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Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate
Pack: 4 ml amp (1000 mg/amp)
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

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What is Cernos Depot? | What is Testosterone Undecanoate – Aveed?

Cernos Depot is the trade name of Testosterone Undecanoate which is better known by its other more famous brand name – Aveed or Nebido. Aveed, Nebido as well as Undecanolab 250 are all brand names of Testosterone Undecanoate which comes in injection form, but there are also products with the same active substance that comes in gel capsules used by mouth but the trade names are Andriol and Jatenzo.

Undecanolab 250 is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) drug that is mainly used for the treatment of low testosterone levels in men. But it also can have other uses such as hormone therapy and others.

In fact, there’s absolutely no difference between Testosterone Undecanoate and any other form of testosterones with different esters. The only difference is the attached ester and the ester is only responding for the time release of the hormone in the body after its administration.

Testosterone Undecanoate is having the longest half life compared to any other esterified testosterones, nonetheless, bodybuilders and other people searching for athletic performance improvement are searching for other esterified forms of testosterone. With this being said, testosterone cypionate having a much shorter half life compared to undecanoate, is still much more famous.

Anyway, people searching for more stable blood levels and less frequent injections are searching for Testosterone Undecanoate and more specifically – Cernos Depot. In the end, you receive pure and synthetic testosterone which is working the exact same way as naturally occurring testosterone in the body helping with various health needs and with performance and physique improvement.

Testosterone Undecanoate Half Life

Testosterone Undecanoate is known to have the longest half life out of any other form of esterified testosterones. The elimination half life is 20.9 days if it comes in Tea Seed Oil but the half life is 33.9 days if it comes in Castor Oil.

Taking in consideration the half life of Testosterone Cypionate which is anywhere  between 5 to 10 days – that’s much more, not mentioning the shortest half life of Testosterone with the Propionate ester with half life of less than a day.

Longer half life has advantages (less frequent injections) but disadvantages too – flushes out of the body slower meaning that the possible side effects can persist for longer – plus detection time is longer too.

Cernos Depot Effectiveness | What is Testosterone Undecanoate Used For?

Cernos Depot is offering very high quality and pure Testosterone Undecanoate so you shouldn’t be worried about the effectiveness of this product. The product is going to offer high quality synthetic testosterone which is working the exact same way as natural testosterone.

Testosterone Undecanoate is medically used by patients suffering from low testosterone levels or for hormone replacement therapy as well as it might have other uses. However, in bodybuilding world is used for many different reasons.

Testosterone is the main male hormone responding for a lot of different processes in the male’s body. This is the main hormone responding for muscle mass growth as well as body fat reduction. Is the main male sexual hormone responding for libido, sexual traits, masculinization and other. Plus to that, it also responds for mental health too.

In short, this steroid is used for many different benefits including: faster metabolism, losing weight, adding muscle mass, improving endurance, improving recovery after each training and many other uses.

Testosterone is the main hormone for physique and performance enhancement.

Testosterone Undecanoate Dosage | Cernos Depot Administration

The administration with testosterone esters depends on each ester. There are testosterone esters with long half life requiring less frequent administrations and other testosterone esters with short half life which means you need to administer them more frequently.

Cernos Depot containing Testosterone Undecanoate, exactly as any other esterified testosterone, is coming in oil based form in either ampules or vials. This means that it should be used by injecting it intramuscularly.

Regardless which synthetic testosterone form you decide to use, keep in mind that dosages of testosterone are pretty much the same for all testosterones. The only difference is that they might offer different active doses and the shortest testosterones offer more active dose. For example – testosterone propionate with shortest half life has highest active dose of 80% meaning that out of 100 mg of testosterone propionate you would receive only 80 mg. As mentioned earlier – testosterone undecanoate has the longest half life and therefore the lowest active dose of 61%. Out of 100 mg you receive 61 mg pure testosterone.

So, with this being said – most bodybuilders are using anywhere between 250 mg to 1500 mg per week of synthetic testosterone. So if you need for example 500 mg of synthetic testosterone then we would recommend approximately 800 mg of Cernos Depot.

Testosterone generally is not recommended for female uses, but especially those with long esters like Undecanoate with the longest ester because of the possible virilizing symptoms.

The sweet spot for most men of synthetic testosterone is anywhere between 500 to 750 mg a week. Dosages up to 250 mg a week are generally used for TRT.

Thanks to long half life, Testosterone Undecanoate can be used with great success only once a week although some people have great success using it once every other week. This product is very versatile and can be stacked with any steroid and can be used for any training phase – cutting or bulking.

Cernos Depot / Testosterone Undecanoate Side Effects

Side effects of testosterone undecanoate are absolutely no different from any other testosterone forms out there. The ester is only responding for the time release and this means that the side effects might be either prolonged or lasting less depending on the ester.

With Testosterone Undecanoate the side effects might last very much time, but instead they won’t be as intense with others because the peak level is achieved much harder.

Side effects of testosterone are generally very well tolerated by most people and they are dose dependent. Side effects are associated with too high testosterone levels including: estrogenic side effects (because of aromatization), androgenic side effects (especially if predisposed), cholesterol and cardiovascular side effects as well as natural testosterone inhibition.

Where to Buy Testosterone Undecanoate? | Buy Cernos Depot

You can purchase Testosterone Undecanoate by getting the product Cernos Depot manufactured by 7Lab Pharma. You can be sure that is going to offer only real Cernos Depot product as we are official distributors meaning that you also get the lowest possible price.

Testosterone is very and very widely used by a lot of people all over the world for physique enhancement because testosterone is the most helpful and famous hormone for this purpose.

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