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Dianabol Dosage

In order to determine the perfect Dianabol dosage for your cycle, you first need to take into consideration a few different factors. You may have heard that this is an awesome oral steroid coming as oral tablets for increasing mass rapidly. So, considering that you only need to pop pills and you’ll grow – it sounds perfect.

However, there are numerous other things you should know and consider if you want it to be true. For example, using the wrong Dianabol dosage you’re likely to suffer from side effects. Or if you don’t use enough – be disappointed with the results.

Before You Run Dianabol Dosage

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  • So, you should first know that Dianabol is a poor choice for cutting. It’s a highly aromatizing steroid that is not suitable for cutting and pre contest cycles. This is a steroid that most people use for bulking cycles.
  • Additionally, it’s a steroid that is rarely the base of a steroid cycle. Instead, people add it to a stack with at least one steroid (testosterone) or with other steroid bulking steroids as well. So, a solo Dianabol cycle is not a good idea either, you always need to combine it with testosterone for the best results. With more experience, advanced users add other bulking (injectable) steroids too.
  • You need to keep in mind that Dianabol is liver toxic. For this reason, you need to keep cycle lengths short, dosages as low as possible, and add liver protecting supplements. It’s also important to avoid the addition of any other hepatotoxic steroids to protect your liver. That’s why Dianabol shouldn’t be stacked with oral steroids.
  • So, it’s a steroid that commonly goes in the first few weeks of a bulking cycle to bring fast results early on the cycle until the longer injectable steroids would kick in and start working.

How to Take Dianabol?

Dianabol is coming as an oral tablet. Despite the fact that there is an injectable form of Methandienone (active substance), Dbol oral tablet is by far the most common version. You need to take the tablet on an empty stomach. Using it with food can decrease bioavailability. This may decrease the efficacy but may decrease the side effects too.

While some people prefer to use the entire daily dosage at one time, it’s best to stagger the daily Dianabol dosage into two or three smaller doses throughout the day. By doing so, you’re going to maintain a consistent level of Methandienone in your blood and yield maximum results. That’s because it has a short half-life of only 3-6 hours. Most people use one dose in the morning and the other one before working out. If you split it into three doses, use another one before going to bed.

I recommend using Dianabol dosage continuously for no longer than 8 weeks. In fact, I would recommend keeping it safer so you shouldn’t go over the 6 weeks period. The shorter the period, the less toxic effects it would have on the liver. I would actually recommend beginners to keep it even safer and use it for only 4 weeks as it’s enough to yield great results. Also, allow a break of a minimum of 6 weeks between cycles to help your liver recover.


Explaining Dianabol Dosage

It’s important to understand that Dbol is a powerful steroid, and that’s why even a low Dianabol dosage is likely to help and be highly effective. It’s a popular fact that you can achieve amazing Dianabol results at a dosage of only 15 mg/ day. However, an even more common Dianabol dosage during the cycle, in order to achieve even better results, is 20 mg to 30 mg per day. I would recommend starting with 20 mg/day and only increasing to 30 mg a day after about 2 weeks if you respond very well to it.

It’s fairly obvious that the higher the dosage – the more pronounced effects are going to be. That’s why with higher dosages, more and nastier side effects can occur. So I recommend being very careful with this product. Start slowly and increase gradually to make sure you avoid the side effects.

More advanced users who are confident they are controlling the side effects are increasing the dosage in order to yield more results. They go to such doses as 50-60 mg/ day.

At the same time, some big guys who are having lots of experience under their belt with Dianabol dosage (usually, big professional bodybuilders with years of experience with steroids) go to an even higher dosage of up to 80-100 mg/day. But these are huge dosages very likely to cause side effects. I wouldn’t ever recommend them to people without experience (and barely to anyone at all) and I definitely wouldn’t recommend increasing the dosage even higher.

  • Again, Dianabol is available as an injection, but it’s not common and not as easy to use (and find) as the pill form. Most people prefer the Dianabol pill. Most Dianabol tablets come in strengths of 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 25mg, and 50mg to allow easy administration.

When To Take Dianabol?

Dianabol dosage amount is not the only factor to consider, although it’s one of the most important ones. You also need to learn about the timing and when exactly to administer this steroid. That’s because it’s an oral steroid with a short half life of only 3 to 6 hours. It works fast but leaves your body fast too.

Some people choose to experience a peak in Dianabol levels so they take the whole dose at once in time with the training schedule. But most people still choose to break up a daily dosage into multiple smaller doses throughout the day to ensure that the blood levels of Dbol don’t drop.

In the end, regardless if you use the entire daily dosage all at once or split up the dose, make sure to use it around your training schedule and consider the food intake. That’s another important factor to consider. As earlier said – the potential for the bioavailability of oral steroids reduces when you use them with food because they dissolve with dietary fat. Again, administering Dianabol on an empty stomach it’s going to result in the best absorbing method. Therefore, you’re going to take the absolute maximum out of the Dianabol dosage with little waste.

It offers the best efficacy and results, but it also may enhance the side effects. Use it with little food if you notice some issues, especially gastrointestinal issues.


Dianabol Cycle

As I said, the maximum length of a Dianabol cycle should never exceed 8 weeks. But in fact, I would strongly recommend keeping them lower up to 6 weeks and only 4 weeks for beginners. Except for Dianabol being hepatotoxic and causing possible liver issues, it’s also capable of causing cardiovascular and cholesterol issues too.

Generally, as an oral steroid, Dianabol is a perfect kick-starting steroid during the longer injectable steroid cycle. Until the injections start working, Dianabol is going to get your gains going quickly at the start of the cycle.

That’s why people use Dbol for two main reasons: to kick start a cycle and to break through a plateau in gains. Usually, they achieve both these goals during the same cycle.

That’s why most people add Dianabol dosage at the beginning of the cycle (up until about the mid-cycle). Nonetheless, there are still some who add it in the middle of the cycle (up until the end) simply for breaking through a plateau and get the maximum results and benefits toward the end of the Dbol cycle. That’s because a mid-cycle plateau is something that a lot of people face. And Dianabol can be a very powerful solution to deal with this situation.

Anyway, here’s an example of a Dianabol cycle:

  • Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg/week for 12 weeks with or without Deca Durabolin 400 mg/week for the same amount of time. Dianabol the first or last 6 weeks in a dosage of about 40 mg/day.

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