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Substance: Mesterolone
Manufacturer: Hutech Labs
Pack: 100 tabs (25mg/tab)

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What is Proviron? | What is Mesterolone?

Proviron is the brand name of the main substance called Mesterolone and is an anabolic and androgenic steroid created by Hutech Labs. Mesterolone is an orally active AAS and despite still being an androgenic and anabolic steroid  on paper – is not considered anabolic because of its extremely weak anabolic properties. The anabolic properties and activity of this steroid are so low that there’s just no practical anabolic activity when used.

With this being said, we can consider Proviron containing Mesterolone to be simply an androgenic steroid and that’s the compound isn’t very famous for physique and performance enhancement. Yet, some steroid users still use it and that’s why Hutech Labs manufactured it and offers it for a much better price compared to other sources.

Despite the fact that Proviron offers weak anabolic effects, the steroid is still used for improving physique and performance as it was mentioned, but only in combination with other steroids.

Mesterolone nowadays, is mostly used by those people who want to have a harder look, more vascularity and less puffiness, but it must be used as a steroid stack with some aromatizable compounds such as Dianabol, Nandrolone and others which help you to gain size, and Proviron to help with water weight.

Mesterolone is one of the oldest steroids ever created as it appeared in 1934 which makes it an ever older steroid compared to Testosterone Propionate. This compound has been used as a medication for treating hypogonadism and promoting a better state for older males with low androgen levels, infertility as well as libido issues in males. Mainly, Proviron is used for treating low testosterone levels.

How Long Does Proviron Take to Work? | Proviron Half Life

Proviron containing Mesterolone would start acting almost immediately after you start using it, nonetheless it takes a while to see the results because it takes a little while until you receive enough DHT levels for getting some results.

The this orally active steroid is considered to have a half life of approximately 12 hours and therefore, in 24 hours Proviron would be flushed of the body. You need to use it on a daily basis for maintaining stable blood levels and make it effective.

Keep in mind that the detection time is much more than half life. Proviron is detected for about 5-6 weeks after the last dose.

What Does Proviron Do? | What is Mesterolone Used For?

When talking about Proviron for physique and performance enhancement – is quite when is used alone, however when used in combination with a wet steroid like for example Dianabol, it can offer a drier look, more strength, more vascularity and other benefits as well.

When being used in medical settings, Mesterolone can be used as a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and that’s why is given to people with hypogonadism. It also can be used for low libido (erectile dysfunction) so people get prescribed this product for this reason too. But there are studies showing that that it can be helpful for treating depression, anxiety as well as to boost lack of sex drive including many other helpful uses.

However, the product started to be used for physique and enhancement purposes too by bodybuilders but as mentioned – in combination with other steroids. For examples, bodybuilders can use it as an anti estrogen and in the past they were using it for Post Cycle Therapy. But, Mesterolone is no longer used for this purpose because is considered to still suppress LH as any other steroids (though at lower degree) and there are safer alternatives for PCT than Proviron. So, steroid users need Proviron for cutting or bulking as a “booster” mainly.

Instead, nowadays Proviron can be used with great success as an anti estrogen. As a result of this, users of Proviron can expect a harder look, less puffiness and more vascularity but the product shouldn’t be used alone as it won’t offer muscle gains. Combined with steroids promoting muscle gains – you get muscles and you get them lean thanks to Proviron.

When to Take Proviron? | Proviron Dosage | How Much Mesterolone Should I Take?

Proviron used alone for performance or physique enhancement is for no avail, but it can be utilized in cutting cycles and in bulking cycles when combined with others with great success. It is an orally active steroid that has a short half life and that’s why it should be taken by mouth on a daily basis.

Use Mesterolone only during the administration with other anabolic steroid as a form of stack. A good cycle would be Dianabol and Proviron at 25 mg each per day for approximately 6 weeks. After you are getting used to the effects of this steroid and you can tolerate it, you might up your dosage to 50 mg per day for a total of 8 weeks, once again with Dianabol or other aromatizable steroids.

Start with the first cycle if you’re a newbie and continue with the second if you have experience. In both cycles add Cardarine and N2Guard capsules and increase their doses in second cycle.

You can try Proviron with many other steroids either, but Dianabol with Mesterolone are considered to be the best stack with Proviron.

How Dangerous is Mesterolone? | Proviron Side Effects | Mesterolone Side Effects

As it was mentioned – Mesterolone is an oral steroid, however, is not C17 alpha alkylated and this means that it has no risks for your liver. With this being said, the product is not hepatotoxic despite the fact that you use it on a daily basis taken by mouth. Plus, it was mentioned that Mesterolone is acting like an aromatase inhibitor, and therefore this steroid has no risks any estrogenic side effects either – in fact, it can help with them.

But this steroid is still not absolutely side effects free. Male pattern hair loss, oily skin, enlarged prostate, abnormal body hair growth, acne and other androgenic side effects are to be expected when using a DHT product like Mesterolone.

Due to the same reasons women are not recommended to use Proviron at all, otherwise they are ensured to develop masculinization side effects. Being a pure DHT derivative, you cannot avoid such side effects especially if you’re genetically prone to them or taking higher doses than required even if you’re a man.

The worst side effects are androgen related, but other than that – Proviron is considered a pretty safe steroid, but only if used in normal doses.

Where to Buy Proviron? | Where to Buy Mesterolone?

Proviron that is containing Mesterolone as the active substance can be purchased directly from for a very low price which is going to be an amazing steroid when it comes to work synergic with Dianabol. This way you save money by getting Proviron from Hutech Labs and get big while using Dianabol and get lean and without bloating and gynecomastia thanks to Proviron which is also boosting Dianabol’s effectiveness.

Proviron might not be such a famous steroid for physique and performance enhancement, but is surely very helpful and you won’t regret purchasing it.

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