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Substance: Mesterolone (Proviron)
Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 50 tabs (20mg/tab)

12 reviews
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What is Proviron? | What is Creto-Provirion?

Creto-Provirion is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) drug that is manufactured by Beligas Pharmaceuticals. The product’s main ingredient is Mesterolone but this steroid might be better known by its other more famous brand name: Proviron. These two products: Proviron and Creto-Provirion are actually the same medication since they both offer same active ingredient. Beligas Pharmaceuticals created Creto-Provirion in order to make it cheaper and more affordable for people looking for Mesterolone products.

Mesterolone is a steroid that is mainly used for treating low testosterone levels in males and male infertility. The product is coming in form of oral tablets and is taken by mouth. This steroid is androgen and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derivative.

Except for this steroid being helpful against low testosterone levels and infertility, it has been very effective against anxiety, depression, boost lack of sex drive and a number of other benefits. Nonetheless, except for medical uses, bodybuilders found ProvironCreto Provirion (Mesterolone) to be very effective for their physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Proviron (Mesterolone) is considered a very special steroid that is not working as most other steroids out there. Mainly because this is not considered an anabolic steroid. The reason for that is because of the anabolic activity which is known to be extremely weak. In fact, it is considered that Mesterolone has such a weak anabolic activity that is considered inexistent.

Also, Proviron (Mesterolone) is a very famous steroid even nowadays despite the fact that Proviron is one of the oldest steroid that were ever manufactured and marketed for medical use. That’s because Mesterolone got manufactured in 1934 which is a few years before Testosterone Propionate appeared on the market.

Proviron is a DHT derivate androgenic steroid that is very widely used all over the world for various needs including bodybuilding.

Proviron Half Life | How Long Creto Provirion – Masteron Stay in Your System?

Proviron or the medication that you’re currently reviewing – Creto-Provirion are both offering Mesterolone as main ingredient and this product is coming in form of tablets and should be taken orally by mouth. Steroid coming in an oil based injection are generally having long half lives but oral compounds have much shorter half lives.

There’s no exception for Creto Provirion with a half life of approximately 12 hours. This means that the product should stay in your system for approximately 24 hours. This means that a daily dosage should be administered but don’t forget that detection time of Mesterolone is approximately 6 weeks after the last dosage.

What Does Proviron Do? | What is Mesterolone Used For? | Creto-Provirion

As it was mentioned, Proviron is created and designed mainly for men with various diseases and health issues, mainly for those suffering from low testosterone conditions. But is also given for treatment of infertility, depression, anxiety and others medical needs. Nonetheless, except for being a medication used for medical needs, it got popular for bodybuilders and athletes as well.

The product is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR) and very unique among other AAS, mesterolone is having a very high affinity for human Serum Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) therefore increasing free testosterone.

The steroid is not working as a common steroid – it is very unique of its kind. The medication got very popular because of its anti estrogenic properties and bodybuilders were using it as an AI during their steroid administration. But except for that, they were also using it during Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), but nowadays few people use for this purpose because is believed that Mesterolone might suppress natural testosterone production.

When To Take Proviron? | Creto Provirion Dosage

Proviron should be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor in case you are prescribed this drug for a health condition. However, in case you are thinking to try Creto Provirion for bodybuilding purposes then we would recommend to use it during a steroid cycle stack.

Since we cannot say for sure if Mesterolone is testosterone suppressive, we cannot recommend to use it during PCT. Also, we won’t recommend to use it alone since it has no anabolic properties.

Instead, Proviron can be an amazing steroid when stacked and especially when stacked with a wet compound like Dianabol. This would form a perfect mix. 8 weeks of Dianabol with Proviron with added Cardarine and N2Guard would make a perfect steroid cycle.

You can start with 25 mg per day of each compound. Then go up on the dosage as you need. I wouldn’t say that anyone would ever need to use more than 100 mg a day. Most men don’t need to use more than 50 mg per day of each compound.

Women are not recommended mesterolone due to no anabolic activity and very high androgenic activity.

Proviron Side Effects | Side Effects of Creto-Provirion – Mesterolone

ProvironMesterolone is notorious for androgenic side effects. Being a barely anabolicsteroid and very potent in androgenic activity, the androgenic side effects are to be expected when using high doses of this product.

This means that women using Mesterolone products are nearly guaranteed to get virilization side effects. Males prone to androgenic side effects like male pattern baldness, acne, oily skin etc. are also having big risks to get these side effects.

Instead, although the steroid is an oral compound, it is not C17 Alpha Alkylated and this means that no liver issues are possible. Except for being perfectly safe for your liver, it is also not going to offer any estrogenic side effects. In fact, as mentioned, it can work as an anti estrogen product.

Where to Buy Proviron? | Buy Creto-Provirion 

Proviron can be purchased from as the brand name Creto Provirion. These are both the same medication because they are offering the exact same ingredient: Mesterolone. The difference is the manufacturer and therefore the price. Beligas Pharmaceuticals is offering Creto Provirion offering high quality Mesterolone for a very attractive price.

If you’re in need for a Mesterolone product then we recommend you to try Creto Provirion as you would be happy with both the quality and the price. Use this steroid as a part of your wet steroid stack and you would gain quality muscles without puffy looks.

12 reviews for Creto-Provirion

Based on 12 reviews
  1. Daniel R. (verified owner)

    Wonderful! Will but again.

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  2. Ken Farrell (verified owner)

    Got really nothing

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  3. Joseph S. (verified owner)

    Great added hardness.

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  4. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Good to go! Definitely a great mood enhancer!

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great

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  6. Konstantinos (verified owner)

    Decent and does what it promises. Haven’t use it much but going to put it on my daily schedule.Iron Daddy brings the best products.

    Image #1 from Konstantinos
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  7. Joshua (verified owner)

    Legit brand. Never disappoints. Always shows up on time and never have an issue with quality.

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  8. Brain T. (verified owner)

    Solid, reliable product. Quick, discreet delivery.

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  9. Victor (verified owner)

    Great for releasing the free test bound up by your SHBG and easing the tren mood swings. Awesome as a mild pseudo-serm and de-bloating. Useful in all kinds of scenarios.

    Image #1 from Victor
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  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good product

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  11. Chandler Smith

    Great quality

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  12. Anonymous

    Life saver wish the dosage was more but did the job

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