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Equipoise Steroid

Equipoise steroid is the famous and widely used brand name for the injectable anabolic steroid that was firstly created for veterinary uses but then ended up being very popular among performance enhancers and bodybuilders – Boldenone Undecylenate.

You could find Boldenone Undecylenate being sold as many other trade names, yet Equipoise steroid is the first brand and the most famous brand for this anabolic steroid. Often Equipoise steroid is called EQ and the gains that are made with the help of this compound are commonly called EQ gains.

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What is Boldenone?

Boldenone itself is a derivative of Testosterone and this oil based steroid is showing strong anabolic properties and pretty moderate androgenic properties and makes it structurally great showing overall amazing abilities to help with physique and performance enhancement.

Undecylenate is the attached ester to the main compound which responds for delaying the release of the drug in the system after it was administered, therefore is extending the activity of Equipoise steroid a lot. The Undecylenate ester is considered the only one carbon atom that is longer than Decanoate.

Equipoise Benefits

As it was earlier mentioned, Equipoise is an anabolic steroid that was made for veterinary purposes, mainly used on horses as the compound was found helpful offering a profound and great effect on the lean bodyweight, appetite as well as general disposition of the horses.

  • Now, with all this being said, imagine how immensely helpful the anabolic steroid can be when used by a human and how effective it would be for growing lean body mass.

That’s why, Equipoise steroid is overall really helpful and very famous among bodybuilders showing amazing properties and results when is being properly used. One of the things that Equipoise is very notorious for is the fact that the steroid is having a pronounced ability to increase red blood cell count.

As time passes, Equipoise is gaining more and more popularity and becoming a favorite steroid among many athletes and steroids because the compound is considered very well balanced.

Equipoise steroid is considered an amazing replacement for Deca Durabolin, being slightly stronger and slightly more androgenic, yet a generally cheaper alternative to Deca. So, for a cheaper price you get a similar compound that is even more powerful, yet you won’t change the final result.


Dosage of Equipoise Steroid

Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate), as mentioned, is an injectable androgenic and anabolic steroid that is coming as an oil based solution that is meant to be used intramuscularly. Due to very long half life, there’s no need to use the product more frequently than once per week.

Nonetheless, there are people who use it only once every 2 weeks and they still report great results.

Yet, is still recommended to use it weekly for physique and performance enhancement purposes if you want to receive maximum results.

  • The common EQ dosages among men is anywhere between 200 and 800 mg per week, but the absolute most common doses are 400-600 mg weekly. Beginners should start at the lower end, whilst professionals may get closer to the higher end.

We recommend to switch the injection sites regularly to avoid irritation of the injection area.


Equipoise Cycle

Is important to understand that this is a slow acting steroid, therefore is not going to be a quick mass builder as for example Dianabol would. Equipoise is going to offer slow gains, but steady and you would gain strength and quality lean muscle mass.

With this being said, is extremely important to remember that Equipoise cycle length is no less than 10 weeks, but cycles can be as long as 16 weeks, some users go as high as 18 weeks.

The gains from Equipoise are defined and solid, not as smooth bulk as you can see with Testosterone, or especially Anadrol or Dianabol.

Women are generally having much better options, but if there are women who still want to experiment with Boldenone Undecylenate for physique and performance enhancement purposes then we recommend much lower doses and cycle lengths of 50-75 mg per week and no longer than 8 weeks.

Equipoise Boldenona-E SP Laboratories

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  1. Kojacks406

    What pct would you run?

  2. Kojacks406

    So would anavar towards the end of cycle be ok to use? So Test e eq and anavar ?? Need opinion or help if you can thank you

    1. Yes, Anavar used in the last weeks of Test E, EQ and Anavar cycle is going to work great. In the last weeks it would work for displaying great definition. Plus, your body would be used to Test E and EQ already.
      This 3- steroids stack would grow lean muscle mass and offer an amazing muscles look.
      Ps: don’t forget about PCT.

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