. By ignoring the symptoms and continuing to use it, there is a high chance that the symptoms may become permanent.

Plus to that, it is very well known the fact that Stanozolol hormone is having a negative impact on the total cholesterol amount and it works like that by reducing the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) in the time that is increasing LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). In case you are already suffering from high cholesterol then you should not use Stanozolol in the first place as the problems would become even worse. However, in case you are healthy enough to use it, then it is going to be very important for the user to keep a close eye on the cholesterol values, this is why a physician visit once in a while is very recommended.

Plus to this, in order to keep some healthy cholesterol levels, it is also very recommended to have a diet that would be very rich in omega fatty acids, this means that it is very recommended to supplement with fish oily on a daily basis. In addition to this, your diet should be limiting saturated fats and simple sugars as much as possible. Daily cardiovascular activity is very recommended as well, alongside with a cholesterol antioxidant supplement.

Stanoxyl 50 – Stanozolol is significantly suppressing the natural testosterone production. Although is considered that other steroids are suppressing the natural testosterone production at a much higher rate, Stanozolol is still pretty suppressive. The steroid is not going to completely suppress the production, however it is still going to put the individual into a low testosterone state in case the exogenous testosterone is not going to be used. That’s why  is very important to use some exogenous testosterone while administering Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol). It doesn’t matter what form of exogenous testosterone is used, but is important to use some.

So, every men who is supplementing the Stanozolol hormone can pretty easily avoid the low testosterone condition in case they are simultaneously going to supplement with some form of exogenous testosterone, like for example testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate or testosterone propionate. By doing so, a man is going to avoid getting into the very bothersome low testosterone condition. Women are not going to need to use exogenous testosterone therapy.

As soon as all the steroid use is going to discontinue and all the exogenous testosterone/ steroids would get flushed out of your body, then the natural testosterone production is going to start once again on its own. Nonetheless, remember that the levels you used to have before using the product won’t be the same overnight. It would require at least some time until the levels would return back to their normal state. For this main reason, most men are being recommended to start having a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after their steroid use as this plan is greatly going to help into a better and faster recovery.

It is also very important to know that Stanozolol is a hepatotoxic anabolic steroid, in fact it is believed to be fat more than Oxandrolone on a per milligram basis, however it does seem to be much less hepatotoxic on a per milligram basis than steroids like for example Methandrostenolone. Anyway, is still considered hepatotoxic and this means that liver damage is very possible by using it unreasonable. This means that if you are having any liver issues, the product shouldn’t be taken at all.

However, if you’re a healthy enough individual for using it, then you should know that the total use must be limited to 6 to 8 weeks if you want to avoid getting liver issues. Plus to this, during the use of the steroid, it is very important to keep a liver healthy lifestyle. This means that is very important to avoid all the excess alcohol consumption, but preferably to avoid all alcohol consumption at all. It is important to understand that the excess consumption alone is being very stressful to the liver, however when this is being combined with Stanozolol, is just having an enhanced effect of liver stress.

But except for alcohol, there are many other things that should be followed. Like for example, liver healthy diet, and plus to that, it is very recommended to avoid all over the counter (OTC) medications when is being possible. A lot of OTC drugs are much more hepatotoxic than steroids, so a combination of the 2 products can have a very bad outcome.

Where To Buy Stanozolol? | Why Buy Stanoxyl 50 – Stanozolol

Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol) is an orally active anabolic steroid, which has derived from dihydrotestosterone. Stanozolol in the form of tablet is one of the most widely used oral steroids out there and that’s for some really good reasons – being fairly safe to use, it can offer great effects and results.

All in all, this is a great anabolic steroid that is being used in order to increase the speed and the strength and that’s while is combined with the low weight gain that’s very favored by many sportsmen. By administering with Stanoxyl 50 (Stanozolol) from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, is going to provide you some of the best effects you ever had in case weight gain is not what you are looking for, but instead you need power and speed.


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