Winstrol Side Effects

Winstrol is extremely effective for physique and performance enhancement.

It does an amazing job in cutting cycles when customers need to maintain lean muscle mass, burn fat and display a hard and dry appearance. Nonetheless, Winstrol has its negative side effects. People with experience know what to expect from using it.

But if you’re thinking of using Winstrol for the first time, please take your time to read about its side effects.


If you’re going to read the reports and reviews, you’re going to notice that the main Winstrol side effects are the following:

  • Liver damage
  • Aching and painful joints
  • Acne and other androgen issues
  • Natural testosterone inhibition

However, there are other Winstrol side effects too. We’re going to talk about each one of them separately.

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Liver Damage

Winstrol – Stanozolol is an alkylated steroid. It is C17 alpha alkylated, which allows high bioactivity when used as oral pills as the compound is not destroyed by the liver. This makes it very effective when used orally, but there’s a big problem – liver toxicity. And Stanozolol is one of few steroids that remains liver toxic even if used as an injection.

That’s why we highly recommend keeping your liver healthy. You can do it by using short cycle lengths, low doses, adding liver protective supplements, and avoiding anything else that can further stress your liver. The liver is capable of regenerating itself, yes. However, if abusing Winstrol, you are likely to permanently damage your liver leading to cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver inflammation, or failure. Be very careful with it!


Aching and Painful Joints

A lot of people report painful and dry joint issues when running Winstrol. There is a belief that it is due to Winstrol’s drying effects. The compound is believed to pull water out of your body, and that’s including out of your joints too. But joints require water to remain healthy. That’s why it causes painful joints and ligaments. And that’s why people are becoming very dry and hard on Winstrol.

But on the other hand, some suggest that Winstrol doesn’t actually dry people’s joints. They report this issue because Winstrol does not aromatize into estrogen and doesn’t cause water retention as many other steroids do. So, they have a cutting cycle but maintain the same volume of training with calories deficiency. This leads to painful joints.

Acne and Other Androgen Issues

Acne is a commonly reported Winstrol side effect. That’s mainly because acne is formed when the powerful hormone dihydrotestosterone spikes. For example, usually, DHT spikes in teenagers and that’s why we can notice that a lot of teenagers are suffering from acne. Well, Stanozolol is a DHT derived steroid, that’s why DHT levels increase when Winny is added.

Users report acne related issues such as oily skin and others. But there are other androgenic issues (DHT related) that are possible to occur, especially if you’re genetically prone to them. Roid rage – aggression as well as hair loss, including others, are possible too.


Inhibition of Natural Testosterone Production

Exactly like any other anabolic steroid, Winstrol is going to inhibit natural testosterone levels. That’s a side effect specific to absolutely all anabolic steroids and you can’t change it. This happens because testosterone is produced by our bodies naturally. Nevertheless, when steroids are added, a huge spike in testosterone occurs. Through various processes in the body (such as GnRH production as well as LH and FSH production), the natural production of testosterone is decreased. That’s because the body receives signals that too many testosterone levels are in the body.

With this being said, you would expect your natural testosterone levels to drop as soon as you start a Winstrol cycle. Or a cycle with any other steroid. We highly recommend you to have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan. It would help reduce the recovery times of your body to produce normal natural testosterone levels again. Check for low Testosterone levels in men to see what you can expect if you don’t run a PCT plan. Our bodies would naturally recover, but it takes months or even years while with a PCT plan that’s just a matter of some weeks.

Other Winstrol Side Effects

There are various other Winstrol side effects that can be mentioned. Some may get some of these issues, others may stanodex-50-inj-winstrol-stanozolol-sciroxxnot. Some may get only one, others may get almost all of them. It, then again, depends on various factors such as dosage, cycle length, current health, lifestyle, age, gender, genetics, personal response, and many other factors. Here’s a short list of other possible Winstrol side effects:

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  • Insomnia
  • Mood changes
  • Night sweats
  • Erectile dysfunctionwinstrol saxon pharmaceuticals
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Weight changes
  • Stomach issues
  • Nausea
  • Infertility
  • Hypertension
  • Many others

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