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Substance: Exemestane
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Pack: 100 tabs (25mg/tab)

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What is Aromasin? | What is Exemestane?

Aromasin is the brand name of an anti estrogen active substance called Exemestane. Aromasin is in the class of anti estrogen because Exemestane (active substance) is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AIs) alongside Arimidex and Aromatase Inhibitors alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) like Clomid and Nolvadex make up anti estrogens.

Anti estrogens are all medications which are dealing with estrogen control, however SERMs and AIs greatly differ from each other by their mechanism of action and how they deal with the estrogenic control.

Exemestane – Aromasin is a drug that is used to treat breast cancer but is also used for preventing breast cancer and other uses too. This product is offered only to those women who are having hormonally positive breast cancer as those are cancers that require estrogen to grow. Exemestane (Aromasin), being an aromatase inhibitor that is inhibiting the creation of estrogen, is very helpful for this purpose.

There are studies on breast cancer patients which have proven that Aromasin is able to reduce the estrogen levels by up to 85%. This means that the product is extremely helpful when it comes to such purposes. Plus, Aromasin is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor and this means that there’s no chances for estrogen rebounding as with other anti estrogens.

Why do bodybuilders need it? Because estrogen is an unwanted by product of steroid use. When steroid users are using some aromatizable compounds, a good amount of the testosterone received is getting aromatized into estrogen. This is the reason why steroid users often deal with estrogenic side effects. Such products as Exemestane are very helpful in dealing with them.

What is Aromasin Used For? | What is Exemestane Used For?

Aromasin with active substance Exemestane is mainly used for dealing with breast cancer – with hormonally positive breast cancer in women. But is also used for preventing breast cancer for those women who are predisposed to it.

But except for that, Aromasin – Exemestane is very helpful for bodybuilders for dealing with estrogenic related side effects and is also helpful for increasing endogenous natural testosterone levels in men and that’s why is used for Post Cycle Therapy.

Being an “aromatase inhibitor” the product is inhibiting the aromatase enzyme which is responsible for creating estrogen. Using such products, is making sure that testosterone and all other “aromatizable” steroids won’t get converted into estrogen and this would reduce estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention and others.

Aromasin is the suicidal type of AI and this is a much better choice compared to other AIs because it binds with aromatase enzymes and is then permanently disabling the enzyme by destroying it. No estrogen rebound is possible afterwards.

Good news is that this product won’t have a negative effects on your gains while using it during a cycle like other aromatase inhibitors too, but is actually going to help them more. This steroid is generally making a much better option to go for purely from a health point of view.

Aromasin Dosage | Exemestane Dosage | Exemestane 25 mg Administration

Keep in mind that Aromasin is having a half life of only approximately 9 hours and it clears out of your system pretty fast. Because the estrogen levels remain low only for about up to 72 hours after a single dose, the product should be used every other day at very least, but bodybuilders mainly use it on a daily basis.

In the end, the dosage is individual. It very much depends on the amount of the aromatizable compounds that a person is using and also depends on personal tolerance, how well do you deal with side effects and a number of other factors.

In the end, there are recommendations suggesting that the good starting dosage would be 12.5 mg every day or 25 mg every other day. You can then increase the dosage in case you find that the current dose is not effective into controlling your estrogenic related side effects.

In most situations, anabolic steroid users find no problems into finding their perfect dose for their needs and then they stick with it and they have no problems.

Also the dosage is depending on what exactly you use it for. If taking it for the estrogen control during the steroid cycle then a dosage up to 25 mg per day is most likely all that you need and you should use it for as long as you take steroids. However for PCT – you need to use it for no longer than 2 weeks and for a dose higher than 25 mg a day – also stacked with Nolvadex (4 weeks – 20-40 mg a day).

Aromasin Side Effects | Exemestane Side Effects

When taking too high doses of Aromasin (Exemestane) you might run into too low levels of estrogen and this is going to be problematic too because too low levels of estrogen (although considered a female hormone) is manifesting in low libido, impotence, depression, low energy, insomnia and a number of other side effects. We would recommend not to take too much of this product.

Generally, side effects of Aromasin is a very rare phenomenon in bodybuilding. Mainly, only women who need higher doses and for a prolonged period of time (to treat breast cancer) get side effects.

Since doses are low in bodybuilding and steroid use and for a short period of time, side effects are rarely seen out of using Aromasin in normal doses. In fact, it was noticed that females react differently from males.

In the end, not taking an aromatase inhibitor during the administration of aromatizable steroids is much more risky for a man with much more side effects.

In the end, a few side effects can include: sweating, insomnia, headaches, hot flashes and some joint pains. Reducing the dosage usually reduces the side effects intensity.

Where to Buy Aromasin Bodybuilding? | Where to Buy Exemestane 25 mg?

Aromasin for bodybuilding can be purchased from Dragon Pharma directly from this page. The pharmaceutical company is offering high quality Exemestane 25 mg per tablet for a very low price and since we,, are their official distributors and supplier we offer Aromasin by Dragon Pharma at a very low price. You also can be sure that the quality is very high and the product is genuine. You are able to save money by getting this product from this page and receive same quality of active substance.

Keep in mind that Exemestane found in Aromasin is extremely important for a bodybuilder. It can be extremely helpful for controlling the estrogen and therefore deal with estrogenic side effects during the steroid administration. Aromasin is rarely used for PCT, but is one of the most effective AI during the steroid use.

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      Hello sir. About your Dragon Pharma Aromasin review. You said it doesn’t work as you have your blood work every 6 months. If you used Aromasin 6 months ago and then had a blood work – is quite obvious it won’t keep estrogen suppresses taken in consideration that Aromasin keeps them low for up to 72 hours. We highly doubt that Aromasin from Dragon Pharma is bunk, taken in consideration that Dragon Pharma is a reputable, popular and GMP accredited company, known for offering best quality substances. We have lots of customers using Dragon Pharma products, including Aromasin, and we never received a negative review about quality of their products. You may take an Aromasin pill received from us to a lab test which would indicate the substance, quality and amount per pill. Either use those pills on a daily basis and have another blood work in a week to see the results. In whatever the case, we are really sorry you think the quality of products is low – something we are sure is false as we work only with GMP accredited companies.

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