Testosterone Gel (Cernos Gel 1 % W/W)


Substance: Testosterone
Pack: 14 sachets (5gm/10mg per 1 gm)
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

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What is Cernos Gel? | What is Testosterone Gel?

Cernos Gel is the brand name for the active substance Testosterone which is known as Testosterone Gel that is coming in a pack containing 14 sachets, each sachet containing 5 gm/ 10 mg per 1 gm offering a total of 50 mg of testosterone per sachet which should be applied topically (only for external use).

Cernos Gel is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries but there’s also a better known brand name AndroGel and both these 2 compounds are offering pretty much the exact same active substance of the same high quality but Cernos Gel made by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries is a much cheaper alternative for AndroGel. Customers are going to get a high quality Testosterone Gel but for a much lower price.

This is a medicine that is being used in the treatment of male hypogonadism which is being caused by the low levels of testosterone. The compound is medically being prescribed to those men which were diagnosed with the known medical conditions as is great in restoring the level of testosterone in the male body.

This substance is being used by men who do not want to inject testosterone or use it orally and the compound can be used by those men searching for physique and performance enhancement, however, this method of administration offered by Cernos Gel isn’t as popular as injections or tablets (capsules).

Cernos 1% Gel is actually a naturally occurring sex hormone – testosterone in men and women. When being applied, the user is getting more testosterone levels and that’s how this compound is helping customers to deal with low testosterone level conditions such as delayed puberty, impotence as well as other hormonal imbalances.

Taking in consideration that ultimately, this compound is offering testosterone, the compound can be used by anyone who is looking to increase testosterone levels for various needs including bodybuilding uses.

How Long Does it Take For Testosterone Gel to Work?

What is Testosterone Gel Used For? | Cernos Gel

Testosterone Gel found in Cernos Gel is starting to work immediately as soon as is being applied, however, the individual requires a while until the effects of this medicine start to be seen and multiple applications might be required.

In fact, the amount of time that is needed for this compound to start showing the effectiveness is the subject to vary for each individual and it can be different based on the route of administration.

As mentioned, this compound is used for various uses triggered by low testosterone conditions. Mainly, Cernos Gel is being used for treating hypogonadism – the condition where the male body is not creating enough of the main hormone testosterone due to various conditions – mainly because of the decreased functioning of the male sex organs.

But this compound is having other uses as well such as breast cancer because the compound is stopping the release of estrogen and is the subject of attention of bodybuilders and athletes searching to increase their testosterone levels.

This is important for them because Cernos Gel is offering synthetic testosterone that is working the exact same way as naturally occurring testosterone in the body and since this is the main and the essential hormone for growing muscles and increasing strength as well as overall physique look – this compound can be very helpful for them.

The compound is working by replenishing the deficient testosterone levels in adult men.

How to Apply Testosterone Gel? | Testosterone Gel Dosage | Cernos Gel Administration

Cernos Gel containing Testosterone Gel, as mentioned, comes in form of sachets that should be applied externally only. The compound is intended by topical use and should not be swallowed. If you get this compound prescribed for a health condition, use it exactly in the dosage and duration and dosage frequency as is being recommended by the doctor who prescribed it.

Before using, it recommended to clean and dry the affected area and apply this gel. Usually, the compound is used once a day daily or as recommended which would offer 50 mg per day of testosterone or 350 mg of testosterone per week.

However, those seeking to increase testosterone levels for physique and performance enhancement purposes might use as much as 2 sachets a day (10 gm meaning 100 mg of Testosterone per day) and offering 700 mg a week. Some might use even more – 3 sachets offering more effectiveness, but greatly increasing side effects risks.

The compound is having quite a short half life that is allowing for as infrequent administration as once a day. Using it less than this, the compound might not be very effective.

Testosterone Gel Side Effects | Cernos Gel Side Effects

Side effects of Testosterone Gel found in Cernos Gel are pretty much the exact same side effect as with any other testosterone compound regardless of the method of administration or other factors as long as the individual receives testosterone.

However, remember that the side effects are greatly correlated with the dosage taken – the higher the dosage you use, the higher the chance of getting negative side effects. Plus to this, there are methods of how you can avoid getting side effects such as having a healthy lifestyle with diet and regular exercises, using supplements, never abusing the compound and other various methods.

Also, is very important to know that the compound should not be used if you’re having some pre existent health issues and especially: allergy to testosterone or any other ingredients that are present in this compound, male patients that are suffering from breast cancer; prostate cancer; pregnancy or planning to get pregnant.

Some of the severe or major side effects of Cernos 1% Gel containing Testosterone Gel includes enlargement of breasts in males because of the estrogen conversion due to aromatization and due to the same factors – weight gains (water retention) as well as bloating including other estrogen related side effects.

Due to androgenic elevation, there might appear other side effects too such as acne; oily skin; hair loss and others. Natural testosterone might be inhibited and also the user might get negative effects on cholesterol numbers and cardiovascular health.

This compound might also offer irritation at the area where was the compound applied; irritation at mouth or gum; dry mouth; trouble sleeping and some other side effects that were not mentioned here.

Testosterone Gel For Sale | Get Generic Testosterone Gel | Buy Cernos Gel

Cernos Gel which might be better known as AndroGel is a very high quality medicine manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries. Cernos Gel and AndroGel are both the exact same compound offering synthetic testosterone known as Testosterone Gel intended for topical use but since Cernos Gel is something like a generic Testosterone Gel, you can get this compound for a much lower price and therefore save a lot of money.

Testosterone Gel found in Cernos Gel is on a sale which can be very easily purchased from IronDaddy.to and you’re guaranteed to get an amazing product that can work wonders for a very low price.

Keep in mind that with this compound you receive synthetic testosterone as you can get it from any other testosterone compound with any other administration method. This compound is perfect for those who do not want to swallow tablets/ capsules and do not want to inject themselves since you need to use it externally – topical use.

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