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Dianabol is a popular anabolic and androgenic steroid. Most people call it Dbols by short. Dbols because Dianabol comes as oral pills.

*Although injections are still available, nobody uses them. First, because they are offering no advantages over pills. Second, because they are hard to find of high quality. But even if you do, return back to the first reason. Moreover, injections are painful.

Anyway, Dianabol pills are highly popular in the world of bodybuilding. Many consider it a “dummy steroid”. That’s because it’s extremely easy to run the Dianabol cycle and you get awesome results. Really fast.

In short, you don’t have to be an expert in anabolic steroids in order to use Dianabol. (Active substance – Methandienone; Methandrostenolone). You can get awesome results and can easily control the side effects of Dianabol, without a lot of knowledge and experience.

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Another reason why it’s called this way – is a very cheap steroid, cheaper than most others. So, it’s no wonder Dbols pills are some of the most popular steroids in the world in the entire bodybuilding history. Everyone uses it – from beginners up to professional bodybuilders.

Is a very popular and very effective anabolic steroid. It’s also the first oral steroid to become highly popular in bodybuilding settings.

  • PS: Dbol steroid is also highly popular because it helped bodybuilding legends shape their physiques in their prime days. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva (including many others) both used Methandienone!

Overall, this is an awesome compound. But you need to learn more about it first. We already have a few blogs about Dianabol through our site. You could check that helpful information too. Yet, we’ll share some advantages and disadvantages of this steroid. Some points might be obvious, others might not be as obvious.

Dianabol Advantages

dbols-for-sale-workout Let’s start with the advantages.

So well, one of the very first that comes into mind: pills. The fact that you can use Dbols as pills is already an advantage for most users. That’s because you don’t have to worry about injections. That’s especially good for those who hate needles.

The next one is the fact that Dbol is cheap. As said, it’s one of the cheapest anabolic steroids. That’s why you can pack on muscle mass without spending too much. That’s a great advantage. You can save even more when doing business with us!

But in fact, one of the biggest advantages – effectiveness! The 2 main reasons why so many people use Dianabol is because it’s actually extremely effective at bulking you up and increasing strength. People will pack on muscle mass and get stronger lifting more weights in record times too. But except for hypertrophy and strength, it delivers way more benefits as well. Improved pumps, faster recovery after training sessions, reduced fatigue, improved endurance as well as enhanced confidence, mood, and motivation!

Another advantage: Dbol is simple, unlike many other steroids. You can keep the side effects at bay easily. Here comes another advantage: it’s well tolerable by most men. With a PCT plan after the cycle, testosterone during the cycle to keep high testosterone levels, and some estrogen blockers – you can get big and stay away from side effects!

  • In the end, there have to be good reasons why Dianabol steroids are so popular in the world of bodybuilding. Nowadays and historically. Obviously, it’s all thanks to its great advantages.

Dianabol Disadvantages

dbols-dianabol-hypertrophy Everything that goes up, must come down. It doesn’t work well for everyone, especially if you don’t use it as you should, or if you buy low quality Dbols from fishy sources.

One of the disadvantages: you need to use it very often. The short half life of 3-6 hours is great because you get results fast. But you need to use it at least 2 times a day for maintaining stable levels of Methandienone in your system. For the best results, use it 3-4 times a day.

Another disadvantage: you can’t use Dianabol for longer than 8 weeks. In fact, I would recommend a maximum of 6 weeks. That’s because Dbols pills are liver toxic. Longer cycle lengths are likely to cause liver toxicity. Moreover, the longer you run it – the more likely the side effects to appear and intensify. Especially androgen related (despite it being mildly androgenic), cholesterol issues, and others. In addition to hepatotoxicity, obviously.

One more thing to mention: you can’t use Dianabol during cutting cycles. Well, you can, but I don’t really recommend doing so. Dbols highly aromatize into estrogen. It leads to estrogen related issues such as bloating and water retention, which is counter effective for a cutting cycle. That’s why you mostly use it for bulking cycles.

Other side effects that you should be aware of: androgenic related issues like acne and hair loss. Not highly androgenic so shouldn’t be as bad as with other steroids. Hypertension and gynecomastia can occur. But that’s because of aromatization. You can control it with aromatase inhibitors.

Natural testosterone suppression is the disadvantage that all AAS have. As with any other – the PCT plan can help deal with this issue.

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