Propha-Testosterone (UK)


Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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What is Propha-Testosterone? | What is Testosterone? (Propionate)

Propha-Testosterone is the trade name of extremely famous compound among bodybuilders – Testosterone Propionate, a product manufactured by Beligas Pharmaceuticals. The company is focused in developing and producing performance enhancing drugs so that’s a company that knows how to create a perfect Testosterone Propionate compound of a high quality.

Testosterone Propionate itself is one of the lots of different variants of Testosterones esterified that are available on market. This product is an injectable product that is having a slower release rate compared to the Testosterone compounds without esters but this is a fairly short acting testosterone because other Testosterone attached esters are considered to have more prolonged esters. The product is coming in oil based injectable propionate ester and this means that in the end – Testosterone Propionate is no different from any other testosterone forms (with different esters) except for the time release in the body.

With this being said – the propionate ester is one of the shortest esters used in the steroid creation and that’s one reason why is one of the most popular testosterone compounds out there. Testosterone compounds, generally, are extremely famous among bodybuilders. They are used both by steroid beginners and by steroid veterans and they are found in nearly all steroid cycles combined with all forms and types of drugs.

By purchasing Propha-Testosterone by Beligas Pharmaceuticals from our website, you are going to receive a very high quality Testosterone Propionate product – you would receive 10 ml vial containing 100 mg of Testosterone Propionate per ml which means a total of 1000 mg of Testosterone Propionate.

Testosterone Propionate Half Life

As it was earlier mentioned, Testosterone Propionate is having one of the shortest half lives of all other attached esters to the testosterone compounds. The reported half life of propionate ester is less than a day – approximately 20 hours. There are some reports suggesting that the half life might be up to 3 days. That’s why I would recommend to use a reference point at 1.5 – 2 days.

This means that the product is remaining active in the body for much fewer time compared to other testosterone compounds (except for testosterone suspension that doesn’t have any attached ester). With this being said – you should inject it more often, but the product is getting flushed out of the body quicker.

What Does Testosterone Do? (Propionate) | How Does Propha-Testosterone Work?

Testosterone Propionate found in Propha-Testosterone is working the exact same way as any other testosterone compound regardless of the ester or the brand that manufacturers the product (unless the brand offers a low quality testosterone).

Testosterone is the primary male hormone and this is the most important hormone for building muscles, losing fat, getting masculine traits, and getting masculine sexual characteristics. With this being said, synthetic testosterone works the exact same way as natural testosterone as soon as it reaches your system.

The effectiveness of elevated testosterone levels include: helps to lose body fat, greatly increases the muscle gaining process, offers huge increase in strength, improves libido, increases the muscularity, improves the overall view of the body and generally has a big number of different benefits.

Testosterone Propionate Dosage | Propha-Testosterone Administration

If you’re thinking to start with Propha-Testosterone, usually is recommended to start with a dosage of 50 mg every other day by taking it alone. Only after having some experience with the drug, you might get the dosage higher. This dosage protocol is going to allow you to control the effects on the body and in the same time to stay away from the possible side effects.

Some more experienced bodybuilders or other sportsmen might get their dosage higher to 100 mg every other day or 50 mg every day in an attempt to have stable blood levels. In the end, the administration with testosterone propionate is highly individual depending on personal experience and knowledge, personal tolerance to the drug, what are the expected results, if you use it alone or adding some other compounds etc.

Usually, the duration of cycle is anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. Some more professionals decide to use it up to 10 – 12 weeks, but that’s rare. The injections with testosterone propionate are done much more frequently than with longer ester testosterone such as enanthate or cypionate.

You might also use it as a Testosterone Replacement Therapy in case you’re using a steroid suppressing testosterone. Generally, doses for TRT are lower. By using the product in normal doses, you are going to make it be effective and in the same time stay away from side effects.

Female athletes should opt for much lower testosterone doses with cycle length no more than 4 weeks or generally find an alternative to stay away from virilizing side effects.

Side Effects of Testosterone Propionate | Propha Testosterone Side Effects

Side effects of testosterone propionate which is found in Propha Testosterone product are absolutely no different compared to other forms of testosterone. The only difference might be that testosterone propionate is released in the body faster which means that intensity of side effects might be higher, but they go away faster.

As in terms of what side effects you get – they are always the same for all testosterone compounds because in the end – you receive same hormone. Side effects are generally well tolerated by most men but they are highly dependable on the dosage. By keeping your dosage normal – you can avoid getting side effects.

Here’s the list of testosterone side effects: virilizing side effects for women, especially on high doses (facial / body hair growth, deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement etc.), estrogenic side effects (gynecomastia, water retention, depression etc.) but these side effects can be combated with the use of an anti estrogenic compound, androgenic side effects (hair loss, excessive facial / body hair growth, oily skin, acne etc.), cardiovascular/ cholesterol issues and also natural testosterone suppression.

It is very important to implement a PCT after each testosterone cycle.

Where to Buy Testosterone? | Buy Testosterone Propionate

Everyone can purchase testosterone propionate directly from our website for receiving a very high quality product for a very low price.

By getting Propha Testosterone you can be sure that you would get an amazing testosterone compound which can greatly help with physique and performance enhancement purposes.


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