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Primoxyl 100 (Methenolone Enanthate)


Substance: Methenolone Enanthate
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Primoxyl 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) is an anabolic steroid of a really high quality which is very widely used by a lot of people, becoming a steroid that is in the top list of the most used steroids out there. But this product is better knwon as Primobolan. It is very important to understand this steroid and its benefits as many users might not use it accordingly. For example, if you’re an individual who is searching for some huge amount of muscle mass, then Primoxyl 100 is not going to help you so that’s not a steroid for your need.

You might hear that there are people who are disappointed by Primoxyl 100 (Primobolan) and that’s because they didn’t got the results they expected. More often, those people expected huge muscle mass gains. But instead of muscle mass gains, the steroid can help you a lot if you’re looking for increased strength, for enhanced muscular endurance as well as recovery.

Primoxyl 100 is a steroid that can greatly help you with these. For this reason, Primoxyl 100 is one of the best choices out there for an athletes, but it doesn’t mean that is not widely used by bodybuilders either. Like for example, in the cutting cycle, where the main goal is to lose as much body fat in the time you are maintaining as much muscle mass, it has been noticed that Primoxyl 100 is an amazing steroid out there which can greatly help with this and therefore, it is currently a favorite cutting steroid by a lot of competitive bodybuilders during their preparation.

Primoxyl 100 is the name of the steroid but its substance is Methenolone Enanthate and by purchasing a pack of it from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals you should expect: 100 mg/ ml Methenolone Enanthate (10 ml Vial). The active life of this substance is anywhere between 10 to 14 days while detection time is 4 to 5 weeks. Chemical names: 17beta-Hydroxy-l-methyl-5alpha-androst-l-en-3-one, l-methyl-l (5-alpha)-androsten-3-one-17b-ol. Let’s check out more information about Primoxyl 100 and understand it better.

What is Primobolan – Primoxyl (Methenolone Enanthate)? | About Primoxyl 100

Primoxyl 100, as it was earlier mentioned, is a very popular anabolic steroid and that’s especially in the performance enhancing communities and especially in the bodybuilding communities mainly thanks to the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. The reason of that is because very often, it has been said that Primoxyl 100 has been his favorite anabolic steroid out there which he often used.

All along with holding a little bit of an unique stigma, Primoxyl 100 is an anabolic steroid that seem to have one of the highest safety ratings out there by comparing it all other anabolic steroids. While there are steroids which can be said to be much potent than Primoxyl 100, they are also a lot much worse when it comes with side effects. But this steroid is said to be relatively mild in side effects and that’s why is relatively safe for both men and women, or at least much safer compared to others. In fact, the steroid is considered to be so safe that it has been even used in premature infants and in children in specific therapeutic settings and best news is that it has been used successfully.

In addition to all of that, this is a hormone that is very well known to have a very good and solid record in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases, in sarcopenia and osteoporosis as well as is a great option for treating prolonged corticosteroid exposure. So, while there are other steroids that are often used therapeutically, I guess Primoxyl 100 is having the most and best therapeutic successes history compared to other steroids and all of this while is one of the most safe steroid.

By talking about Primoxyl 100 in a performance capacity, this steroid is not what we could call a strong mass promoting steroid. As for the male athlete, it is also not what we could call a foundational steroid either.

Nonetheless, the users of Primoxyl 100, regardless if a man or a woman, is going to notice that this steroid is a lot much more effective and beneficial compared to its oral counterpart. Despite the fact that is being a relatively weak mass builder, this is an anabolic steroid that most likely is having its well deserved place in the performance enhancement, however the key to obtain the benefits is to understand the proper points of use.

What Does Primobolan – Primoxyl Do? | Primoxyl 100 Effects

Primoxyl 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) is a really good and helpful steroid for the athletic enhancement which can therefore offer physique enhancement as well. Like for example, this is a great product that has great abilities to offer increases in the strength and is also going to offer a really positive effect on the muscular endurance and on the recovery. A lot of athletes just do not want to gain a lot of mass, if any mass at all.

Everything they need is to gain strength, muscular endurance and recovery. If you need, this may help you to build a physique either, but if you don’t – you just won’t add any size. It all depends on every individual’s decisions. But in the end, the effects of Primoxyl 100 are really helpful for a lot of athletes and bodybuilders out there.

With all of this being said, there is just no doubt in the fact that regardless either we are talking about a man or a woman, Primoxyl 100 is going to be the best cutting steroid out there and this is proven by millions of users of it who agree with this. This steroid is just amazing when it comes to protect the hard earned muscle tissues in the time you are in a calorie deficient.

It is very well known that in order to lose the body fat, the individual must burn more calories per day then we are consuming. It is very well known that you can follow the best diet out there, the healthiest diet that can even exist and you can also exercise yourself until you just cannot do it no more, however if you are not going to burn more calories than you are eating then you definitely won’t lose any of the body fat.

However, the veterans know very well that by putting yourself into this necessary caloric reduction when trying to lose fat, this is going to put your lean muscle mass at risk of losing it. usually, this deficit in calories is going to cause your body to pull what it requires to properly function for its energy needs from the muscle mass. This is going to end up in losing the muscles in the time you lose body fat.

However, by supplementing with Primoxyl 100, the individual can be ensures that the muscle mass built during the bulking cycles is going to be protected during the cutting cycles, with this being said, you gain muscles and fat at the same time, but then you lose fat while protecting muscles. But in addition to this really important protection, the user is also ensuring that the body fat which is burned is going to be burned at a much more efficient rate too. Except for these extremely helpful benefits of Primoxyl 100 mentioned, those who are using it during that phase are also going to notice other benefits too which includes that they would notice a much harder and more defined body as soon as the body fat is going to get low enough.

It is important not to make the mistake and remember that as a bulking steroid in an off season plan, Primoxyl 100, although can be used for strength and recovery purposes, is not going to be the best choice. The reason for that is because this is a steroid that is just not very well suitable for a significant occurrence in the lean tissue mass.

However, the product is indeed really helpful even when it comes to off season use, as we can make an exception for female users. It has been established that women are a lot more sensitive to the hormonal compound and therefore, for females, it may very well provide the anabolic boost that they need for off season growth. In fact, the steroid is so helpful for females that we can say that Primoxyl 100 is one of the best anabolic steroids for the off seasons use for females.

By keeping the dose moderate and by controlling the diet well, this is going to enable the user to get the ability of easily controlling the amount of muscle mass that they want to gain. In addition to all of this, the steroid is coming also with an effect like a bonus, because of the metabolic enhancement and because of the fat burning properties that this steroid has, the person is going to be able to gain off season muscle mass and that’s with less body fat gain that can inevitably occur otherwise. With all of this being said, both men and women can greatly benefit from this anabolic steroid.

Primoxyl – Primobolan Cycle / Dosage | Primoxyl 100 Administration

The administration schedule for the male athlete has been considered to be normal at the 300 mg per week as this is the low end dose of Primoxyl 100 since there are people who used much higher doses. Nonetheless, the 200 mg per week is going to offer that catabolic protection that a person would need during the cutting cycle, but still, the 300 mg per week is going to be much more effective.

As it has been mentioned, methenolone enanthate is considered to be a relatively mild anabolic steroid and for this reason, most men are going to find out that they can tolerate the 400 to 500 mg per week very well. At this dose, there are only few men who got side effects that were not tolerable. Those who did got a few side effects (again, a few of them) said the side effects are definitely bearable. In fact, even the 600 mg per week should be very well tolerated within the realm of control for most men out there. For all these reasons, it is considered that doses anywhere between 300 mg to 600 mg per week are the most common providing enough results with side effects that are not as bad.

But in fact, doses that are above 600 mg per week are not unheard or even uncommon, however people should know that doses that are in the range of 600 mg and higher are having the ability to exasperate the androgenic activity of this steroid. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how much is the dosage that you use, the total use of this steroid should be anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks as this is the normally recommended amount of time you should be on Primoxyl 100 – that’s for getting enough benefits/ results while keeping side effects away.

When talking about Primoxyl 100 and stacking other compounds with it, it has been reported that methenolone enanthate is going to combine very well with most of the anabolic steroids out there. Since is going to be used most often during the cutting phase, then steroids like Trenbolone Acetate, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol and Drostanolone Propionate are some of the most used compounds when stacking with Primoxyl 100.

As for the female athletes, the dosage schedule is generally much lower because they would find out that generally, 50 to 100 mg per week is everything that they will need. Even more important than that is that such a dosing range, normally, should be very controllable by talking about the virilization for most women out there. There are very rare situations when such a dosing protocol is posing some issues with virilization.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that is not possible. Remember that individual sensitivity to the drug is playing an important role and that’s why, while most women will not get any virilization symptoms at this dosing range, there might be some who can get them. However, those women who would risk and go above the 100 mg dosing range are going to be the more exposed to the virilization symptoms as chances are greatly elevated of getting them. plus to that, if other steroids are stacked with this steroid at such a dosage then getting virilization symptoms is nearly a sure thing.

Also, it doesn’t matter what is the total dose, most women are going to find out that 4 to 6 weeks of use is going to be more than enough for them and that’s why it is not recommended to use Primoxyl 100 for more than 6 weeks in total. There are many women out there who find out that such stacks of Primoxyl 100 alongside with Oxandrolone are being very beneficial for them making up to 4 weeks of a total 8 week cycle.

One final note here on the female use – there are a lot of women out there who may find that oral Primoxyl 100 (taken by mouth rather than injecting) is much more controllable. It has been noticed that the product is not as effective as is the injectable version, however it is still a little bit easier to control the blood levels with this fact acting form than a long acting type.

Methenolone Enanthate – Primobolan Side Effects | Primoxyl 100 Side Effects

Even though there are possible side effects of Primoxyl 100, obviously, we can still say with big certitude that this is a steroid that is having one of the most side effects friendly profile, so is one of the safest anabolic steroid that an adult could ever find on the market. We can say all of this due to the fact that the possible side effects of Primoxyl 100 steroid is going to be a lot much less extensive than with a lot of anabolic steroids out there and the side effects are considered much more bearable and “safer”. In the time that is still going to have some possible side effects, we are going to notice that they are in a lot of ways a lot much milder than lots of other anabolic steroids out there. In fact, Primoxyl 100 is so side effect friendly that using this steroid while being completely side effect free is a very possible reality.

Good news is that the side effects of Primoxyl 100 simply do not include absolutely any of an estrogenic nature. Due to the fact that this steroid is not aromatizing, the high estrogen levels and estrogen related side effects are not possible, plus it carries no progestin nature either. Getting such side effects as gynecomastia and water retention is just not possible when the user supplements with Primoxyl 100. In addition to that, this is reducing the risks of getting into blood pressure issues as well. That’s because the high blood pressure is very often being associated with severe excess of water retention thanks to high estrogen levels. As it has been mentioned, this is a side effect that just cannot occur with Primoxyl 100.

Despite the fact that is considered to be a mild anabolic steroid, the side effects of Primoxyl 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) can include those of an androgenic nature either. usually, the androgen related side effects are including: facial/ body hair growth, oily skin, acne as well as aggravation of hair loss in those men who are predisposed to male pattern baldness. If you’re a person predisposed to it and that’s a concern, it may become a problem. Although acne issues are still possible, very few are going to have this side effect when using Primoxyl 100.

Primoxyl 100 is a steroid safer to this side effect compared to other steroids. But in the same time, in terms of hair loss, this can be one of the worst steroids that you can find on the market for this regard. Primoxyl 100 is known to be worst culprit for male pattern baldness, much worse than others. In case you are not predisposed to male pattern baldness then there is no risk, however if you are ten you will notice a very accelerated thinning.

Although it is a mild anabolic steroid, the androgenic nature of this steroid is also able to promote virilization in women either. Some of the virilization symptoms are including: a deepening of the vocal chords, body/ facial hair growth, menstrual irregularities and clitoral enlargement. It has been found out that such effects are very dependent on the total dose that the person is using as well as on the individual sensitivity to the Methenolone hormone.

However, it is extremely important to keep in mind: in case any of the virilization symptoms start to show, regardless of the reason or dosage, the person is strongly recommended to discontinue the use of this steroid immediately. It is known that in case you would discontinue the use of the steroid as soon as the symptoms are going to appear then they would disappear pretty shortly after you discontinue the use. However, in case the symptoms appear and you ignore them and continue using the steroid, then there’s a very high chance that those symptoms are going to become irreversible and permanent.

As it has been found out, Primoxyl 100 shouldn’t have a very strong effect on the blood pressure. There is a chance to get high blood pressure while supplementing with this steroid, however chances are very low so is not happening in most situations. But, by talking about the cardiovascular side effects of Primoxyl 100, then it has been found out that those that are cholesterol related are going to be the most pronounced.

It has been found out that this steroid can have an even more pronounced negative effect on the cholesterol than on the testosterone, nonetheless, it still should be a lot much less on negative effect than most of the oral steroids out there. nonetheless, keep in mind that the negative potential is most surely going to exist and is most often including a reduction in the HDL cholesterol (which is the good cholesterol) and an increase in the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) values. Often, this can lead to many other different issues.

Because of the potential negative cholesterol effects of Primoxyl 100, it is very important to keep a cholesterol friendly lifestyle. This is recommended in order to diminish the risk of getting negative cholesterol effects and here is going to include a cholesterol friendly diet as well as an active cardiovascular exercise program. A healthy diet cholesterol friendly is going to include the one where a lot of omega fatty acids is added (fish oils) and to exclude saturated fats as well as simple carbohydrates. Even if you do have a cholesterol friendly and healthy lifestyle, is still recommended to keep an eye on the cholesterol levels on all the period you’re on the steroid.

Good news is that the methenolone hormone is a lot much less suppressive compared to many other anabolic steroidal hormones out there that many people are constantly using. Like for example, Methenolone enanthate is much less suppressive than Nandrolone, Testosterone and Trenbolone. Even though the suppression rate is considered to be much milder if comparing it to the hormonal steroids I’ve just mentioned above, it is still noticeable enough and that’s why the use of some exogenous testosterone while you are using Primoxyl 100 is recommended.

In case you are not going to include some exogenous testosterone therapy in the plan while on Primoxyl 100, you are going to get into a low testosterone condition and will get its negative symptoms. Those people who are going to include some exogenous testosterone, it doesn’t really matter what testosterone, it is just important to add something, like for example Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate or Testosterone Enanthate, they are going to get a much more positive experience since they are not going to get the low testosterone condition.

People using this steroid and not using an exogenous testosterone are going to get a lot of different low testosterone symptoms which can be really bad and very often unhealthy for a man. This is a condition for men as low testosterone can be very bothersome for men, that’s why women who are using Primoxyl 100 do not have the need to use exogenous testosterone therapy, but men will and is strongly recommended not to avoid this condition.

Remember that as soon as the use of Primoxyl 100 and all of the anabolic steroids has come to an end, the natural testosterone production is going to begin once again on its own, however the testosterone levels definitely won’t get back to normal (as in pre use) overnight. Anywhere between a month up to a year can be required to get the normal levels. However, good news is that this is one of the easiest steroids to recover from. But even so, most are still going to recommend to implement a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan.

Primoxyl 100 is not hepatotoxic and that’s why is going to show absolutely no stress or damage to the liver. Primoxyl 100 itself doesn’t affect the liver, but there are sometimes when it is being used alongside with other compounds that can potentially damage the liver so is recommended to check liver health.

Where To Buy Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate)? | Why Buy Primoxyl 100

Primoxyl 100 is such a popular steroid that its name says everything. There are really good reasons why it got so popular and why millions of bodybuilders all over the world are using it.

In addition to that, I guess there’s also a good reason why this steroid was among the favorite anabolic steroids to the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. While it can greatly help and offer a lot of benefits, is also one of the most side effects friendly steroid. By purchasing Primoxyl 100 from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals you just can’t be wrong!


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