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Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone)


Substance: Oxandrolone
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 50 tabs (10mg/tab)

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Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) is an oral anabolic steroid which has derived from dihydrotestosterone and is one of the most used steroids in the world as it got a huge popularity thanks to its effects. It has been designed to have a very strong separation of anabolic and androgenic effect and is offering no significant estrogenic or progestational activity, especially if compared to other steroids. Oxandrolone is being a steroid that is so widely used for being quite mild as far as oral steroids are concerned, is having pretty good effects for the promotion of the strength and quality muscle tissue gains and that’s without any significant side effects. By comparing this product milligram for milligram to testosterone, it is showing as much as 6 times the anabolic activity in assays and that’s in the time is having quite a significantly less androgenicity level.

When it comes to effectiveness of this compound, Oxandrolone is being especially favorite for those bodybuilders and competitive athletes who are in their dieting/ cutting phases. Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) has always been an extremely helpful products for athletes in speed/ anaerobic performance sports. That’s all because those people need to get pure tissue gain (without fat or water retention) and the effects of this steroid are fitting very well with the desired goals of these people. In addition to that, it can be said that Oxandrolone is on the top list of the most used steroids for women.

Generally, the product is considered to be pretty mild in terms of side effects. Even though there are other steroids which are even milder – they are not considered to be so effective. With this being said, the side effects and effectiveness ratio is extremely favorable for Oxandrolone, therefore is one of the most used and most popular steroid in the world. Chemical names are: 17β-hydroxy-17α-methyl-2-oxa-5α-androstan-3-one and by purchasing Oxandroxyl (with active substance) Oxandrolone from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals you can expect to get a pack of 50 x 10 mg tablets. There’s also other information that we should check.

Answers to some important questions like:

What is Oxandrolone?

What is Oxandrolone Used For?

How Does Oxandrolone Work?

Oxandrolone Dosage

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Estrogenic Side Effects

As it was earlier mentioned, Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) is having no significant estrogenic activity and with this being said, Oxandrolone estrogenic side effects are of no concern. That’s all because this steroid is not being aromatized by the body and therefore is not measurably estrogenic.

In addition to that, there are other steroids which are not offering estrogenic activity but they are offering progestational activity which is offering pretty similar side effects. Oxandrolone is not being related to progestational activity either. Since the steroid is not estrogenic and not having progestational activity – the use of an anti estrogen makes it unnecessary when you are using this steroid, compared to many other steroids out there. That’s because such side effects that are associated with them: gynecomastia or water retention should not be a problem even among the most sensitive individuals using the steroid.

Due to the fact that estrogen is the main and usual culprit when it comes to water retention, Oxandrolone is not going to offer it (and therefore no high blood pressure thanks to water retention) but instead is going to offer a lean, quality look to the physique without having any fear of excess subcutaneous fluid retention. This is what is making this steroid to be very highly valuable and favorable by a lot of athletes when using it during the cutting cycles, in the periods when water and fat retention are big concerns.

In addition to that, Oxandrolone is considered to be a very popular steroid among those athletes in the strength/ speed sports like for example swimming, sprinting and gymnastics where muscle endurance and strength are main needs. In such disciplines, an individual usually does not need to carry around excess water weight as it can be quite problematic. Many of those people find out that the raw muscle growth which is offered by Oxandrolone is quite favorable compared to the lower quality mass gains of aromatizable agents which can offer much bigger gains, but excess of water retention might become a problem as well.

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Androgenic Side Effects

Even though this product is being categorized as an anabolic steroid, is still having some androgenic activity and with this being said, the androgenic side effects are still possible when administering this compound. Therefore, androgen related side effects such as oily skin, acne, body hair growth as well as hair loss in those men who are genetically predisposed to it are all possible. Nonetheless, those are not very common. These are the side effects that are offered by nearly all anabolic steroids as they are all offering androgenic activity.

In addition to that, it is important to know that the androgenic side effects of Oxandrolone can also include virilization in women and with this being said, such side effects as body hair growth, clitoral enlargement, menstrual irregularities, a deepening of the vocal chords as well as changes in skin texture are all possible. In fact, they are ensured in case a woman would take too high doses of it. nonetheless, the good news is that virilization is not a very common thing when the women are using it responsibly with normal doses.

But it is important to remember that is still possible and it may occur even in low doses in the most sensitive women. In case the virilization symptoms can indeed occur and Oxandrolone is being discontinued, the symptoms are going to fade away very soon, however in case those symptoms are going to be ignored and the use of the steroid continued, then there’s quite a high chance that the symptoms are going to become irreversible and would be permanent.

Remember that Oxandrolone is a steroid with quite a low androgenic activity relative to its tissue building actions, therefore this is making the threshold for the strong androgenic side effects to be much higher if compared with a lot of androgenic agents like for example testosterone, fluoxymesterone or methandrostenolone. The low androgenic activity of the Oxandrolone is because of (partially) the fact that is being a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, this is creating a less androgenic steroid due to the fact that agent lacks the capacity to interact with the 5 alpha reductase enzyme and is converting it into a much more potent “dihydro” type.

This is being unlike testosterone and this is several times much more active in the androgen responsive target tissues like for example skin, prostate and the scalp (those are areas where 5 alpha reductase is being present in very high amounts) because of its conversion to the DHT. It is said that in fact, Oxandrolone is having a much more balanced level of potency between muscle and androgen target tissues and that’s noted to be quite a similar situation as is seen with Primobolan.

With this being said, it is believed that such stacks are being very highly favored for increasing muscularity and definition of the user. In addition to that, you can add an in-between (lean mass gain) as it might be to add in 200 to 400 mg of a low estrogenic compound like for example Deca Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) or Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) as these products would be some great additions to the stack.

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Hepatotoxicity Side Effects

Oxandrolone is an oral steroid so is a C17 alpha alkylated substance. This alteration is protecting the drug from deactivation by the liver, therefore is allowing a very high percentage of the drug to enter into the bloodstream after the oral administration of the drug.

Absolutely all of the C17 alpha alkylated anabolic/ androgenic steroids can be hepatotoxic so liver issue might become a problem. This is the reason why prolonged or high exposure (high doses) are not recommended because they may result in liver damage. In fact, by having too high exposures or way too much prolonged exposure to the C17 alpha alkylated substances, there are some rare instances where life threatening dysfunction might occur.

With all of this being said, is highly recommended to periodically visit a physician during the cycle of C17 alpha alkylated products in order to check the liver function and the overall health. The intake of the C17-alpha alkylated steroids are commonly limited as they should not go further than 6 to 8 weeks. This is done in the attempt to avoid escalating liver strain and keeping it healthy without damaging the liver. This is one of the main reasons why those people who are already having some/ any liver issues shouldn’t use C17 alpha alkylated compound /steroids. Oxandrolone is not being recommended to such people.

Oxandrolone does seem to offer quite a less hepatic stress compared to some other C17 alpha alkylated steroids, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t damage it if responsible use won’t be applied. The manufacturer of this product is not identifying Oxandrolone as a steroid that is extensively metabolized by the liver like some other C17 alpha alkylated oral steroids and this, as much as we can guess, it is the main factor in its reduced hepatotoxicity.

This is being proved by the fact that more than a third of the compound is still being intact when is being excreted in the urine. There’s also another study that is comparing the effects of the oxandrolone to some other alkylated agents where such products as norethandrolone,methyltestosterone, fluoxymesterone as well as methandriol were present. In that study, it has been proven the fact that oxandrolone is causing the lowest sulfobromophthalein (BSP; which is a marker of the liver stress) retention compared to all other agents that were tested. There it was noticed that 20 mg of Oxandrolone use has produced approximately 72% less BSP retention compared to the same dosage of fluoxymesterone.

That’s a huge difference taken in consideration that they are both 17 alpha alkylated. Therefore we can say with certitude that although Fluoxymesterone and Oxandrolone are both C17 alpha alkylated steroid, Oxandrolone is much safer for the liver.

Plus to this, there’s a more recent study which has looked at the escalating doses (20 mg; 40 mg and 80 mg) of Oxandrolone in 262 HIV positive men. The drug has been given for a total period of 12 weeks. The group of men who were taking 20 mg of Oxandrolone per day has showed no statistically significant trends of hepatotoxicity in the liver enzyme (AST/ ALT; amino transferase as well as alanine amino transferase) numbers.

There was a difference in those group of men who were using 40 mg as they have noticed a mean increase of approximately 30 to 50 % in the liver enzyme values. Then, there was the last group of men who were taking 80 mg of Oxandrolone who has noticed an approximate increase of anywhere between 50 to 100%. An approximately number of 10 to 11% of those patients in the 40 mg group has noticed World Health Organization (WHO) grade III and IV toxicity according to the AST and ALT numbers. This figure has jumped higher to 15% in those men who were taking 80 mg.

With all of this being said we can conclude the following: in the time that some very serious hepatotoxicity cannot and shouldn’t be excluded with the use of Oxandrolone, those studies are suggesting and proving that is a lot much safer to use it (for the liver health) compared to many other alkylated agents.

With this being said, the use of a liver detoxification supplement like for example Liv-52, Liver Stabil or Essential Forte is going to be very welcomed. It is very recommended to add some liver detoxification supplement in the time that you are taking any hepatotoxic/ anabolic androgenic steroids. Also don’t forget to avoid other liver stressing substances while administering with Oxandrolone. They include: other C17 alpha alkylated steroids, OTC medications and alcohol – these are the 3 main things that should be avoided.

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Cardiovascular Side Effects

Remember that all of the anabolic/ androgenic steroids can have deleterious effects on the serum cholesterol. The effects are including a tendency to reduce the HDL (good) cholesterol numbers and in the same time to increase the LDL (bad) cholesterol numbers and this may shift the HDL to LDL balance into a direction that is favoring a greater risk of arteriosclerosis. The impact of the steroid is depending on a few different things.

For example, the impact of the steroids on the serum lipids depends on the route of administration (oral or injectable), is very highly dependent on the dosage, on the type of steroid (either aromatizable or non aromatizable) as well as on the level of the resistance to the hepatic metabolism. Oxandrolone is having a pretty strong effect on the hepatic management of the cholesterol because of its structural resistance to liver breakdown, to its non aromatizable nature and to its oral route of administration. With all of these combined together, we can understand that Oxandrolone is by far not the mildest steroid to the cardiovascular side effects.

In the study that has been mentioned a little bit earlier in those HIV positive males, it was noticed that 20 mg of Oxandrolone daily for 12 weeks have caused a mean serum HDL reduction of 30%. The HDL numbers have been suppressed by around 33% in those men who were using 40 mg and the suppression increased to 50% in those group of men who were using 80 mg of it. This has been accompanied by a statistically significant increase in the LDL values (by approximately 30 to 33%) in the 40 mg and in the 80 mg groups, therefore increasing the atherogenic risk. The anabolic/ androgenic steroids also may have a negative effect on the blood pressure and on the triglycerides, it may reduce the endothelial relaxation and to support the left ventricular hypertrophy, all of which can potentially increase the risk of the cardiovascular disease as well as the myocardial infarction.

There was one time when Oxandrolone has been looked at as a possible drug for those who are suffering from such disorders as high cholesterol and triglycerides. There were some early studies which have shown it to be a capable drug to lower the total cholesterol and the triglyceride values in some certain types of hyperlipidemic patients, which has been thought to signify the potential for this drug as a lipid lowering agent. However, with some further investigation it has been noticed that any lowering of the total cholesterol values has been accompanied by a redistribution in the ration of the good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol which has favored a greater atherogenic risk.

With this being said, this is negating any of the positive effect that this substance might have on the triglycerides or on the total cholesterol values and in fact, is making it to be quite a potential dangerous product in terms of cardiac risks, and that’s especially true when is being used for some prolonged periods of time.

Today we understand very well that as a group, anabolic/ androgenic steroids tend to produce some very unfavorable changes in the lipid profiles and they are really not very useful in the disorders of the lipid metabolism. Since is being an oral c17 alpha alkylated steroid, Oxandrolone is considered to be even more risky to use it in that regard than an esterified injectable like for example testosterone or nandrolone.

Keep in mind that is essential to have a cholesterol friendly lifestyle as this can greatly help. In order to reduce the cardiovascular strain, it is very highly recommended to maintain an active cardiovascular exercise program. This would greatly help. In addition to that, a diet would be essential. The individual should have a diet where the intake of the saturated fats, simple sugars/ carbohydrates and cholesterol should be minimized or completely avoided in case is possible. This should be done during the entire active administration with the steroid.

In addition to that, a cholesterol friendly diet should include lots of omega fatty acids, therefore supplementing with daily fish oils (at least 4 grams a day) is greatly recommended. Lately, to add a natural cholesterol/ antioxidant formula like for example Lipid Stabil or a product that is having some comparable ingredients is highly recommended.

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Testosterone Suppression Side Effects

Exactly as with absolutely all other anabolic steroids out there, Oxandrolone is going to suppress the natural testosterone production in all men who are using it. The suppression is occurring at different rates depending on the personal response to the drug, on the dosage and so on and so forth. In the study that was earlier mentioned in those HIV positive males, 12 weeks of 20 mg or 40 mg per day of Oxandrolone has caused an approximate of 45% reduction in the serum testosterone levels. However, the group who were taking 80 mg has noticed a decrease in testosterone of 66%.

Similar trends of decrease have been noticed in the LH production either. With only 20 mg and also with 40 mg doses it has causing a reduction of LH of 25-30%. Those men who were using 80 mg has noticed a decline of more than 50%. Plus to that, there were studies done on buys with constitutionally delayed puberty which has proven a significant suppression of the endogenous LH and testosterone with as little as only 2.5 mg per day.

With everything above mentioned, even though it is said that Oxandrolone is one mild anabolic in terms of side effects, most men are still going to need some form of exogenous testosterone if they are using Oxandrolone because their testosterone might get too suppressed. Those people who do not supplement with some form of exogenous testosterone are having quite a high chance to get into the low testosterone condition which is coming with all the possible symptoms.

Generally, low testosterone condition can be very unhealthy for a male and it should be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t matter what exogenous testosterone is added – it can be testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate or testosterone propionate, in the end, what really matters is that the user is adding some testosterone in order to avoid low testosterone condition.

As soon as the use of the Oxandrolone is going to come to an end, and then all of the anabolic steroids are going to get fully flushed out from the body, the natural testosterone production is going to start once again. However, the pre use levels won’t return back overnight, it is requiring at least a few months, but sometimes it can be even up to a full year. This is the main reason why most men are going to need to introduce a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan in order to help with the recovery. In fact, this practice is recommended to anyone who used steroids as it greatly helps.

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Administration General

There were studies done in which is proven the fact that using an oral anabolic steroid with food may decrease its bioavailability and for this reason, it is recommended to use any oral anabolic steroid (including Oxandrolone) on an empty stomach in order to get the maximum out of it.

This is being caused by the fat soluble nature of the steroid hormone and this can allow some of the drug to be dissolved with the undigested dietary fat, therefore it is reducing its absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Then again, in order to get a maximum utilization of Oxandrolone or any other oral anabolic steroid – they should be taken on an empty stomach.

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Administration For Men

The original prescribing guidelines for Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) has called for a daily dosage of between 2.5 mg and 20 mg per day (however, the dosage of 5 to 10 mg daily is considered to be the most common). This dosage protocol has usually been recommended for a period of 2 to 4 weeks, however, there were situations (occasionally) when it has been given for as long as 3 months period.

The dosing guidelines has recommended with the current US production form of the drug (Oxandroxyl, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals) which also has called for anywhere in between 2.5 mg and 20 mg of this substance per day, taken in some intermittent cycles of anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. The usual dosage for the physique or for performance enhancing purposes is anywhere in the range of 15 to 25 mg per day while taken for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. All of these protocols are not far removed from those that are considered to be normal therapeutic situations.

As when it is being taken for the performance and/ or performance enhancing purposes, Oxandrolone is very often being combined with some other steroids in order to get a more drastic / defined result. Like for example, when the individual is trying to bulk up, he might consider to add to the mix a dosage of 200 to 400 mg of a testosterone ester (doesn’t really matter – enanthate, cypionate or propionate) per week. The result needs to be a considerable gain in the new muscle mass, with a much more comfortable level of water as well as fat retention than if taking a higher dose of testosterone alone.

However, for the dieting phases, an individual might alternatively combine Oxandrolone with a non aromatizing steroid like for example 150 mg per week of trenbolone ester or a dosage anywhere between 200 to 300 mg of Primobolan (methenolone enanthate). Such stacks are usually being very highly favored for increasing the definition and muscularity.

An in between (to get lean mass gain) purpose might be to add in anywhere between 200 to 400 mg of a low estrogenic compound, usually it is either Deca Durabolin (nandorlone decanoate) or Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) as such as mix would offer great results.

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) Administration For Women

The original prescribing guidelines for (Oxandryl) Oxandrolone did not offer separate dosing recommendations for women, even though it has been indicating that those women who are pregnant, or may become pregnant, they should not use this drug as it may harm the unborn fetus. The current guidelines for Oxandroxyl also do not make special dosing recommendations for women. It is established that many women who fear the masculinizing effects of a lot of steroids out there, they might be quite comfortable while using this steroid and that’s because these properties are very rarely seen with low doses while using Oxandrolone.

For the physique and/ or performance enhancing reasons, a daily dosage of anywhere between 5 to 10 mg should offer some really noticeable muscle growth and that’s in the time the women shouldn’t get any noticeable androgenic (virilizing) side effects of other drugs. This dosing protocol should be taken for a period that is not going to be longer than 4 to 6 weeks. There also may be some eager females who may wish to add another mild anabolic like for example Durabolan, Winstrol or Primobolan to their stack.

When the steroid is being combined with such anabolics, the user should notice some pretty faster and more pronounced muscle building effects, however it also may increase the chances of getting the androgenic (virilizing) side effects or also chances of getting worse hepatotoxicity effects in the case of using it alongside with Winstrol.

Where To Buy Oxandrolone? | Why Buy Oxandrolone (Oxandroxyl)

Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone) from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is a great product which can be extremely helpful for both males and females when using it for performance and/ or physique enhancing purposes. This steroid is mostly being used as a cutting agent, but it also can be great for bulking in order to get a lean/ defined and pure muscle growth.

This steroid won’t offer huge raw mass gains and is not a product that would offer great results overnight, but the growth offered from using it, remains long term. Oxandrolone is an extremely mild anabolic steroid and is considered much milder in terms of side effects compared to many others. A lot of bodybuilders get it to burn fat and to build muscle mass.

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