Methandrostenolone is a legendary anabolic and androgenic steroid – it’s perhaps the most popular orally active steroid out there among bodybuilders.

If you find it strange as you never heard of it then there’s a higher chance you’ve heard about Dianabol (Dbol). That’s right, Dianabol is basically Methandrostenolone. This is its active substance name (chemical name). Or scientists are also calling it Methandienone.

In short, this steroid has two chemical names indicating the same substance – Methandrostenolone or Methandienone. Dianabol is the most popular brand name for this substance. Dbol is what most people call it shortly. But there are numerous other brand names for this substance. Each manufacturer (brand) comes with its own trade name. Including Danabol, Dianabolos, Pro Dynabol, and many others.

History of Methandrostenolone

Methandrostenolone was a steroid that was created specifically for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement by Dr. John Bosley Ziegler. Later this steroid was a prescription medication for helping patients treat various health conditions. Nowadays this steroid has no medical conditions so there’s no way to receive it via prescription. However, it still remains extremely popular nowadays and that’s why there are people all around the world using this oral steroid with a high success rate for their muscle building goals. Even including in the USA.

Anyway, Dr. John Ziegler created this steroid as a response to the fact that Russians were doping their athletes for the Olympic Games with testosterone. He found out about this and wanted to create a steroid that is less androgenic than testosterone in order to avoid testosterone’s androgenic side effects but make a compound that is more anabolic than testosterone to offer more results.

So he did it, he created Methandrostenolone (Methandienone) which is more than twice as anabolic as testosterone (rating of 210) and is less androgenic (rating of 60). Moreover, it comes in form of oral pills.

What is Methandrostenolone – Dianabol (Dbol)?

Methandionex 10 Dianabol Euro-PharmaciesDianabol is the first and most popular trade name for this steroid. It’s commonly known as Dbol among most people. Methandrostenolone (Methandienone) is an orally active and historical steroid. It’s extremely popular in the world of bodybuilding for its mind blowing effects when it comes to gaining muscle mass and strength.

Structurally, Dbol is very similar to testosterone. It’s actually a derivative compound from testosterone. The main differences are that it has the 17 alpha alkylation which allows oral administration because this structural change enters the liver and passes into the body without being destroyed, and the second difference is the addition of a double carbon bond at 1-2 positions.

Dr. Ziengler tried to reduce both androgenic activity and estrogenic activity (reduce aromatization). While the androgenic activity is lower than testosterone, Dianabol is more aromatizing than testosterone. This fact comes with both advantages and disadvantages.



Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) Side Effects

The fact that Dianabol is more aromatizing into estrogen than testosterone comes with various benefits when talking about muscle and strength gain. Nevertheless, Dr. Ziengler tried to make Dbol aromatize less than testosterone (convert into estrogen) because it also comes with side effects.

Therefore, methandienone is converting into a pretty powerful estrogen type in the body. This is going to lead to high estrogen levels in the body and thus, it may cause side effects. It could cause high estrogenic side effects such as bloating, water retention, headaches, erectile dysfunction, low libido, high blood pressure, gynecomastia (gyno), and others. The good news is that you can control estrogen (and its side effects) with the help of Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs).

Except for estrogenic issues which are perhaps the most popular issues of Dianabol, this steroid is orally active. As you can guess, Dianabol is liver toxic. Being a hepatotoxic steroid, you need to be very careful with the dosage and cycle length, otherwise, it could damage the liver. If you leave the problem without dealing with it, that may lead to permanent liver issues. I strongly recommend keeping your liver healthy by implementing all the methods required to keep it healthy.

Lastly, Dbol is an anabolic steroid. It’s pretty obvious that it comes with all the common steroids’ side effects such as virilization among women, androgenic issues, and testosterone suppression among men including possible negative effects on cholesterol values and overall cardiovascular health.

Yet, the most popular side effects of Dianabol include:

  • Liver issues
  • Gynecomastia
  • High blood pressure
  • Bloating
  • Virilization if women attempt to use it
  • Suppression of testosterone
  • Sometimes, some men prone to them may experience androgenic issues

How to Use Dianabol?

Although there is an injectable version of Dianabol, I do not recommend it. It offers no advantages over Dianabol pills at all, but you need to inject it intramuscularly. It’s obviously much easier to swallow pills than to inject this steroid.

Methandienone half-life is very short, only 3-6 hours. This is why you should use the total daily dosage throughout the day, rather than just once per day. This way you will maintain stable blood levels and yield the best results out of the cycle. This means that you need to use it at least in two equal parts evenly apart throughout the day. But many split the daily dosage into 3-4 equal parts taken throughout the day (such as every 4 hours).

Methandrostenolone is a steroid that may work even better when you use it on an empty stomach because it is fat soluble. But this may increase the chances of stomach issues. You could try swallowing tablets on an empty stomach but if you notice some issues, try taking them after a light meal.

When To Use Dianabol?

Dbol is a steroid that is highly aromatizing into estrogen. That already makes it a poor choice for cutting cycles because high aromatization leads to a “puffy look”. This is detrimental to your cutting cycle as it won’t make you hard and dry.

Instead, the puffy look (wet gains) is great for bulking cycles when your aim is to gain as much muscle and strength as possible. Moreover, Dbol will help you gain it all really and really fast. And because you gain so much muscle mass, and overall weight and greatly enhance overall performance (strength, endurance, stamina, etc.) – most people use it at the beginning of a bulking steroid cycle stack. Until the injectable bulking steroids start to work, Dbol works as a kick started during the first 6 weeks.


It’s almost never Dbol to be used alone. A standalone (without base testosterone) Dbol cycle will not be as effective in terms of gains and will likely cause even more side effects. People with more experience choose to add it to other bulking steroids except for Testosterone such as Deca Durabolin and/or Trenbolone. Until the injectable steroids kick into your system, Dbol offers quick gains in strength, size, confidence, and overall mass.

But I do not recommend using it with oral steroids because of liver toxicity. Dbol cycle alone can increase liver enzymes too much. But if you’re adding another steroid over it – that may end up in some really bad liver problems.


It’s because of the overall side effects and especially liver issues the reason why I do not ever recommend a Methandrostenolone cycle over 8 weeks. In fact, 6 weeks is the most common cycle length while many report that 4 weeks is enough to offer great results and it’s obviously safer. Add liver protection supplements while using hepatotoxic steroids like Dianabol.


Dianabol dosage highly depends on various factors such as your size, goals, experience, tolerance, and other factors. Nonetheless, the most common dosage is anywhere around 30 mg a day up to about 50 mg a day. Yet, beginners could still find 20 mg a day a highly effective dosage while some professionals use up to about 80 mg a day. While I’ve heard of people using doses of 100 mg a day, those are huge dosages that far not everyone can tolerate. Anything over is pure abuse. At dosages over 40-50 mg/day, you already need to be careful with the side effects.

Dianabol Cycle Example

Although some people attempt to use Methandrostenolone alone, I always recommend stacking it with Testosterone for the best results and keeping side effects at bay. With more experience, you could also add Deca Durabolin in a slightly lower dosage than that of Testosterone for an awesome bulking steroid.

The combination of these three steroids is among the oldest, yet most effective bulking steroid cycles. These three steroids are going to work perfectly when it comes to gaining muscle mass, strength, size, and overall better performance and better body look.

  • Beginners could go for Testosterone Enanthate of about 300 mg per week (split dosage into two injections a week) for 10 weeks and add Dianabol 30 mg a day for the first 4 weeks. It’s a fairly safe yet effective bulking cycle for beginners.
  • Advanced users and professionals may go for something similar but with various adjustments such as Testosterone Enanthate 600 mg per week, Deca Durabolin 400 mg per week both for 14 weeks, and Dianabol 50 mg a day for the first 6 weeks. It’s a highly effective bulking cycle! 


Dbol-50mgMethandrostenolone AKA Methandienone sold as Dianabol (Dbol) including numerous other brand names is an extremely popular orally active steroid. It became especially popular after popular athletes confessed to using Dianabol such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva. Nonetheless, there are millions of people around the globe using it. Including most (if not all) IFBB pros.

In order to yield the best results from this steroid, you need to make sure that you use it correctly alongside a diet and workout plan that are on point. Moreover, it’s obvious that you need high quality Methandrostenolone. There are various scammers trying to sell bunk steroids. It’s of the utmost importance to avoid them.

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