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Substance: Letrozole
Manufacturer: Hutech Labs
Pack: 50 tabs (2,5mg/tab)

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What is Letrozole? | What is Femara?

Letrozole is the active substance of a medication that is an aromatase inhibitor (AI) which is often sold as the brand name Femara among others but is sold with the same brand name as the active substance – Letrozole by Hutech Labs. That is a famous pharmaceutical company oriented in manufacturing high quality products intended to help people searching for physique and performance enhancement.

Hutech Labs is known to offer Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), steroids as well as medication that are intended to help to offset the side effects of using those steroids and Letrozole is one of them.

We would recommend Letrozole from Hutech Labs over other Letrozole products sold as Femara or other brand names due to the fact that customers are able to save a lot of money as the price is much lower while they would receive the same high quality Letrozole medicine.

As mentioned, Letrozole is in the Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) class of drugs alongside with other notable AIs such as Arimidex – Anastrozole and AromasinExemestane. Aromatase Inhibitors is a subcategory in a wider class of drugs known as Anti Estrogens. That’s because Aromatase Inhibitors alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) types of drugs including Nolvadex – Tamoxifen and Clomid – Clomiphene Citrate form up Anti Estrogens.

Anti Estrogens are types of drugs that are known to deal with estrogenic control, but there’s a huge difference between SERMs and AIs in their mechanism of action and how they are dealing with estrogenic control. Therefore there’s a big difference between them all.

This product is coming in form of oral tablets and should be taken by mouth. Letrozole was patented many years ago in 1986 and is nowadays used for treating hormonally responsible breast cancer as well as by bodybuilders who need to deal with estrogenic control during the cycle with aromatizable compounds.

What is Letrozole Used For? | How Does Femara Work? | What is Femara Used For?

Letrozole found in Femara is having various medical uses. The main use of Letrozole – Femara is treating hormonally receptive breast cancer. But other than that, Letrozole has been found to be effective for ovulation induction and therefore is used by infertile female patients for getting pregnant.

Other than that, it has some various other uses such as being used for treatment of gynecomastia, for promoting spermatogenesis in male patients, for treating endometriosis as well as it has been proven to be effective in adolescent boys with short stature when combined with HGH.

Nonetheless, in bodybuilding this compound is mainly being used only for dealing with estrogenic side effects. When there are certain aromatizable steroids used by bodybuilders and powerlifters, they are transforming into estrogen in the body and this leads to too high levels of estrogen and therefore – estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention, hypertension and many others.

Letrozole is used with a lot of success for dealing with such types of side effects and that’s why everyone who thinks to use some wet types of steroids, should consider an aromatase inhibitor like Letrozole – Femara.

This is an orally active AI and an anti estrogen which is preventing aromatase from producing the estrogens by competitive and reversible binding to the heme. Therefore, preventing the aromatase from producing too much estrogen, you are staying away from too high estrogen levels as long as you use this compound.

Letrozole Dosage | How to Take Letrozole? | Femara Administration

Letrozole is offering a half life of around 2 – 4 days and that’s why is very recommended to use this compound at least every other day for maintaining stable blood levels but most people decide to use it on a daily basis.

As mentioned, Letrozole is an orally active medicine and should be used by mouth in form of tablets. This compound is often used for as long as the steroid cycle goes and the dosage is adjusted depending on a number of factors such as how well do you tolerate this product, what is your estrogen level, how harsh is the steroid cycle and a number of factors.

Dosages of Letrozole, therefore, are in the range of approximately 0.25 mg every other day to about 1 mg every day. Most people won’t require more than 1 mg per day but even doses as low as 0.25 mg every other day can be enough for others.

Do not attempt to use more than you need – we recommend to start very slowly and to go higher on the dosage only if required. Doses should be kept low because the side effects might be pretty bad if you would overdose.

Overdosing usually means that you inhibit way too much estrogen and that’s going to lead to negative side effects as well.

Letrozole Side Effects | How Long Do Letrozole Side Effects Last? | Femara Side Effects

It was earlier said that using too high doses of Letrozole is going to lead to negative side effects. By overdosing on this compound, you end up with too low estrogen levels and despite the fact that this could be a surprise for some people – estrogen is very important for building muscles and that’s despite that is considered a “female hormone”. In addition to that, there are other negative side effects of too little estrogen.

Estrogen is maintaining a normal cholesterol health and having too little estrogen you have high chances to get abnormal cholesterol values. Other side effects related to overdosing on Letrozole and inhibiting too much estrogen can include even lower libido, weaker immune system, and a negative effect on your mood and even cause depression!

Keep in mind that a person might get side effects even with normal doses if the tolerate to the product isn’t very high. That’s why, some people might receive such side effects like joint pains; sweating, fatigue, hot flashes including others.

In short, you need to keep your estrogen levels within the normal range. Not using it at all would lead to too high estrogen while using too much would lead to too little estrogen. That’s why side effects are closely related to the dosage used.

Where to Buy Letrozole 2.5 mg? | Buy Cheap Femara Cost

Letrozole which is known as Femara by some people can be purchased directly from this page at for a very attractive price. Femara is known to be quite a costly product and now you have the chance to save a lot on this because Letrozole from Hutech Labs is offered of the same high quality and purity as brand Femara, but for a much lower price. being the official distributors of Hutech Labs is also offering huge discounts and attractive offers, therefore you save a lot when using our website as your source of medications. Remember that Letrozole is a powerful aromatase inhibitor which is very important for any steroid user who is using wet compounds. Not using an AI during the administration with aromatizable steroids would end up in bad side effects. That’s why Letrozole is so important in such cycles.


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