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Testoxyl Propionate 100 (Testosterone Propionate)


Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Testoxyl Propionate 100 (Testosterone Propionate) is an amazing anabolic steroid that is extremely widely used among bodybuilders, fitness models and performance athletes. That’s all mostly because Testosterone Propionate is highly versatile, is extremely beneficial and is very well tolerated (especially by comparing with other compound out there) by most of all adult men and lastly – is also affordable too.

It is important to mention here that in the time is amazingly beneficial, there is no actual advantage of using Testosterone Propionate (or as is commonly being known by its short name as Testoxyl Propionate 100) over some other testosterone forms in the terms of specific benefits. It is important to understand that this testosterone compound is actually no more or no less side effect friendly than any other testosterone form available out there (testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate).

Nonetheless, you might still find some men out there saying that they would rather prefer testosterone propionate over the other 2 and that’s because they find it to be a little bit easier to maintain some stable and peaked blood levels with that form when the injection frequency is on an every other day basis. This is the only advantage because in the end, you are still receiving the same substance – exogenous testosterone. With this being said, it can be an advantage depending on your needs, but you can truly obtain the exact same results with Testosterone Propionate as with all other testosterone forms out there.

In the end, by purchasing Testosterone Propionate (Testoxyl Propionate 100) from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals the contents you should expect are: 100 mg/ ml of Testosterone Propionate U.S.P. (10 ml VIAL) and the chemicals names include: 4-androsten-3-one-17beta-ol, 17beta-hydroxy-a ndrost-4-en-3-one. The dosages greatly depends on the need but we are going to talk about this more detailed later. The active life of this compound is up to 2 days while the detection time is up to 3 weeks.

What is Testosterone Propionate? | About Testoxyl Propionate

Difference Between Testosterone Propionate, Enanthate and Cypionate

Testosterone Propionate is a single ester testosterone compound and is representing one of the most important testosterone compounds that have ever been manufactured. In addition to that, this has been the first commercially available testosterone product out there and I guess this means a lot.

Testosterone Propionate is a pure testosterone hormone that’s highly valued in the performance and physique enhancing communities. Even though this product is synthetic, is an ideal replica of the original, naturally produced male androgen testosterone. Looking at it, by design, this hormone is being attached to the Propionate (propionic acid) ester which is a small/ short ester that is enabling the hormone’s release time to be controlled. Without having an ester attached, the hormone is going to be dispersed and dissipate really fast after the user would administer it.

The added Propionate ester is slowing down a little bit the rate in which the testosterone is getting released from the injection site, however it only does it for a few days, compared to other esters which slow the rate much more. With all of this being said, testosterone propionate by comparing with some other and much slower acting testosterone esters like for example testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate, is a compound that is requesting a much more frequent dosing protocol because of the faster release ester.

While the faster release ester is the best choice for some people (because they think that it allows them to keep more stable blood levels), it can be the worst for others who want to have as little injections as possible. But in the end, regardless of the ester that you decide to get – you all get testosterone which would offer the same results.

Testosterone Propionate Effects

For the patient suffering with low testosterone condition, in case you are going to supplement with Testosterone Propionate, you are not going to have this condition anymore and that’s because your body is going to get enough testosterone by supplementing with the compound regularly. This is the main effect of the testosterone in this regard.

As for the off season athlete/ bodybuilder who is searching for more strength and muscles, there are only very few anabolic steroids out there that can offer the lean tissue growth like the Testosterone Propionate does. The user of this compound is going to be able to grow in size at a much more significant rate and all of that with less body fat accumulation that would otherwise occur.

However, the person still must eat enough (in order to receive enough calories) otherwise there’s just nothing what to transform into muscles and in the same time the users still should train enough in order to burn enough calories. By eating a lot in the time you are training a lot, adding the testosterone is going to be a great combination because it would allow a much faster growth of lean tissue while burning more calories that you would burn otherwise.

In order to lose the body fat, the user should burn more calories than they are consuming and that’s a well known fact because you won’t lose any body fat without eating less than you burn. It is the other way for the off season individual who should eat more than burning if he is looking for muscle growth. anyway, because of the necessary caloric restriction, this can put your lean muscle mass at risk of losing it and in most cases, this does occur without the addition of a protective substance, like for example, without adding testosterone.

It all happens because the body is going to take whatever it needs in order to meet its demands of energy and is going to do so from anywhere it can get it, very often this is including the muscle tissues as well. For this reason, a lot of people notice they are having much more strength and muscles during their off season rather than when they try to lose extra fat.

By administering with Testosterone Propionate, the pronounced enhancement of anabolic action is going to protect that lean tissue as this action is working as a lean tissue (muscles) protectant and this is why it is going to ensure that you are going to burn body fat. With all of this being said, by supplementing with Testosterone Propionate you are going to be able to burn more body fat, protect your muscles and be able to grow new muscles.

In addition to all of that, the effects of the testosterone propionate is also resulting in greater muscular endurance as well. with this being said, by supplementing with it you are going to be able to do more work and you are not going to get tired out as fast and plus to that, you are going to recover after the intense work out much faster either. This is also including the recovery of the tore down muscle tissue (after training) and that’s exactly what makes us grow new muscles (the recovery of the tore down muscle tissue).

Generally, it is important to understand that endurance and recovery are 2 of the key elements to the successful athletic performance. Plus to that, there is also something else that looks like an added bonus – the high testosterone levels are also going to increase the individual’s strength either. It is quite obvious that this is a big advantage to an athlete and that it is being very welcomed in an off season cycle that it is being designed for the physique enhancement.

By most accounts out there, Testosterone Propionate is an older and cruder form of injectable testosterone which is made obsolete by the slow acting and more comfortable esters that have been developed subsequent to it. But still there are those people out there who do not find a problem to have the frequent injection schedule to find Testosterone Propionate a pretty acceptable testosterone, in fact, as I already said – there are those people who find it the best form of testosterone as they love the frequent injecting schedule for keeping stable blood levels.

Anyway, as an injectable testosterone, is a powerful mass building steroid that is very capable of offering some really rapid and huge gains in both the muscles size and in the strength either.

How Long Testosterone Propionate Stays in the Body?

Testosterone Propionate Dosage | Testoxyl Propionate 100 Administration

When it comes to the dosage for the male athletes then it is said that usually, the normal range for them is anywhere between 50 mg to 100 mg per injection and this protocol is given every second or at least third day. Being similar to some other esters of testosterone, the testosterone propionate is usually used at weekly cumulative dosage anywhere between 200 mg to 400 mg.

It is not unheard of people using higher doses of that, however, it doesn’t really matter what ester of testosterone you use – the most common dosage is 200 mg to 400 mg range dose per week. It is believed that this level is just enough for the most users to notice some amazing muscle gains as well as exceptional gains in strength too.

As for the performance enhancing athletes using Testosterone Propionate, 25 to 50 mg every other day is generally a solid dose for this compound in order to fight off with the suppression that might be caused by the use of some other anabolic steroids out there. This dosage also holds effective for the low testosterone patient that might need Testosterone Propionate or any other testosterone form.

Anyway, for getting a true anabolic benefit, the doses will usually be in the 100 mg per week every other day range. It is considered that this is a very safe dosage protocol as this dosage is easy to control and should be very well tolerated by the most adult men out there. Some higher doses also can be used (as they are generally indeed used by a lot of bodybuilders) as most men can well tolerate a dosage of 150 mg taken every other day. This dosage might prove be too high for some people, but generally, most men shouldn’t have issues at this dosage. Also, a lot of men are going to be able to tolerate the dosage of 200 mg every other day as well, relatively easy.

It is very important to always remember that the higher the dosage is the greater the chances are of having negative side effects and they are worse as the dosage is getting higher. The higher doses is going to require more caution and more effort into controlling the side effects, however is more than possible to control them even at the 200 mg every other day dosage protocol. Generally, it is not recommending the mega or over dosing which is a dosage above 1000 mg per week. Besides the fact that it might be unhealthy and barely tolerable by few men when taking such high doses, it is believed that there is little difference in terms of benefits. This is why, the practice of over or mega dosing is not recommended.

With this being said, doses of anywhere between 20 mg to 200 mg every other day is perfect in terms of side effects (keeping them low) and in terms of benefits (dosage should be depending on the purpose of using this steroid). In the end, it doesn’t really matter what is the purpose of using it, Testosterone Propionate is working very well with all anabolic steroids out there and that’s why it can be stacked with anything.

Testosterone Propionate should be stacked with different steroids depends on your personal needs. For example, off season bulking plans are very often going to include some compounds like Nandrolone Decanoate but there are others as well. In addition to that, during the cutting phase, Testosterone Propionate is working very well with Oxandrolone, with Trenbolone, Drostanolone, Methenolone as well as Stanozolol. A lot of people make the mistake thinking that Testosterone Propionate or any other testosterone ester is good only during the bulking cycles, that’s definitely not true as is a great compound for burning fat, boosting metabolism and protecting muscles (lean tissue) during calorie insufficiency.

Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

It is a very well known thing that testosterone is readily aromatized in the body to estradiol (estrogen). The aromatase (estrogen synthetase) enzyme is being responsible for that metabolism of the testosterone. With this being said, with the user administers Testosterone Propionate (or any other testosterone) high levels of estrogen would result. However, elevated estrogen levels can cause side effects like for example increased water retention (which can therefore lead to high blood pressure), gynecomastia as well as body fat gain.

While this might not become a problem for most men using moderate doses of testosterone, it might become an issue for more sensitive individuals. For this, they might need to use an anti estrogen which is usually enough to deal with the high estrogen related side effects. In case this is not enough, they might resort to Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) like for example Anastrazole which is recommended only to most sensitive people when high estrogen related side effects can’t be controlled with anti estrogens like tamoxifen citrate. That’s because generally, AIs are much more expensive and plus to that, they might have a negative impact on the Blood Lipids.

Plus to everything just mentioned, everyone needs to know that the elevated levels of testosterone are very likely to produce some androgenic side effects and most commonly, such side effects are including: oily skin, acne as well as body and facial hair growth. Due to the androgenic negative effects, those men that are having a genetic predisposition for hair loss (androgenic alopecia) also may notice that they are having accelerated male pattern balding by using the testosterone (regardless of the ester). It is generally not recommended for a man predisposed with this condition to use testosterone in case that’s a problem for the individual. This side effect will not affect those men that are not predisposed to male pattern hair loss.

Any anabolic/ androgenic steroid also can have some negative adverse effects on the serum cholesterol too. This is the reason why those men already having cholesterol issues before using the steroid should avoid it otherwise the cholesterol issues are going to get even worse. However, if you’re healthy enough to use testosterone (by not having cholesterol issues), use it alongside a healthy lifestyle and cholesterol friendly manner because the damaging effects on serum cholesterol includes the potency to reduce the HDL (good) cholesterol numbers and in the same time to increase the LDL (bad) cholesterol numbers. When these numbers change for the worse, it could change the HDL to LDL balance into a way that would be much more favorable for an arteriosclerosis condition to appear and generally having cholesterol issues.

Very often, testosterone propionate (Testoxyl Propionate 100) is regarded as a quite painful injection. That’s mainly because of the very short carbon chain of the propionic acid ester and this can be often irritating to the tissues at the injection site. This is not a problem for less sensitive individuals but those who are more sensitive decide to stay way from this compound completely because of the steroid’s ester. Their bodies are having a negative reaction with a pronounced soreness as well as a low grade fever that sometimes can last for a few days after every injection.

The use of the exogenous testosterone (considering you’re not suffering from low testosterone condition) is able to have a really negative effect on the cholesterol numbers and that’s particularly in the suppression or the reduction of the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) values. It has been found out that some low doses of Testosterone (propionate or whatever other) have been proven to have some very little negative effect on the HDL cholesterol, nearly unnoticed. However, the situation greatly changed when it was taken alongside with an AI and that’s because even low doses of 200 to 300 mg per week alongside with an AI have been shown to suppress the good cholesterol (HDL) values by 20 to 25%! That’s in the time that much higher doses of testosterone propionate (doses that are considered over or mega dosing) are having a HDL cholesterol suppression of 20% if the testosterone is not taken with an Aromatase Inhibitor, which means that with moderate doses the suppression is lower.

With this being said, if there’s going to be added an AI then this number is going to noticeably increase. If cholesterol is a problem, the use of an AI along with testosterone is not recommended. With all of this being said, regardless if you are going to use an added AI (but especially if you use it), it is strongly recommended to have a cholesterol friendly lifestyle. This includes an active cardiovascular exercise program during the entire administration with the testosterone and also a cholesterol friendly diet. Such a diet is when the simple sugars with saturated fats are excluded from the diet and omega fatty acids (fish oils) are added. Also is recommended to add some antioxidants too.

The use of Testosterone Propionate is going to suppress the natural testosterone production and this is going to happen regardless of what’s your tolerance to the steroid. This is not going to be a concern for the patient that has the low testosterone condition. That’s because, to begin with, that is a person that is no longer producing enough testosterone. As for the performance athlete, that might become a big problem but only after the use is discontinued. However, that’s absolutely no problem either and that’s because while the athlete is on cycle with the exogenous testosterone, he is also going to get enough testosterone for the body with all that it requires.

As soon as the use of all the anabolic steroids are going to come to an end, the natural testosterone production is going to start once again. But it is important to keep in mind that the normal levels are not going to return back overnight, usually this is requiring some time, most commonly from one to 4 months, but it can be up to a year. For this reason, the body is not going to get enough testosterone (you discontinue the use and the natural testosterone production is suppressed). In this situation it is recommended to have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan as this is going to offer a faster and better recovery.

It has been established that Testosterone Propionate is not being toxic to the liver. By using this steroid, is not going to show no stress or damage to the liver. There were studies done involving really high doses of testosterone and with mega dosing, the liver enzymes barely had any changes. That is why, by using testosterone alone you are not going to get any damage to the vital organ, however remember that testosterone itself is not damaging the liver, however, if you are going to use it alongside a product that might damage the liver – testosterone definitely won’t be a protective compound.

Why Buy Testosterone Propionate | Where Buy Testosterone

By purchasing Testosterone Propionate from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals (or Testoxyl Propionate 100) you would be happy with the benefits it can bring to you in case you are not sensitive to the ester which can be irritating at the injection site.

Those people who are looking to get testosterone benefits and are searching for as stable blood levels as possible while dealing well with the possible irritation at the injection site then they won’t find anything better than Testosterone Propionate. There are 3 different Testosterone esters and they are all unique with their own advantages and disadvantages. Testosterone Propionate is the one with the slowest release of Testosterone hormone in the body.


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