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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

Do you need to find out more information about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)? Are you starting an anabolic steroid cycle and you’ve often heard of people using HCG but don’t know why exactly? Read this article.

What is HCG?



HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a polypeptide hormone popularly nicknamed “pregnancy hormone” due to its huge importance in a pregnant woman. Initially, the hormone is derived from the urine of pregnant women (the period when there are most levels of this hormone in the body). However, nowadays, scientists produce this hormone synthetically in laboratory conditions, pretty much as any other hormone out there.

Interesting fact: pregnancy tests work by detecting the HCG levels in urine. When there are enough levels of HCG in a woman’s urine, the tests show a positive result. That’s because, after conception, the levels of HCG greatly spike. In pregnant women, the levels of HCG start to reduce after 2-3 months and they slowly decrease until she gives birth.

HCG is a hormone that physicians can prescribe to men to treat low testosterone (hypogonadism). It’s also a product that doctors can prescribe to both men and women for treating infertility in specific cases. It’s because HCG improves ovulation in women and boosts sperm production (and testosterone levels) in men.

HCG Diet

There were (and maybe still are) some obesity clinics that are using HCG in order to help with weight loss. That’s a mistake that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to follow. Both men and women went through clinical trials back in the 1950s when a British doctor suggested that injecting HCG during an extremely low calorie diet (of only 500 calories a day) would help lose weight. It’s called the ‘HCG diet’ and some people still follow it despite official data warnings not to.

Official data also suggests not using anabolic steroids for physique and performance, I know. However, I have to agree here. That’s because while the user running this diet would really help lose weight, this loss of weight occurs solely from the extremely low diet. HCG, according to them, helps your body lose body fat and avoid losing muscles.

HCG is not anabolic and although it helps increase testosterone, it won’t help preserve lean muscle mass. Moreover, such a low calorie intake is very likely to cause side effects!

HCG For Bodybuilders

Why do anabolic steroid users run Human Chorionic Gonadotropin? Human-Chorionic-Gonadotropin-HCG-for-bodybuilders

Let’s start with the beginning. When you’re using anabolic steroids (such as testosterone) your body stops producing testosterone. There’s no need for the body to produce it naturally since it receives exogenous testosterone. Testosterone is mostly produced in testicles. Because they are not working anymore, they start to reduce in size. The higher the dosages of anabolic steroids and the longer you use them, the smaller testicles can get. It also depends on personal response too.

Why does it occur?

Your pituitary gland stops secreting Luteinizing Hormone (LH) when exogenous testosterone is present in the body. LH is important because it stimulates your Leydig cells (testicles) so this makes them produce testosterone.

What does HCG have to do with all of it?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is going to mimic Luteinizing Hormone (LH). It results in your balls (testicles) being stimulated and producing testosterone. They start to grow. So, your testosterone levels start to increase and so does the sperm count too.

Bodybuilders use it during the anabolic steroid cycle to maintain their balls (testicles) plumped and/or at the end of a steroid cycle in order to “boost” the natural testosterone production.

Some steroid users also run HCG during the PCT plan. You can do it, but I wouldn’t recommend it, see below why.

HCG Side Effects

As I said, HCG is not an anabolic compound and that’s why you can’t use it as an alternative to testosterone or anabolic steroids during the cycle. It’s also not going to increase testosterone levels to desired results either.

Nonetheless, the reason why I wouldn’t recommend it for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is that it causes suppression in men. It’s an exogenous hormone and because it mimics your LH, the natural production of LH reduces. Your pituitary gland won’t produce as much LH as you would naturally. That’s why your HPTA won’t fully recover as long as you use HCG. But during a PCT – you wish you have your Hypothalamus Pituitary Testes Axis fully recovered.

Moreover, remember that HCG increases your testosterone levels. Except for the fact that you may experience high testosterone side effects (such as acne, hair loss, aggression, etc.), there are high estrogen symptoms too. A part of testosterone converts into estrogen so it may lead to an increase in estrogen and estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, bloating, fluid retention, water retention, etc. You don’t need high estrogen symptoms during PCT. It also hinders natural testosterone production.

HCG Dosage For Bodybuilders

You need to know that there’s no oral version of HCG. In fact, there’s no other way to use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin except for injection. Typically subcutaneous (subQ) injection into stomach fat. Usually, you’ll need an insulin needle.

When you buy HCG – it comes as a powder substance. Mix the powder with bacteriostatic water. Store the solution in the refrigerator after reconstitution.


When exactly to use HCG depends on you and your needs. Some people don’t need HCG at all. Others need to use it throughout the entire cycle to keep testicles at their normal size. Some steroid users may only need it if they run long steroid cycles and/or high doses of steroids.

I personally use 250 IU – 500 IU 1-3 times a week, depending on the dosages and steroids I use if I need it at all. Then, at the end of the cycle, increase the dosage to 500 IU – 1000 IU 2-3 times a week. If I don’t need it during the cycle, then I may add around 500 IU 2X per week at the end of the cycle (usually last 2-4 weeks).

You need to find your own sweet dosage.


ultima-hcg-5000iu Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) can be highly effective for reducing anabolic steroids side effects. It’s effective at maintaining your testicles plumped, boosting natural testosterone production, and increasing sperm count. But use it carefully to avoid the side effects associated with HCG.


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