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What is Letrozol (Letrozole)? | What is Femara (Letrozole)?

Letrozol (better known as famous trade name – Femara) with the active ingredient Letrozole is a non steroidal selective third generation of aromatase inhibitor. This substance is medically used in the treatment of hormonally responsive breast cancer after surgery. Nonetheless, it got popular in the world of bodybuilding as well as a cure for gynecomastia among men.

Currently FDA has approved its use in post menopausal women who are showing hormone receptor positive types of breast cancer. This compound is considered to be one of the 3 major Aromatase Inhibitors (alongside ArimidexAnastrozole and ExemestaneAromasin). The structure (and activity) of Letrozole is very similar to that of Arimidex (Anastrozole). Letrozole is considered to be the most powerful out of the 3 compounds but in the same time – the harshest in terms of side effects.

Letrozol is a trade name for Letrozole substance that is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and by purchasing a pack you can expect 60 tablets of 2.5 mg per tablet for a very attractive price. The substance is having an elimination half life of about 2 days which means that this is the time in which half of the substance is going to be flushed out of the body. The steady-state plasma concentration after a daily dosage of 2.5 mg is going to be reached in approximately 2 to 6 weeks of use.

What is Letrozol (Femara) Used For? What does Femara – Letrozole do?

As it was said – Letrozole is an oral aromatase inhibitor (AI) and is clinically used in the treatment of hormonally responsive breast cancer after the patient had a surgery. It has a use in post menopausal women who are having hormone receptor positive type of breast cancer.

But as it was mentioned – Letrozole got popular in the world of bodybuilding as well for those who are using AAS (Anabolic / Androgenic Steroids) as a treatment/ prevention of gynecomastia because it has very strong anti estrogen properties.

Another use of Letrozol (Femara) is the off label use of this drug as a fertility medication because it shown potency to stimulate ovaries. You might also hear of Letrozol being given with growth hormone to help buys in their puberty to grow taller. Another use is the fact that it can boost sperm count in men. All in all, Letrozole is quite a cheap product, especially if you buy it from our website.

By talking about Letrozol use in bodybuilding, we need to mention that this is an amazing product for those people who are using steroids and have situations in which their estrogen levels are getting out of control and they need to be controlled. The estrogen levels indeed can be easily controlled because is a very powerful AI. By using such steroids as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone, Equipoise and many others – they are going to aromatase in the body and convert into estrogen. Too high estrogen levels might lead to such side effects as: water retention, high blood pressure and one of the most fearsome side effect: gynecomastia. Letrozol is amazing in keeping away such side effects.

How Does Femara (Letrozol) Work?

Exactly as any other aromatase inhibitor medications – Letrozol, by binding to the aromatase enzyme, is preventing the estrogen from being released.

As it was already mentioned – Letrozole is considered to be the most powerful AI available out there. There are some studies done in which is shown that Letrozole use can drop down the estrogen levels in women by up to 98%. In men, the estrogen levels can drop down extremely quickly by about 65%.

So, as soon as the product is used – Letrozol is starting to work as a powerful aromatase inhibitor. By stopping the process of aromatization, you control the estrogen levels very effectively.

How to Use Femara (Letrozol)?

Most often, the recommended dosage of Letrozol is one tablet of 2.5 mg a day. It is recommended to use the pill of Letrozol approximately at the exact same time every day in order to keep stable blood levels. The product can be taken with or without food.

This dosage protocol seem to be true for nearly any use. There are very rare instances when a higher dosage of Letrozol 2.5 mg a day would be needed. However, there are situations in which a lower dosage might be recommended.

For example, when this medicine is taken as an off label use for mitigating the estrogenic side effects of the anabolic/ androgenic steroid use or to increase the muscle definition – male athletes and bodybuilders very often can use 1.25 mg (half of a tablet) per day. At least – they start with this dosage and then they might go higher at 2.5 mg (one tablet) a day in case 1.25 mg won’t be enough to deal with estrogenic side effects. But there are also situations in which a half of a tablet (1.25 mg) taken every other day is still enough to prevent the onset of the estrogenic side effects like gyno, (man’s boobs), water retention etc.

Letrozole Side Effects

It is very important to stay away from such a thing as “doing it too much” especially when we are talking about Letrozole. It would be a huge mistake to think that males do not need estrogen since is a female hormone. While anecdotally is called female hormone – males definitely need it in the system in order to properly function. By taking too much letrozole, you would inhibit too much estrogen and this leads to bad side effects.

One of them is – estrogen is helping males to grow muscles too. Without estrogen – you won’t grow it anymore. But too low estrogen has a number of side effects. It can negative affect immune system, it can cause depression and effect our mood, it can lower libido and has a number of many other side effects such as headache, fatigue, weakness, joint paint, flashes and others.

It also may negative affect cholesterol and decrease mineral bone density which can lead to osteoporosis.

Where to Buy Letrozole?

You can purchase Letrozol directly from our website online and you would be happy with the deal you would get. Letrozol manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals is offering a very high quality of Letrozole substance and they are offering it for a low price.

With the help of this product – you can very easily control your estrogen levels.


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