Common Mistakes In Bodybuilding

Here we’re going to share some of the most common mistakes when trying to build muscle and/or burn fat that you should try, obviously, to avoid, as long as you want to achieve your goals. While we all know that achieving your physique and performance goals takes time and patience, requiring you to work out and eat right, incorrectly doing so will only make it much harder and require significantly more time.

To get the most out of your training and dieting, you need to have the right strategy in place. While there’s a lot of hard work involved, incorrect strategy will make it way harder and time-consuming to hit your goals.

Therefore, check these common mistakes that a lot of people are making in their training modes. Make sure to avoid them in order to keep you on track and get shredded for the summer. Avoiding these mistakes will significantly help hit your goals, be it getting bigger, cutting fat, or even both.

Guessing your starting point and your progress

If you really want to progress and you just started, it is extremely important for you to be fully honest about your starting point. You just won’t know whether you progress or not if you’re not. You need to get the facts right, regardless of how daunting or how bad they may seem to be. This way, you arm yourself with the right numbers, so you can start progressing. You should know your exact height and weight, and then calculate your body fat percentage. By this point you should have a goal in your mind – either bulking or cutting.

Based on those numbers and your goal, you can work out your nutritional needs, and start putting together a workout plan that will suit your needs and goals. Have a well-planned schedule. Do not guess your progress or your starting point. You just wouldn’t know whether your plan is working or not. How do you know how much progress you’re making, if you make any?

Not planning ahead

Your physique (the way you look) reflects your routine and daily habits. If you see a jacked guy with a low body fat percentage, you know damn well that his routine and daily habits are completely different from an overweight guy. Therefore, if you want to be a jacked guy with a low body fat percentage, better get your routine and daily habits on track, by planning them ahead. Not planning, you’re unsure where you’re going. Simple as that. You will still reach some point, but it may be different from your goals, simply because you haven’t planned it right.

Moreover, planning things will make you feel motivated to get them done, rather than hoping you’re going to get them done at some point of the day. If you haven’t scheduled your workout, you’re unlikely to do it. Additionally, try to work out before your work, simply because you’re less likely to do it after work! Moreover, you should plan your workouts too. Don’t just enter the gym being clueless about what you’re doing or what you should be doing. Remember muscles need rest to grow. So, plan your legs day, arms day, chest day, etc., or upper body and lower body days.

Not training consistently

I’ve seen lots of people in the gym spending more time on their phones rather than working out. Starting, ending, or training your gym session with a half hearted workout won’t bring you much (if any) results. If it were easy, you’d see everyone walking around with rock hard six packs. You need to train consistently (as you may know, building muscle and/or burning fat requires lots of dedication and patience) and intensively. Lots of men do not enjoy training their legs much so they avoid it – another huge mistake.

Consistently train all body parts regularly and intensively. You may not love training legs, but do you know that they are more likely to reveal your six pack than training abs? When you train abs you make abdominal muscles grow, but most ab exercises barely burn any calories. But to have the six pack, you need to burn fat. Leg training burns significantly more fat! In short – go hard or go home and keep it consistent and regular!

You’re not motivated

In order to achieve any point, you need motivation. Wherever you go, you are motivated to go there, more or less. You may not really want to go to work, but you’re motivated to go there because of the money or whatever reason. The same goes here. If you’re not motivated to work out, you’re unlikely to, and that’s a huge mistake. Instead, you need to find something that motivates you.

Not only that but even if you’re already in the gym, you still should find the motivation to work harder. Think you’re training with some of your idols such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cbum, Ronnie Coleman, or whoever else. Think about the results you’re aiming for. Whatever keeps you motivated. Push towards the braking point so you will get the results you’re aiming for.

Not getting enough quality sleep

Due to whatever reason, most of us are not sleeping the amount of time that we should be. Being sleep deprived comes with a lot of negative side effects such as less focus, energy, stamina, strength, motivation, and so on – all required to build muscle and burn fat. It also enhances appetite – the opposite of what you’re searching for. Moreover, it disturbs the hormonal balance, the one you need to keep on gaining muscle and strength.

In short, you should aim for enough rest and sleep to aid muscle growth. Not only that, but you also must aim for quality sleep. There are numerous ways you could improve your sleep pattern. When you get enough quality sleep, the body decreases insulin resistance and stored fat, decreases the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases, and improves muscle building and fat burning abilities.

Don’t (or struggle to) stick to a program

Dedication, patience, and consistency are the keys to seeing physique and performance results. So, if you’re not sticking to a program, how do you expect to see any results? In case you’re sticking to a program and you do not really see any results, then it is time to ask yourself why it doesn’t deliver any results. For example, you could be repeating the exact same workout (same weight, reps, and sets) – this is not optimal for muscle growth. Whereas you need to stick to a program, you shouldn’t forget about progressive overload, otherwise, that’s a huge mistake.

Remember that little details are going to make a huge difference in your workout, therefore, in your results. So, you need to remain consistent with your workout, and train hard and intensively, while sticking to a program, but do not forget about switching up your workouts every once in a while for progressive overload to keep on “stressing” muscles, otherwise they just adapt to the same level of stress, and do not grow.

You’re eating the wrong amount of type of foods

Now this is one of the most common mistakes when attempting to build muscle or burn fat. It is quite obvious that when you try to burn fat, for example, you need to eat less. However, lots of people mistakenly assume that they’re already eating very little, whereas they tend to eat significantly more than they should for weight loss. Another reason could be the type of food you consume. Incorrect types of food will deliver incorrect results too.

The same is true the other way around. If you’re eating very little but you’re pushing yourself hard in the gym, it is no surprise that you’re not seeing any results! Your body needs the fuel to keep on pushing and growing the muscle! You should be eating the right amount of food, based on your goals and current stats. It is also extremely important to focus on the right type of food. Lots of people make huge mistakes when assuming they are eating right, but they do not hit those important macros. The current amount of calories and correct macro balance are crucial for your results! Guessing them is another mistake!

Avoid These Common Bodybuilding Mistakes!

Now, if you really want to hit your bodybuilding goals, try your best to avoid these common bodybuilding mistakes. However, we understand that sometimes, even when it seems that you’re doing everything right, and you do not make any of these mistakes, you’ve still hit a plateau ceiling that you just can’t break. If that sounds like you, or if you plan to fix these training mistakes yet still want to see faster results, then you’ve come to the right place. is here to help you.

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