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Substance: Exemestane
Manufacturer: Hutech Labs
Pack: 50 tabs (20mg/tab)

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What is Exemestane? | What is Aromasin?

Exemestane is being an active ingredient and the brand name of the product manufactured by Hutech Labs. Exemestane which is better known as an active substance, is mostly sold as the other brand name – Aromasin but there might be other brand names of Exemestane products.

This is a SERM medication that is mainly being used for treating breast cancer but is also very widely used by steroid users for dealing with estrogenic side effects during the cycle with steroid users that are aromatizable.

Exemestane is a member of the class of anti estrogens because ExemestaneAromasin is known as an Aromatase Inhibitor (AIs) alongside with others such as Arimidex (Anastrozole) and others. There is other sub category of anti estrogens known as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) like for example NolvadexTamoxifen and ClomidClomiphene. SERMs and AIs form up anti estrogens because they are all known to deal with estrogen related issues.

Nonetheless, SERMs and AIs greatly vary in how they are dealing with the problems of estrogen control and in their actions and how they work.

Generally, Aromatase Inhibitors are blocking the synthesis of estrogen by blocking the aromatase which is an enzyme that is synthesizing estrogen. This is leading to a lower level of estrogen and therefore this compound is very helpful for both slowing the growth of some breast cancers that are requiring estrogen to grow and also for lowering the side effects of the aromatizable steroids that are used by steroid users for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

This product was approved by USA FDA in 1999 and it quickly become very popular across the world because is a very helpful steroid when it comes to lowering the estrogen levels.

How Long Does Exemestane Stay in Your System? | Exemestane Half Life

There are different sources and studies which are suggesting that the half life of ExemestaneAromasin is anywhere between 24 to 27 hours. This is the time in which half of the active substance would get out of the system. With this being said, in about 48 – 54 hours Exemestane shouldn’t be in your system anymore.

This is the reason why for finding out how long would a product stay in your system, you need to know its half life then just add twice as much.

However, keep in mind that the detection time is much longer if you would go through an anti doping test. It might be detected for approx. 2 weeks.

What is Exemestane Used For? | What is Aromasin Used For?

As mentioned, Exemestane which is often sold as Aromasin is used for lowering the estrogen levels in the body and this is leading to a number of effects. When the person is having too much estrogen levels, this is leading to numerous negative effects, pretty much as if a person would have too much of anything – that would lead to negative effects.

By lowering the estrogen levels, steroid users are having an estrogenic protection and women having hormonally positive breast cancer are stopping the growth of the cancer.

AromasinExemestane is known as a suicidal aromatase inhibitor which means that the product is permanently disabling the aromatase enzyme as soon as is binding to it. Other AIs like Arimidex and Letrozole are not suicidal meaning that there’s a chance for “estrogen rebound” when you stop taking them and those same aromatizing enzymes are rebounding.

There are studies proving that Aromasin is reducing the estrogen levels up to about 85% and is a compound that is permanently reducing them, compared to other AIs.

Steroid users are using certain AAS that are converting to estrogen in the body such as Dianabol, Nandrolones, Testosterone and others. This is leading to a too high level of estrogen and therefore this is leading to negative side effects such as heart issues; gynecomastia; water retention; hypertension and others.

Exemestane is dealing with these side effects and with estrogen related breast cancer by having same mechanism of action where it lowers the estrogen levels in the body.

Exemestane Dosage / Administration | Aromasin Dosage

As mentioned, the half life of Exemestane is approximately 25-27 hours and it should be taken on a daily basis for keeping stable blood levels. Some people might require every other day administration frequency for not lowering too much estrogen when they do not need too harsh suppression of estrogen levels.

With this being said, the dosage of Exemestane is very highly individual and dependent on a number of factors. It depends on how a person is dealing with estrogenic side effects, what is the type of the steroid used, what is the dosage and other factors.

Doses usually can be run as low as 12.5 mg every other day to as high as 25 mg every day (or vice versa) as usually that’s the range most people require. Using too much might lead to too much estrogen suppression and without estrogen this is leading to side effects as well.

Exemestane Side Effects | Aromasin Side Effects

As it was just mentioned, by using too high doses of Aromasin (Exemestane) and abusing it, the individual runs into too low levels of estrogen and this is going to be a big issue as well. The reason is because low levels of estrogen (albeit considered a main female hormone) is going to offer side effects too like depression; insomnia in low libido, impotence, low energy and many other side effects. Do not abuse Exemestane and use as little as possible.

Nonetheless, side effects of AromasinExemestane is rarely occurring when the product is used within normal dosing range for estrogenic protection. Side effects are mostly seen with women who require this compound for longer periods of time.

But generally, bodybuilders and steroid user do not need too high doses and use it only for a short period of time so side effects rarely occur with male bodybuilders.

Yet, exemestane is not side effects free and some of them can be: sweating, insomnia, headaches, hot flashes and some joint pains. Reducing the dosage usually reduces the side effects intensity or completely avoids them.

Ultimately, is important to realize that not use any aromatase inhibitor during the administration of aromatizable steroids is much more likely you would get side effects than not using any estrogenic protection.

Where to Buy Exemestane Bodybuilding? | Buy Exemestane 25 mg | Where to Buy Aromasin Bodybuilding?

Exemestane can be purchased for a very low price as a generic version of Aromasin both containing the exact same high quality active ingredient but Exemestane from Hutech Labs is offered for a much lower price.

With this being said, you’re now having the chance to get Exemestane of a very high quality for an attractive price from absolutely hassle free and be sure that you save money on a genuine medication.

Exemestane is an suicidal aromatase inhibitor that is very effective protecting you from estrogenic side effects during the cycle with aromatizable steroids and also protecting you from estrogen rebound phenomenon known to occur with other Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs).

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    No lie I didn’t PCT plan properly,
    But Iron-daddy came through and shipped this fast, and was able to reverse some (cough) side-effects

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